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Noun. Definition: a creature from folklore believed to seduce and feed on men while they sleep.

Through Midnight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer is about to get a glimpse of what a succubus is like.

Proofread by gunstarx.

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Princess Cadence is a foalsitter who, being in rich, hoity-toity Canterlot, has to put up with spoiled brat after spoiled brat.

Twilight Sparkle is a terrifying filly who drives away sitter after sitter.

They were bound to find each other.

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They came down from the stars in boats made of iron and steel. They descended onto the planet and freed it from the greed and tyranny of its reagent.

The ponies called them heroes. They call themselves Decepticons.

But whatever they are, they've done their best to improve life for the people of Equestria. To bring them out of poverty and slavery, to bring them out of fear and despair. When Queen Celestia returns, she can't abide, so she decides it's time to remind the ponies of the status quo ... whatever it takes, even if it means terminating the Decepticon leader.

Note: Takes places in the Transformers "Shattered Glass" universe.

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Spike has always been in love with Rarity. But when Rarity announces she's found her one true love, Spike is left devastated. In a surprising twist, the one to mend his broken heart may be Princess Celestia.

This, of course, doesn't sit right with Twilight Sparkle.

But Twilight may put too much focus on Spike that she may not notice a certain Apple mare trying to tell her something very obvious ...

Chapter 5 proofread by Troubleshooter, who does not necessarily support the shippings and views expressed in this story, and given another once-over by Indeliblink.
Chapter 6 and 7 proofread by just Indeliblink.
Remaining chapters proofread by Kuairu.

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Discord, when he was still evil, always brewed over what nasty ways he could come up with to a hurt a pony's friendship. But now, only after he's become a friend himself, does he see that sometimes being a friend is the thing hurts the most of all . . .

An experimental sad-fic. A one-shot.

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This story is a sequel to Amnesia: The Pony Machine (Teaser)

Teddy, Ace, and Sweet Heart were just some foals with rich parents whom were dragged along to a tour of some rich mare's facility.

They'd never imagined they would be the only ones who could stop the horror on going underneath.

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This story is a sequel to Tales of An Iotaverse

Change is scary. Drastic change even more so.

So when the news come out there have been not one, but two alien species fighting a war on Earth in secret, it's understandable some of Earth's people would have some pretty extreme reactions. Some see business opportunities. Others see the scientific potential.

Some, however, see a threat that needs to be eliminated, or at the least, contained and subdued.

And what will Twilight Sparkle do when the last group is able to use moles and conspiracy to take control, and label her and her friends as criminals? What will she do to fight back?

And how far is she willing to go?

Cover Art courtesy of Esle Ynopemous.
Currently in the process of being proofread and edited with the help of Troubleshooter.

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My name is Oswald Mandus. I am many things. An architect, a businessman, a tinkerer. I am several things, and I admit 'monster' could be one of them. But I am also something far worse than a monster.

But what, you may ask yourself, is worse than being a monster? Well, I'll tell you. It's quite simple, really.

What's worse than being a monster, is being the secret-keeper to a greater monster.

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After coming home from the Crystal Empire, Twilight wants to experiment with the spell she learned today...

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This story is a sequel to Her Void Pink

Twilight's and Pinkie's relationship is quiet. However, Spike's curious to know what's been driving Twilight so nuts lately. Pinkie doesn't know what to do in a relationship, Spike has no idea what they're doing, Pinkie has no idea what she's doing, Twilight has an idea of what she WANTS to do, but...

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