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Rarity, following a somewhat rocky introduction, has become a rather welcome member of the upper classes of Canterlot. Living the dream, she eagerly accepts an invitation to an Opera in Canterlot with her new friends Viscount Fancy Pants and his wife Fleur de Lis. Especially since it means meeting a mysterious and somewhat reclusive Baroness that will also be attending.

Naturally, things grow somewhat awkward when she runs into one of her friends... and definitely not in any way she thought she might.

(Note: This is based on a head-cannon I had circa season four. We hadn't met Rainbow's parents yet, and we didn't really know all that much about many of the Mane 6's home lives. I know this isn't canon now, but I just wanted to put this on paper. Quarantine, man.)

Cover image: https://www.pinterest.com/mdhsoccer/
Prereading: Mosanted

Edit: Holy ****. I did not expect this to blow up like this. Thank you all so much!

Chapters (2)
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morion87 #1 · May 11th · · 84 · Well... ·

... You were obviously high as buck if you ever thought this could ever be a thing in the Prime Universe. It's an AU helps. But I wanna know how or why you'd think this could be a thing.

Have you seen Rainbow's house?

Besides, I said it was BASED on my old headcanon. Not exactly the same thing as what I initially envisioned.

Question: What's Rainbow's real mane colour then? Silver or rainbow? It's not clear which appearance was the real one and which was the disguise, outside of some implied assumtions.

You know, this has potential and I wouldn't mind seeing this continue.

The silver was her original mane color.

I know it's based on your old headcanon, and I've seen Rainbow's house. I still can't see how you got all of this, from just that.

I like the story to be sure though.

Always thought Rainbows family should have been super rich because look at her house! She has to have high pay to have that kind of home when her parents lives in a nice little house

You have to love it when canon stuff ruins our fun.
But seriously, I really enjoyed this one. My only complaint is that it was over and done with so quickly.
And much like some of the others here in the comments, I would absolutely love to see you expand this out a bit more.
If you want my humble two cents:
Maybe take a bit longer for Rarity to find out the truth. Sure the audience probably can guess what's happening just from the synopsis, but that doesn't mean we don't have fun watching the characters struggle to figure it out! Give Rainbow a bit more ability to hide her secrets a bit longer, have more fun and explore the duality of Rainbow's two personas.
There's a lot you could do and I think you would do it well, but that's just my two cents.
Great story and thanks for writing!


I'll buy it, that's a magnificent piece of work right there, probably takes constant maintenance. And those fountains, aiet, that's got to be pricy.

Quarantine is having quite the effect I see

This was fun. It's an interesting head canon, now AU obviously but I'd love to see more of this expanded upon, Only if you have ideas of course as this works well enough on its own

All in all, great work.

Fun. Gotta admit I found it somewhat unlikely Rarity wouldn't know what a drawing room is or what different coffees are, given her proclivities.

I think Pinkie Pie would be a better secret keeper than Rainbow Dash and Rarity give her credit for.

Still interesting idea! you should expand upon it

C.S Pinafore=HMS Pinafore (C.S stands for Celestia's ship)

HMS could still work in the context of Equestria, HMS can stand both for Her Majesty’s Ship, or His Majesty’s Ship. Though in a world dominated by Celestia for a thousand years, I could definitely see C.S becoming the trend on naming ships.

Nice Worldbuilding

The German part sounded weird. I guess you used google translate or learned it as a second language.

"Ich brachte den Wein wie gewünscht, Baronin." would be a literal translation. Doesn't really work though. When anouncing something like that, we wouldn't use past tense for brought. That would imply that the task is already fullfilled and the "servant" talked to sombody after that and told them they had brought the wine to her and left. Also we'd rather say "as you requested" instead of "as requested". Lastly it sounds unfamilliar, simply adding "baroness" at the end. "Madame" , "Frau Baronin" or "meine Dame" would sound better imo and i would put in at the beginning as a meaning of adressing someone.
"(Bitteschön,) Frau Baronin. Hier ist der Wein, nach dem Sie gefragt hatten." The "Bitteschön" would make it sound even nicer but is not needed.

For the second Sentence the word "gießen" is only used for watering flowers and such. To pour a glas would be "einschenken". Also the "oder" or "would't you" doesnt make sense in the context, neither as a request nor as an order. Its mostly used for assumptions when inquiring about something.
"Danke Gabriel. Würden Sie uns bitte ein paar Gälser einschenken?" for a more friendly sounding request. or
"Danke Gabriel. Dann schenken Sie uns (bitte) ein paar Gläser ein" as an order for a servant but, again, the "bitte" makes it sound a little nicer.

"Jawhol", he said. He turned behind him, lifting up the flap door. "Baroness. The Viscount and his guests are here."

Small nitpick: "Jawohl" translaters closer to "Very well". "Ja" is a confirmation.

I like this more than the canon version.

Wonderful, simply wonderful.

Also its pronounce "jawohl"

In both German and English, "very well" can be used to mean "yes". It's just very formal, that's all.

Alternative Universe tag exists for a reason.

This is good. Needs to be expanded upon.


It's called fan fic. Canon is nothing but a suggestion.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What crawled up your ass and died?

I really liked this story, it was a fun and interesting take on Rainbow's family. Despite what certain people say, it works well as a concept regardless of it's AU or not.

If you ever wanted to expand upon this it would be interesting to see more of rainbow’s family history as she is showing Rarity around the house and it would be a good conclusion to end on with Rainbow letting her other friends in on her family heritage with Rarity letting them know what Rainbow has told her with Fluttershy backing up Her and rainbows claims because she already knew from the start.

Great story I loved it😘

Rarity opened her mouth, only to clamp it shut and put her hoof to her chin. She said, "Ok, that is a good point. Now, onto my second. What's your real name?"

