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On an otherwise ordinary day at Sweet Apple Acres, Rainbow Dash unexpectedly demands the use of Applejack's barn for a day. Of course Applejack agrees to help out, but something's up; Dash is trying to handle everything herself, arrange for the Apples to be out in the fields, and doing her best to make sure neither Rarity nor Pinkie even hear about the whole thing. With her suspicions rising by the minute, the farmer goes to confront her friend and discovers something she never suspected...

Cover Artwork by Takua


Chapters (12)
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I should be updating my other stories, but this came out of nowhere. Sorry guys, inspiration's a slavedriver!

What's Rainbow's secret? Guess below! Guess correctly and you win a prize.

She has a twin! She's color blind! She....let me just read this thing....

Coltfriend. Or fillyfriend. Oh please continue this!

Just by the title, I'm guessing she's secretly trying dancing. What type...I'm not sure. Yet.

And thus the rainbow factory was created... :rainbowderp:



I'm gonna say she's a...
Magician! Yes, no I don't know

Haven't the foggiest, but I definitely want to know. Tracked.
-She has a huge either uptight snooty family, or seriously low class family that she's not proud of but loves anyway out of the public eye.
-Her family has a very long standing tradition and ceremony from the ancient pegasi ways for things that nopony follows anymore save her family that involves some sort of performance that Dash must participate in...actually this one sounds good to me, yeah I'm going with this one.

The Wonderbolts are going on a barnstorming tour?

Random idea: Is she married to a high class pony?:rainbowderp: That is just me:rainbowkiss:

Rainbow is either-

A) a clown

B) a seamstress

C) setting up some sort of massage or spa center in AJ's barn, considering Rarity can't know.

Those are probably wrong. I'd like to think I'm on the right track. Otherwise, I am thoroughly intrigued by this story.

She's hosting a super-secret ceremony! For... um... something... :applejackunsure:
Anyway, that's my guess! :yay:

On one hoof, the reunion is almost certainly a cover-up for something else.
On the other, I'd like to see a reunion with G3 Rainbow Dash as the Grandma.

Please have Romance tag. Please have Romance tag. Please have Ro... DAMMIT

I think this is a "Rarity-Rainbow Dash" shipment and they just need a quiet place where to... oh my gosh how can i even think of something like so? :rainbowderp:

Hold on, lemme restart my brain.

Ok so, she's probably hiding someone that she doesn't like to be seen with, or probably you're just asking us this question because you have no idea on how to continue this. :twilightsmile:

Three of you got something kinda close to the secret, and two of you got something kinda close to how Rarity finds out about the secret.

Come on, people, you're going to be kicking yourself when the reveal comes!

She needs a place to hold formal ballroom dance training, or ballet and she doesn't want anypony to know.

Or it could be a nerd convention. :twistnerd:

Ok, her family is very rich and are from Cloudsdale or Canterlot:rainbowdetermined2:

> New Chapter.

Ah. I've always been of the opinion that the world needs more of Lady Windmare Patricia "Rainbow Dash" Silverhoof of Cloudsdale. She only appears in like, 2-3 fics? The concept deserves more.

Edit: Damn, ninja'd.

Anyway, can we hope you'll keep up the speedy update rate?

Rainbow Dash is an exotic dancer.

nah. whatever. I'll just wait and see.

I think I'm missing the slice of life tag here...

I am very intrigued, keep it coming.

Uhm... As i can see, Rainbow Dash is scared about what she's going to do...
Let me guess: She's lesbian even in this story, right? Duh... :facehoof:

Okay I am going with her family are Royals/important ponies of some sort. And Rarity will recognize the family name and go nuts.

... dear god.:rainbowderp:

That just might work!!:pinkiegasp:

............... :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:
okay, I'll track. I have to see the payoff now.

Gah! Must. Know.Secret! Yeah, I'm no good at cliffhangers, or guessing really. I've got a few ideas, but I'm kinda lazy so I'll wait for your reveal... which will be soon right? Right? Anywho, I'm definitely interested in finding out what Dash is being a spazzoid over, so consider your hook a success :pinkiehappy:

It's a dildo.

Prolobly not, but ya know, nothing like wishful thinking:ajsmug:

She reached into her saddlebags, and Fluttershy couldn't help but gasp at what she pulled out.



This has me intrigued.

So there you go guys, the third chapter! I'm thinking it's obvious now, but keep on guessing!

Oh:pinkiegasp: she does not have a rich family, she has a BIG rich family:rainbowlaugh: But why keep it a secret:rainbowhuh: :pinkiegasp: Are they a mix of Pegasus and Earth ponies also:rainbowhuh:

Rainbow Dash is a mermare.

ok. ok. I would guess seriously, but this is fun.

And another thought, I have a bad feeling that Pinkie is going to come in the middle of it all:pinkiehappy: and every pony will laugh at it:rainbowlaugh:

"And then she told her"...BUT YOU DIDN'T TELL US!:flutterrage:
Obvious, shmobvious I must know for sure!
:fluttershysad:Please this is driving me:pinkiecrazy:

Now hurry up so I can start berating myself for not getting it.

RDs family are the pony equivalent of the KKK, and if they spot an Earth pony... Well... :pinkiecrazy:

So Grandma is a particularly important pony, not just "I have a rich and stuffy family", huh?

Silly Rainbow, you know granny Celestia likes it informal. Have the party be more rustically themed! I mean, you are throwing it in a barn anyway.

My guess is that Princess Celestia is RD's Grandma and she doesn't want anypony to find out.

Rainbow Dash family doesn't know something about her friends and she doesn't want them to know it.

1017997 1017973 :pinkiegasp: I had the exact same thought about this situation. :ajsmug:

1018173 It's the hair. Runs in the family. :trollestia: (OMF an entire family of rainbowheads. Maybe I'm getting that G3 RD after all.)

More seriously, if granny's identity is worthy of the cliffhanger after it was revealed RD's family is obscenely wealthy then well... It's either the Princess or an OC and in the latter would require exposition as to why she's so important at which point the dramatic moment is already ruined.

her grandmother is either Celestia or the G3 Rainbow Dash, who she is named for, and RD doesn't want anyone to know is because of the fact that she is the complete opposite of her, and as such might not approve her grandchild's lifestyle...:twilightoops: Dammit i said i wouldn't guess!:flutterrage::flutterrage::facehoof:

I dunno but I am looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:


No, I'm a Moose.

Once more my shower has given me some inspired thought...about ponies.
My last 2 guesses:
She's related to one of the royals.
She comes from a matriarchal family that basically is entire female save for the males used for reproduction...
I'm leaning towards the royals...

Edit: seems others already guessed the celestia one...So congratulations on beating my shower in this guessing game:rainbowwild:

I'll give you guys a hint: That is not Rainbow Dash's grandma.

So, who here expected Rainbow the Hobo? Cause that's not the secret.

:pinkiegasp: Yes! Called it! I told you all from the start she would show up! :pinkiehappy:

I did not expect the hobo...
so...Is that G3 Rainbow?
Gah! this lack of secret is really bugging me. I'm going to hate you by the end aren't I?:rainbowwild:

That's her mom:pinkiegasp: and now things get interesting:rainbowderp:

"...cerulean earth pony whose multicolored mane was tied up in a bun..."
Holy shit it's Rainbow Dash son...

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