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From birth, Luna was a gifted unicorn.

So gifted, in fact, that Princess Sunset, the Solar Diarch, personally took notice of her abilities when she applied to attend Princess Sunset's school for the Gifted and Talented. When her pegasus sister, Celestia, hatches a phoenix egg, their entire life is changed.

Now, as Princess Sunset's personal students, the two sisters must figure out why sources of knowledge are disappearing, being stolen, or forcibly taken by dark shadows. Could the weird behaviours of the changelings explain the reason?

The one thing they do know is that something dark and powerful is plotting something in the shadows. And only they can stop this evil.

And why does Princess Sunset insist that the situation is nothing to worry about?

Cowritten by Meowofy and iAmSiNnEr

The story is a roleswap AU, we hope you enjoy!

Cover art commissioned, drawn by Cyonix, link to his Deviantart here.

For clarification: Luna and Celestia are not princesses in this story, even if tagged as such. There is just simply no non-princess Luna and Celestia to be tagged.

Preread by Jes
Helped and Edited by Sleepless!

Chapters (15)
Comments ( 264 )

Very nice! :pinkiehappy:

Also, yes, Cyonix does fantastic commissions! Love the cover art!

RoleSwap au?
i like the idea.

Huh, it's almost like I've seen this before.

Oooh! Nice start! Who did what part?

Wasn't easy editing, but we got through it in the end!

I love it already hope for more soon

So far so good. I eagerly await for the next chapter.

Hype! I got mad Duel of the Fates/Battle of the Heroes vibes from this one. Looking forward to more :twilightsmile:

We interchanged! Meo did some, I did some parts!

ok, this definitlz got my attention :pinkiegasp:
can|t wait to see more of this Au :twilightsmile:

faved it as i saw it in the featured list and after reading its description it caught my interest and i'll be reading it tomorrow

Following. I see the rest of the Roleswapped 6 in the background...And even before I saw the art, I knew this would be a Nightmare Twiggles situation. ^^

Heyyyyy, not bad. I'm gonna keep track of this one— giving ya a thumb and a Fave. :raritywink:

Hey, a new fic to track!!!
Thank you very much, I loved this chapter!
Really looking forward to read the rest :twilightsmile:

A Roleswap AU done well? A story by a friend? A fantastic opening with a terrifying battle between Sunset Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle?

Oh Sin you already know I'm going to be following this one.

This is a great start. Definitely interested to read more and see how things turn out.

Sunlight double role reversal with Luna/Celestia? I’m sold.

i just think its a great idea and wish you no writers block on this story.
i want to read ONE great idea fic that is completed for once.
i dont wanna see “cancelled” on my favorite fics anymore.

This is the sort of intense action sequence I like to see.

Fast-paced but not garbled in any way, descriptive in just the right places, and some creative coreography. Can't think of many better ways to kick off a big story. Thumbs up to everyone👍. And the story gets one too of course.

Huh, will have to look at this later. I consider myself well-versed in these kind of AUs that are based around the show's premiere, but I think this is the first time I've seen Celestia in the role of one of the protagonists, as a non-princess at that.

Did Meowofy do the second half? I recognise her descriptions and her love of italics XD (Not a bad thing, btw) but I remember her mentioning how terrible she was at fight scenes? This fight was amazing though, so if she did, she was definitely holding out on me. If it was you who did it, I need to find a way to give this story more than one thumb up!

Meo did the middle section, I started it off and did the ending fight

Aw, I almost cried when Sunset thought that she had a second chance after she had begged and pleaded at Twilight only to get blasted by Midnight.

Anyway, a good story I'd say. Keep up the good work!

ty! Credit for that scene goes to Meo, she wrote it

I love these reverse universes. It's a shame almost all of them never get completed

I have a plan for this one, we will complete it :)

Ooh, what's this? A Roleswap AU?

Definitely tracking this one!

I must say, excellent job on this prologue both of you! It's not every day I get hooked on a story in a single chapter. The premise alone had me interested and after reading this lovely prologue I plan on keeping an eye on this story.

First! :3

c:< (Take that, Sinner!)

I'm 300% in love. Nothing can convince me otherwise.

I just love how this AU practically flips everything upside down compared to the canon timeline.
Also, getting some Sword in the Stone vibes from that Phoenix egg.

Eeeeeee! Second chapter was awesome, I need more!

I love how everything is the same and yet at the same time completely different.

Philomena, I'm guessing. Celestia as element of loyalty then?

I can't help but imagine that Celestia would put on a smug face rather than a surprised one when the egg hatched in front of the students.

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