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A Group dedicated to the discussion, exploration, and shitposting of the Anarchyverse, an MLP Fanfic Continuity created by Ninjadeadeard. Come in, wipe your feet, and hang out. If you want to talk writing, pony, or Anarchy specifically, just check out the rules and whip up a thread if you’re so inclined.

The Anarchyverse is a continuity where Discord and Fluttershy have a kid (or three), where EqG’s Twilight splits her Midnight personality off into its/her own person, and where Trixie Lulamoon travels through time to train a young Starswirl, found Equestria, and defeat the evil Grogar. It’s a timeline with causality loops and paradoxes, especially wherever Starlight and Sunset are involved, and where the ponies and creatures you know and love from the show continue to have adventures, find love, and discover the true magic of friendship.

Come and join us! Spitball some theories, talk shop with the writer, or even post fan art.

Seriously. Anarchy would adore you if you made her some fan art.

Basic Rules are as follows:

  • The Forum Rules of FimFiction Shall Be Upheld
  • Don’t Be a Dick
  • Be chill and make with the Bantz
  • Keep NSFW, Real World Politics and Real World Religion OUT.
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Hey, guys.

I have been mostly off this site for a long time due to real life things, so I only just found out the news that he passed away in December today.

I might have been the one to hit the buttons to create this group (which is why I'm listed as an admin), but this was for Ninja. I never really intended to do much with it. Just get the place started and let Ninja do what he did best: share his world.

I won't pretend I was as close with him as some others he knew were. All I can say is that we lost an amazing creative mind, creating a world that I loved getting lost in, back when I had more time to do that. We're all here because we loved this world so much that we wanted to see where else it would take us.

I hope that perhaps this group can stand as a memorial to him, like how all artists are remembered by the works they leave behind.

RIP Ninja.

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