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Review of "Amulet of Shades" by Sparkle Cola · 1:36pm May 5th

Today, I’m finally back from my examinations, which means I will be getting my reviewing engines working again. This time, it’s the Amulet of Shades by Sparkle Cola. Oh, it has been reviewed by my dear friend Cyonix in the past too! 

TThe Amulet of Shades
Unfortunately, the Nightmare Moon Incident had one further complication...
Sparkle Cola · 144k words  ·  270  12 · 5.9k views

As usual, this review will contain spoilers. You are advised to read it first before proceeding if you do not want to be spoiled.

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Opening Up for Story Review Requests · 1:58am January 17th

Hey all, I hope you are doing great!

As a madman for reviewing novel-length stories like Rekindled Embers, Danganronpa: In Harmony’s Wake, Death of a Queen, Long Live the Queen and Spectrum of Lightning, my hooves are still itching to continue reviewing fics. I aspire to pump reviews out on a fortnighty basis (essentially, two reviews a month), though I will likely do more.

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Hey there. I have something I want to ask you. Can I PM you to tell you?

Gretting's.............................. Strontium Rude, I Seth Standmore am Seth Standmore writer of, such great story's as Isekai: Sowrd and Sorcery, Dark Scootaloo., and my up and fourthcoming story, Anon-A-Miss: Sunset and Church. I was just wandering if you could review one of my story's as they are, very good and deeply emotional and moving and, best of all the Nazi's in them ALWAYS GET THEIR BALL'S PUNCHED INTO THERE CROTCHET'S.

Anyway I think it would be an honor for you to Review one of my Story's................ and if you agree please do so. Take care of you're self and know that I will always STAND MORE WITH YOU

Sincerely........... Seth Standmore

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