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We're two best friends...who happen to also write fanfiction together.

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Hello and welcome to our humble abode! (Well it's not our abode, but you get what I mean...I hope)

My name's Falling Sunshine, though you can call me Sunny if you like. I love ponies a lot and I mean A LOT so I'm a big dork at school. I love art and music and I love making new friends so feel free to contact me :heart:! I like writing too, although I won't say I'm very talented. I'm also a nerd, a goody-two-shoes, I love checklists and I'm afraid of quesadillas, so I can relate to Twilight (also she is best pony :twilightsmile:).

I share this account with my bestie, Aqua Aura, or Auri for short. She's way smarter and prettier than I am. She's really organised, neat and tidy (something I can never hope to be :fluttercry:). She's the most generous person I have ever known on this planet (no, seriously, she's given us so many things that even I've lost track) so she's like Rarity to us :raritywink:. She's also way better at writing and she's more of a bookworm than me. She's a really really really big bookworm. But no doubt that I love her very much and we'll always be BFF's :heart:. The day we started being actual friends was 16th Nov 2018 and we've been besties ever since.

Pictures of Twilight cuz Bookhorse is Best Horse

A bit much? Yeah probably.

Pictures of Rarity cuz she's fabulous


It's our friendaversary!! · 4:41pm Nov 16th, 2020

It's 16th November woohoo!!
Two years since Auri and I became friends :twilightsmile:!!

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