Didn't Rainbow already confirm to Rarity that her real name is Silver Rush back in the restroom (of the previous chapter)?

I would recommend to skip to the discussion about her two identities if that is the case.

"We both know I'm right about Pinkie", Rainbow deadpanned.

"We both know I'm right about Pinkie,"...

"Ok, that's fair", Rarity said. "But, still, I still expect that it won't be as bad as you think."

"But still, I expect..."
"But, I still expect..."

"Business!?", Rarity balked. Rainbow snickered, and Rarity realized that she was kidding with her. "Oh, ha ha ha. Very funny, Rainbow."

I recommend deleting the comma. The combined exclamation point and question mark did the job for you.

These stories where Rainbow Dash has a second identity that's starkly different from herself are always a delight to see. The most recent and favorite I've seen in fimfiction is one where her other identity is Photo Finish (sadly, I think it's been discontinued).

But now I'm curious for a sequel in the sense of seeing Applejack's reaction to Rainbow's true identity. I can't imagine Applejack having so much beef with the upper class since she has relatives (The Oranges) that once lived with, but perhaps being rich and being royalty are two different things.

Fun little story all around, always interesting to see different head cannons like this. Wouldn't mind seeing a bit more of it, but it also works as it's own story.

"Applejack has a bit of a bias against the upper class, and I thought it might affect our relationship."

To be fair, Granny Smith help found Ponyville, there is good odds that they are minor nobility. Applejack's bias might simply be from direct exposure when she was young.

The idea that Rainbow is actually nobility has been around for quite a while. I don't think season 1 was even over before someone had her as Lady Prism Radiance Windemere Silverhoof.

Well now we need a sequel where she tells the rest of her friends. And if Rainbow/Silver wants Pinkie to keep quiet then all she has to do is make her Pinkie Promise.

Zontan #32 · May 11th · · 3 · Well... ·

I really want to read this piece, because the premise sounds super interesting, but I can't get over the incorrect quotation grammar. You don't ever put additional punctuation after the closing quotation mark.

"I really must thank you for letting me tag along!", Rarity said, barely containing a wide smile.

Places like this, omit the comma. The exclamation point is sufficient.

"Well, not all the way, dear", Fleur cut in.

In quotes like this, the comma should go before the closing quotation.

Please fix these, it's super jarring.

short but amazing. love it. this can be a small goldmine for you if you expand it. I would read it for sure.

Anyway, Pinkie can't hold a secret to save her life, and would blab it to the world.


This is only compounded by how Rarity Pinkie Promised not to divulge Dash's double life.

In any case, certainly an interesting scenario, but it feels a little flat. You present the concept very well, but you don't do much with it beyond presenting it. The good news is you've left me wanting more. The bad news is I want more because I'm not satisfied with what you've given me. Plus, you spoil your big mid-story twist with the character tags and cover image, so rather than spending the first chapter wondering, I'm just waiting for the inevitable reveal.

All that being said, still an interesting idea. I just want to see more drama play out after this.

Counter, Counter point...


Also, this is a really good story, I really wouldn't mind seeing some more to this. It could make for an interesting romance story between RD and Rarity. Or even just seeing what happens next would be pretty cool. but it does end at a good point. I really enjoyed the story. Thank you for making it Centurion Pike-Wall

Good one. Too short, more please.


This is only compounded by how Rarity Pinkie Promised not to divulge Dash's double life.

Yep. Rarity Pinkie Promised. There's no way Pinkie doesn't know Rarity made a Pinkie Promise. Because Pinkie Sense. She might not know what the promise is, but people far too often underestimate, or worse just plain forget, how sharp and especially how perceptive Pinkie is because her usual behaviour gives the impression of being an airhead. Considering the short difference in time, and Rarity's choice of words when she brought up her meeting with Silver Rush and any auxiliary mention of the name, I think Pinkie suspects the promise has to do with 'this Silver Rush pony'. Now, the next time Pinkie sees Rarity and Rainbow interacting, there will be the occasional, subtle difference in how Rarity looks at Rainbow, or vice versa, and Pinkie will pick up on it because she knows her friends so well, and things will start to come together because ponies don't expect perception from Pinkie.

This actually makes me think of another fic from waaaaaaay back when that operated on a loosely similar premise: Dance of the Rainbow

It really is a neat idea, and considering how Rainbow's family and heritage was left so utterly blank for so long, it did make some sense that it might be for reasons such as this. I'm sort of sorry it never got explored more among the fans before canon decided to...discourage it.

Still...that's what AUs are for. :ajsmug:

Wouldn't mind seeing more either. :twilightsmile:

What a wonderful little story! I loved reading this so much. Always enjoy seeing weird headcanons about Rainbow Dash.

can we get a sequel where she tells her friends?
maybe have a reveal involving AJ being a Countess or such by technicality

Comment posted by ShadowSpectrumSwordtails deleted May 21st

"The preceding segment was sponsored by the the Silver Rush. Silver Rush, feel the rush of a warm laser in your hand."

I had to. I'm sorry.

Dont be sorry now I want to see posh Ranbow with a plasma caster


Ha ha, I can't get that image out of my head, thank you.

Needs like sixty more chapters



Yeah I agree. This needs either more chapters or a sequel.

It does seem like something that could be turned into a 30,000 word novella, if not more. Would take some imagination to work out the details of a broader story, but there's already plenty of that on display here.

Also, maybe I missed it. Is her hair naturally silver, and the rainbow coloration is the magic disguise? Because just seeing her friend's jaws drop at that revelation would be comedy gold. :rainbowlaugh:

I am a native german speaker and i can say that this is completely the german way of saying it but i can understand that it being a direct translation makes you wonder if it is right, i would question it as well.

Does she dye her mane silver or rainbow?

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