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It's only 'smoke & mirrors' if you don't WANT to believe in the magic.

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Twenty-Fourth: The Naked Blog · 4:27pm January 18th

Just a quick note here; currently caught up in different things. Because of it, I've been slacking in providing more chapters.

Much apologizing.

I should be getting back to it soon enough. So no worries - Legacy will continue on, shortly...

All you have to do is be like a hospital: have 'patients'. }:)

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And thank YOU for such a fun and entertaining story! (And looking forward to more, I hope!)

Thanks for faving Flurry in Time!:twilightsmile:

Sorry... remove it as you will. My apologies.

For what it's worth, it's not really that bad... but it has tags for reasons, and I get it.

Friendly reminder, we don't submit mature stories. 🙃

Yeah Guttersnipe is a joy to write since she gets creative with how she fights.

Flash Drive is a bit more soft-spoken and intelligent, but when he's ready to speak his mind, he will.

And Corkscrew has been with Pale and Quick Draw since day 1. They're best buds!

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