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9 years a fan, but 55 years under my belt! BA in English, two kids, like to work cons, and sling 280-character pies on twitter. For more info, see: https://tinyurl.com/jumnbd5

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"Elegy" part three proofed and ready to print · 2:05pm Jun 15th, 2019

So, roughly 5 weeks after I finished off Death Be Not Proud (Elegy part 2), I "closed the book" (as it were) on the whole proofing and typesetting process. Part three is available on Dropbox at: https://t.co/KrTos3AgLA

Now to find an Oklahoma (maybe Dallas-area?) print shop that can handle a 1000-plus-page 6"x9"-format novel...

(Also have to commission cover art, but I think I have a lead on that)

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and am curious who your favorite non-canon character was? (I'm writing a novel based on the world I created in the second story--Kur--and would be interested to know how successful I was in creating original characters)

You're welcome. The entire series has gotta be one of the darkest, most graphic, and well put together trilogies I've read on this site. That said, they really should be rated mature for some of the scenes in em. Especially the last two, what with there being full fledged explicit scenes in both. They were all really fun reads though, though I missed the third installment until recently. Had to re-read the entire set to remember what was going on.

2449542 Ironically, I've spent my whole career (now at 28 years) in high-tech industries/IT, usually in training, documentation, project management, etc. I'm currently a Technical Writer.

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