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It's only 'smoke & mirrors' if you don't WANT to believe in the magic.


This story is a sequel to Obsidian: Shards Of Sombra

Equestria's perils are at an all time high.

The throne is held by a wicked and cruel tyrant, and the entire kingdom is besieged by horrific abominations of science and Dark Magic. Much of the population has seemingly vanished, and there is little hope for the once beautiful land of friendship and Harmony.

But Obsidian has had ENOUGH; she and the rest of The Siddy Six are determined to fight back, discover what can be done, and hopefully put an end to this living nightmare, once and for all.

In the final arc of the Obsidian storyline, will we get to see her and her friends conquer the darkness once and for all? Or will this spell the end of her, her friends and possibly all of Equestria?

{Cover art by the incredible Rutkotka}

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Obsidian: Daughter of Sombra

Obsidian, Daughter of Sombra, has defeated her foes and saved Equestria from darkness, and looks forward to leading a 'normal' life... but new information reveals the fact that her other siblings are still out there! With the help of her allies, the 'Siddy Six' (and a few new friends), Obsidian embarks on a quest to locate her sibilant siblings, and if necessary, put a stop to whatever villainous designs they may have. However, beneath all of that lies a sinister pulse that quickens as time grows tighter and shorter...

Will she be able to pull it off once again, and defeat the vile forces that gather at the gates, or will she fall to the coming darkness?

[TEEN rating due to swearing, some violence and a single racy (but not descriptive) scene.]

{Cover art by the amazing Magfen}

Chapters (61)

In an alternate timeline, roughly 30 years after the reappearance of the Crystal Empire, Obsidian, a unicorn with Dark Magic at her command, is awoken from her slumber in a secret chamber, only to discover the world has changed greatly since her time under her father's heavy hoof. As she is integrated into society, she is commanded by the Princess of Friendship to make friends and learn how to adapt to the new world around her.

Though she has her... issues... she ends up meeting some interesting individuals, and begins to acclimate to pony society. But the question remains: will she be changed by Equestria... or will she rise to change Equestria herself?

[TEEN rating due to somewhat graphic descriptions of violence in one chapter, and light comic-book style gore. Otherwise, this story is SFW.]

{Cover art by the wonderful hand of Lord Valtasar}

Chapters (42)