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After defeating a villain, Applejack and Rainbow Dash wake up to find that they've been cursed by the said villain to be stuck together forever.

Twilight has a solution - just not one they want to hear.

This is written for applejackofalltrades as a Hearthswriting gift!

Art is drawn by the talented Sleepless Beholder, thank you so much for the art and help with editing!

Edited by Dewdrops! Thank you for helping with some of the ideas in the story too!

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Hahahaha, I've been looking forward to seeing this one post. Oooh it was such a hilarious idea and you handled it very well indeed, nephew. All I did was provide some food for thought. You turned it into a story. And a good one at that.

Funniest thing I've read all week :rainbowlaugh: Great job!

As the saucepans slammed onto his head, there was a resounding noise as Discord was flattened into a pancake.

LOL :rainbowlaugh:

Looks like those two don't like the idea of being a catdog thing, unlike Lyra and Bon Bon.

Ah yes, the famous and rare Pushmi-Pullyu

I literally just woke up and I have to say I wasn’t expecting to giggle so hard first thing in the morning. I was actually HORRIFIED by the prospect at what anyone would do with this prompt but this is exactly what I hoped would come out of it. Oh my god, that was amazing.

You really nailed this one from characterization to the set up to the payoff. I’m really glad you got my prompt! Thanks for writing this omg that was amazing.


Goddammit Discord

I think Rainbow Dash got the better part of the curse. She got fursed to best pony Applejack, after all. AJ, however, got stuck with Rainbow.


Ha, ha! Nice:rainbowlaugh:! Thank you for making me laugh, I needed it :raritywink:

L:ajbemused:L. Just, L:rainbowhuh:L.

This is the most hilarious body horror that I have read in a long time.
And this is the first time I've ever written the phrase 'hilarious body horror.' Well done.

I haven't read yet, but I'm glad the cover art shows them combined together like Cat-Dog and the description says that they encounter a "minor issue". I have high hopes for this story.

ok just got to play it

Excellent you beat me to the punch and save me some work
cat dog!!

Yeah, totally saw that coming. Still funny, though. :derpytongue2:

That picture is nightmare fuel

Twilight's first spell was irresponsible. Even if it precisely separated AJ&RD on molecular level, the result would have been AJ & RD, legless, with their guts spilled out. Because the spell description said nothing about mending wounds.

Anyways, fun fic. :P

“We ain’t kissing. Any other way?”

“...have sex.”

...I don't think that's an option anyway, considering the implications of the digestive nature that they face, and this would involve things that are...in the same neck of the woods as that.

In other news, this is probably my favorite iteration of AppleDash now, and the one I could probably get behind the most. :rainbowlaugh:

Eyep. Quite literally: AppleDash.

I have only the highest praise. Such a nightmare is welcome to haunt my dreams any time

*actual wheezing* This was amazing.

I wonder what that spell seperated out of them. hope it wasn't anything important

Once again proving that I still find toilet humor funnier than anything else

“How?” The villain screamed in rage as he saw the six mares lift into the sky, powered by the Elements they represented. “How do you six always win? It’s not right! No one should be this powerful!”

skill issue

It redirected it to the two ponies it reckoned could take the effects the best until the issue could be solved. The two most stubborn and headstrong ponies.

We all know who they are.

Rarity and Twilight?

By now, the rest of their friends were regaining their senses, Twilight in particular had recovered first and was looking at what remained of the villain. A unicorn encased in stone, his expression angry and his mouth open mid-shout.

classic villain solution

“What is it, darling?” Rarity groaned as she lifted herself to her hooves. “Oh, I’m going to have a migraine for days…” she trailed off as her eyes landed on Applejack.

understandable reaction (also it would look cartoony and fun to us, but to someone in the universe i can’t imagine how grotesque the fusion would look!)

“We should have a party!” Pinkie chirped. “You know, an Applejack-is-now-combined-to-Rainbow-Dash party! Ooh, ooh! We should call them Rainbowjack! No, wait! AppleDash!”

Pinkie sure does love shouting ship names out of context!

“I’m just saying, if I eat something, you’re the other end,” Applejack pointed out.

yes that is horrifying to think about

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Rainbow muttered.


“I’m starving,” Rainbow complained. “I haven’t eaten in, what, a whole day?”

“Nine hours, Dash, nine hours,” Applejack muttered.

that’s so Rainbow Dash

“You’re going to need to start a relationship and then break up immediately.”

and i thought it was awkward enough already!

“Nope!” Rainbow blushed immediately. “I WOULD MUCH RATHER THE KISS!”


i mean, i’m not even sure how the other one is an option in this state

“I guess,” Applejack muttered. “I…love you,” she forced out, looking tantalized at the statement.

“I…love…you too,” Rainbow Dash grimaced. “Now…” She leaned in hesitantly along with Applejack.

aww, they love each other!

“See,” Discord smirked. “I could have just easily snapped you back without the whole kiss. I created the curse, after all. I just wanted to get Rainbow over there back for replacing Fluttershy’s tea with coffee. PRANKED!”

that does sound out-of-proportion and violating enough to be a Discord prank

As the saucepans slammed onto his head, there was a resounding noise as Discord was flattened into a pancake.


i feel like he deserves a lot more than that for this one! but that is Discord for you. and this story is definitely the response to the prompt “catdog but appledash”. good work, nephew!

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