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Drunk Luna

Everypony’s favorite alcoholic alicorn.


As Princess Luna’s youngest daughter, free spirited, freshly minted college dropout Princess Cassiopeia constantly feels overshadowed by her beautiful older sister, Neoma, and is still unsure about her place in the world. She often gets into trouble by constantly defying Luna and pushing every boundary that stands in her way.

As the royals gather in Silver Shoals for the summer, Cassie revels in the recklessness and freedom of the ocean, finding friendship in dolphins and other sea creatures. She has formed a uniquely close bond with a pod of magnificent orcas, and she often escapes to the sea when she needs to clear her head. Cassie’s life becomes more confusing when she discovers that she has a very special gift: The ability to summon dolphins and orcas.

As she tries to figure out how to use her newfound power to benefit Equestria, Cassie must also navigate her complicated relationship with Neoma, though the two sisters are completely different in many ways.

Dutiful, serious, steady, and dedicated to her role as a princess, Neoma often becomes frustrated with Cassie's wild personality. The two sisters have grown apart since Neoma became a wife and mother. They fight constantly throughout the summer, but Cassie still hopes they can heal their fragile relationship as Neoma struggles to come to terms with her failing marriage.

This trip will open fresh wounds, and healing may come from an unexpected source.

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Comment posted by Forcalor deleted Mar 15th, 2023

This reminds me of Free Willy 2

You just figured out my inspiration for this story! I'm actually listening to the soundtracks from all three movies right now!

Good choice, The place I work at in Utah had the Biologist who worked with the Whale who played Willy do a zoom call last year and he talked about he helped how they got the whale to freedom and the whale's name was Keiko

Yeah I knew about Keiko, his story was actually really sad. I'm so glad you commented! I wasn't sure about how the premise of this story would be received, and I honestly wish it would get more attention. Thank you so, so, so much for reading! More chapters are coming!

I'm loving the story so far Cassie's and Neoma's relationship is very interesting to read!

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