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Equestria is a husk of what it was before.

Friendship never existed, the windigos took over the world completely.

All that remains are insane alicorns, gods, and monsters.

As the remaining ponies cower in fear and hide away from the constant battles, two alicorns clash once more only to experience something new.

Now, Midnight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon must work together to uncover what could have been. They start with the other alicorns.

C̷̨̦͖͙̭̤͙͕͊̾̅͗̅̄̓̔ͅe̸̤͉͉͔̲̟͕̒̇́͜ͅl̷̢̪͇̟̙͈͕͙̆͊̕e̵͖̝̲͈̒͐̕̚s̸̹̽t̷̢͍̖̭̙̄̆̂̆̓̚͝ỉ̴͉̎̈͑̚͝͠͝å̴̢̡̨̛͙̫̱̤͋͋̊̿̕͘Daybreaker. M̸̡̜̲̮̳̣͑̂̀͘í̸̢͈̙͆̑̓ ̶̛̳̣͓͂̀̈́́̚͠͝A̷̩̮̰͐̃̈́̔̇̓̈́̃͆͝ͅṃ̶̩̲̟̰̣͎̬͐̆̿ō̵͍̳̝̣̪͛̅r̶̡̖͈͕̜͇̤͙̠̾͋̄̑̆̅͗͘ȅ̶̝̜̘̙ ̷͙̠͂̔̔̏̂̒̑̍̀Ĉ̷̛̛̘̼͉̅̓̒͐̓̈͝a̷͈̟̦͑̄̇͐̔̎͋d̸̥̳͓̖̠͍͔̗͑e̶̻̬͈̳̺͈̳̖̣̣̓͋͑n̸̢̩̹̳̲̖̦̲͂̓́̉̑͜͝ͅz̶̢̤͈͔͙̪͚̜͐̑̏̊̚a̵̝͓̱̖̞͕̰̓̓͆͠Heartbreaker.

It wouldn't be easy. They didn't care.

An experimental AU. Set to be less than 20k words, and uploads will be as I write the chapters.

Romance will come in later chapters. You have been warned.

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Just gonna guess but is this story going to be Midnight Sparkle X Nightmare Moon? If it is then I quite like the sounding of it!

Indeed it is! The two have never had any interaction before, so I decided to write it :D

Haven’t even read anything yet and I can say this sounds SO INTERESTING AAAAAAA

Well this is something but what the something is i don't know yet, So yeah you got your hook in me

That was a interesting story.

Oh, this is deeply intriguing. Especially the uncertainty of just how reliable Midnight's memories are. Eagerly looking forward to more.

“It lies neither on the mortal plane not the Plane of Ascendance, but on its own.

Did you mean “nor on the Plane of Ascendance?”


I love this story for the fact that you and I call the dark version of Cadance "Heartbreaker".

Obviously, the rest is great, but that little bit is just amazing.

This is interesting... I can't wait for the next chapter!

What kind of monsters could survive in this world if, for example, the entire population of dragons were killed?
in myths, dragons have always been considered the most dangerous monsters because of their fiery abilities and durable scales.

"Whence" means "from what place" so saying "From Whence" is redundant

Now... now that's an approach I wanna hear more about ! It certainly is a interesting premise, and I can't wait to see if, or how, frienship will prevail !

The thing is, Celestia considered the dragons a threat. Daybreaker, now that the dragons are dead, doesn't think anything is a threat.

I'm not using words for the sake of using them. From Whence is correct. I'm saying, "From the Place they Fell", or "From Where they Fell"

Okay I'm hooked this is such a strong start I cannot wait to see where it'll go!!

Quite an interesting scenario and start. I look forward to reading.

Well i don't think Midnight knows what she got into when she talk Nightmare into this quest:pinkiecrazy:

Things are about to go down. Let'em fight !

Interesting that Discord was dependent on ponies for his power. I figured he'd be able to use the ongoing havoc of the world as fuel, but that sort of thing depends on the author.

“You took everything from me!” the unicorn screamed in rage.

:twilightoops: "I don't even know who you are."

Daybreaker still has her mischievous streak. Unfortunately, in her current state it translates into capricious malice rather than harmless pranks. I do appreciate Midnight seeking an alternate solution, but as Daybreaker noted, she left her conditions far too open. For now, it's time to do battle with what would have been her closest confidantes in another worldline.

Technically the "ongoing havoc" was natural selection. Creatures and monsters doing battle for dominance, and one could argue this was just simply the natural order and could not count as chaos. I certainly did so :trollestia:

Friendship buds even in the wastelands of an eternal Twilight future. And romance too, in the future! Their road will be quite perilous and fraught with challenges, but they might still save their world.

It always irks me how utterly insane Starlight's reason was. Mare's an extremely dangerous and unhinged individual in severe need of psychological help if she decided to change the fate of her world and attack children in the past because... Her friend went away to study and didn't keep in contact :twilightoops:

Great chapter. I can't wait to read what happens next.

Well that was bleak, but at the same time awesome and a great way to hook a reader

Holy crap, that was a great chapter, the way you wrote midnight its very good.

Now for my random question / theory.

What the hell is "the engine"? Is it some machine thing that shows the alicorns everything that could be or might be?

Who the hell are the other "mad gods & goddesses"? This implies that equestria has many deities in both the "Normal" & "Altered" versions, I'm excited to see how this plays out.

Last one. I fully believe that discord of this universe is trying to fix the alicorns by using memories and whatnot to try and fix the world, after all discord is a trickster and just wants to have fun, letting the entire world die isnt fun even to discord

In this world, the alicorns have pushed the limits as far as they can go. While doing so, they discovered the existence of the Celestial Engine, which is responsible for the running system of the world. It is currently broken, courtesy of Discord, but they may yet still use it to discern what is going on with the world.

ended WAY too soooon! I want moar.

So are you testing yourself Iamsinner with you aiming at doing daily uploads?

Great chapter! Can't wait for Heartbreaker.

well then i wish you all the best and Great luck on your Test, Great update btw

Curious to see how heartbreaker will be. And good luck if you go the one chapter a day route. It's rather difficult, from what I can gather !

Fascinating. For one, it seems the ongoing time war is sending ripples through probability space, catching Midnight in the waves. For another, we're getting some intriguing details about both the sisters' history and the nature of Heartbreaker. And there's even a gripping fight scene for the cherry on top. Definitely looking forward to the next installment.

And there's the question of just how crazy the alicorns can be if they recognize both their own insanity and the far greater madness of Heartbreaker. I suppose we'll see in time...

I am really digging this story. Good stuff!

The fact you could upload once every OTHER day if you wanted to is already impressive. Once a DAY? Jeebus Crust!

I know the average word count of my chapters (for my main story, anyway) is above 6000, but still!

Dayum. Crazy to think that Cadance has a 'good reason' to go insane, though it isn't like nobody else has wondered what would happen when Shining eventually passed.

Nice battle scene.

You're doing a great job for daily chapters, keep it up!

why am I amused by the fact that on the cover only the dark sides of Luna and Cadance have a dramatically different coat color? While Twilight and Celestia are almost unchanged in color.

Very interesting! I'm hooked!


I'll follow the bread crumbs, sure. See where this goes.

Well... cruelty abounds.


*continues reading*

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