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Darkryt Orbinautz

Still slowly trying to disentangle from MLP. It is ... slow going.

Welcome To My Fantabulous User Page!

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story...

I have successfully published an ebook on Kindle! Now if I could just finish Operation: Patriotism, I would be set.

My tumblr;

You can also find me at http://bartholomewwriting.blogspot.com and https://twitter.com/W_WBartholomew, but Tumblr is the one I check the most.

To-Do List: 2017 Update.
Go through my Read It Later lists and uh, read ... those... things... later

My Jams (subject to change without notice)

The Inverse Sunset Ship Law: Any shipping involving Sunset Shimmer is objectively, undeniably, comparably superior to any ship which does not involve Sunset Shimmer

It should be noted that I maintain an open policy of "it's okay for other people to write stories based on my stories, or using elements from my stories (like an OC or a McGuffin) as long as they credit me and source the elements back to my work." So if you want to use, say, my headcanon of Sunset Shimmer being a shapeshifting Lamia from "Shying Up To Sunsets," that's fine, as long you tell people you took the idea from Shying Up To Sunsets.

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Doing well, been putting up new ideas left and right, and I managed to get some help with writing some of my own stories!

2329526 Wooo, alright!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

2316007 I usually check your user page, just to read your fics because in my opinion: They're really good.

also skeletons. lots and lots of skeletons.



I'm working on it, and I certainly hope to have it out this month, in part because it's got Witches , and you know, the whole 'Halloween = Witches' thing will be good for marketing.

You might try following my tumblr posted up there. I usually post updates on the book's progress there... unless the previews there were what led you here in the first place?

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