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That's exactly what I thought when I first found this group: Finally, a place where I belong.


Oh, wow, someone who GETS it. Someone who finally GETS IT!

Indeed..there is no excuse for rudeness (even if it's justified)

We must ALWAYS be Kind and Proper, even when we criticize.


Yup. That's what I made this group for.

. . . I was going to type something vulgar about our enemies , but then I realized that'd be counter-intuitive. We are the POLITE Society. We use "please" and "thank you" and raise our pinkies when we drink tea!

Assuming we drink tea.

So, any advice on how to improve This story??

At last..a Safe Haven.

I was beginning to think that NOBODY on this website is polite, and well-mannered.

I don't know if it's my Stories, or just ME.
but, it seems nearly everyone on FIMFiction wants to make me feel bad about my creativity.

Aah! No! Error!

The "M-Rated: (Erotic)" folder is capitalized "M-Rated" but the "M-Rated (Violence and Horror)" folder is capitalized "M-rated"!

Delete delete delete terminate terminate kill destroy!

. . . okay. It's fixed. I feel better now.

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