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It's only 'smoke & mirrors' if you don't WANT to believe in the magic.



In an alternate timeline, roughly 30 years after the reappearance of the Crystal Empire, Obsidian, a unicorn with Dark Magic at her command, is awoken from her slumber in a secret chamber, only to discover the world has changed greatly since her time under her father's heavy hoof. As she is integrated into society, she is commanded by the Princess of Friendship to make friends and learn how to adapt to the new world around her.

Though she has her... issues... she ends up meeting some interesting individuals, and begins to acclimate to pony society. But the question remains: will she be changed by Equestria... or will she rise to change Equestria herself?

[TEEN rating due to somewhat graphic descriptions of violence in one chapter, and light comic-book style gore. Otherwise, this story is SFW.]

{Cover art by the wonderful hand of Lord Valtasar}

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Comment posted by Unshackled_Unbroken deleted Jan 8th, 2020

This chapter was...amusing.

Just found out about this story; seems interesting so far. I'm really curious what will happen with the "death" tag now.

I like the story, it’s just that the pacing is terribly slow. It’s been for full chapters and not even one day has passed in-story!

*chuckle* Like Redwoods, good things take time... but I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thank you kindly for your time. *bows humbly*

We settled on a rather slow pace, but that's because everything is so new and strange for Obsidian. The first day of her new life didn't pass yet - but she already experienced more mind-blowing novelties than during her entire life.
Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy it.

Honestly, I'm with Obsidian here. These ponies are annoying.

So, Obsidian is an introvert. I do relate.

I like this story so far, it has great potential. I especially look forward to Obsidian meeting the other royals. That should be fun. :pinkiecrazy:

The chapter's title made me thought it was going to be far more darker for some reason.

You did fine. The only thing that I thought was a bit odd was that Twilight kept Obsidian in suspense about her punishment, but if she grew up to be more like Celestia, then I can understand why she seems to have gained a habit of teasing her subjects.

"Gypsy... Gypsy Rover ? Yes, he's one of our few diamond dog students at the School of Friendship; we're hoping that his experience here will prove to his community that the school is a good thing, and that they may send more to enroll next year. And yes, the origami he does is rather neat - he made an airship for me when we first met."

At first, I read that as airstrip that last part was fairly amusing.

That cover art is hideous. Did you just grab the first thing that was offered, regardless of quality?

Actually, it was done by a friend, and I rather LIKE it, thank you much.

The characters spent roughly two years existing only in my head; I was STOKED to see the job he'd done, and I was extremely appreciative. I get that you may not care for it, but _I_ absolutely love it.

You're welcome to feel as you wish about it; I figure you're here for the story, anyway. :twilightsheepish:

Well, yes, but I would much rather see some high-quality cover art, like this:
Or even just show style. If only I was any good at drawing...

You're welcome to donate and commission art for me, if you like... but this was done by a friend, and that stuff's magic, yo. Stuff like that means a lot to me, and they went out of their way to do this. I won't be mad or angsty at you for your opinions; each person sees things differently, and I appreciate that.

Just know that the art means something to me, and I like it just fine. :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy is truly the most magical of the Mane Six.

Sorry, Twilight. :rainbowwild:

He looked at Obsidian, smiling. "I'd dare say you're possibly the very last caster of any sort of Dark Magic in the known world."

My Bionicle OC on Equestrian Magic.

Dark: Yummy. or Thanks for the boost!

Light: Aaaah IT BURNS!

Chaos: I don't want to find out.

Interesting chapter, like usual
I still find weird how Siddy didn't raise the "evil because trying to take over the country" isn't it what cadance did with hers by killing the rightful king ?
Can't wait for the next chapter, good job.

If the main OCs in this story had voice actors, who would they be?


*looks atta Starlight Nova*

Oh! I remember you! You asked the same thing to Illiad Easle about A Cultural Exchange, didn't you? *waves* Good to see you again!

Well, though I can't speak for Obsidian herself (as she's someone else's character), the others are all my responsibility; let me see if I can answer this in a manner I'd be satisfied with.

Cupcake Sprinkles, I could very much see as Alan Tudyk; channeling a cross between Wash and King Candy for a fine, goofy and easy-going sound... until he gets angry, as then I could see Alan doing a John Wayne impression.

Thunderclap Dash would possibly be best as E.G. Daily, doing a more sociable take on Buttercup from PPG.

Gypsy Rover, I always heard in my head as a voice quite similar to M'aiq The Liar from Skyrim... who my research tells me is someone by the name of André Sogliuzz.

Stalwart Stance would have to have a stern, serious voice - someone like Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones (a character that was a partial inspiration for Wart).

Mica Chip would have to be a cool customer; with a bit of a softer, friendlier vibe, I could possibly hear Wentworth Miller doing the voice - or The DC Arrowverse series' Captain Cold, for you non-mediaphiles.

He won't be fine. Mica's pissed, and she knows it. If he's angry, in this case, he's well within his rights. She stomped on his beliefs, then tried to get him to crawl back after a half-baked apology. One I kinda doubt she meant.

For all the glamour and might of this friendship and love, you just need a few words to break all of this.
This little harmony tyranny doesn't work so well eh ?
Nice chapter, I'm eager to see how Obsidian will evolve.

Considering that Jinx's mere presence was enough to make Gypsy terribly scared and for Clap and Cup to argue, Obsidian was even more wary of the mishmashed creature. It certainly didn't help that, as a draconequus, she was quite possibly even more powerful than she was... and that didn't sit too well with the Dark Princess. Not at all.

And my Bionicle OC is definitely more powerful than her and her father put together.
Edit: He's effective against them since he feeds off of darkness which would make them weaker then him.

On the author's note what about Lil' Cheese or as one of the crew calls him Cheese Slice?

And of course we all know she's being framed.


Seeing as how this was an alternate timeline from the original, I took a few liberties; that little kid was cute, but I honestly didn't even consider him when I went into this. I mean no harm; I'm just an absent-minded doofus sometimes, and at this point, it would be a bit of work to write him in.

To fans of that little cutie, my sincerest apologies; my hope is that you'll find the ones provided here to be at least as amusing.

It's not that I'm a fan of the little fella I'm being curious.

Luna to the rescue!

Good chapters, so far! Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

What do you like the most, if I may ask?

Well just the whole storyline, I guess?

The whole plot that this story's got going is honestly pretty unique. I haven't seen many authors stick to a story about the FUTURE of what we see in the show, and if they do its either pretty short stories, or stories that never get finished :(

There's so many interesting new characters, and a DAUGHTER of Sombra? All in all, its unique and well written!

Also I love long stories so, yknow. All the love from me to this story!

I'm glad you like the idea of Sombra's daughter! Hopefully fic will keep entertaining you!
Obsidian's picture

I thank you ever so kindly for your praise; my job is to entertain you, and your kind words are my salary.

Luna's one of my favorite princesses too! lol

Good chapter though!

It was fun to see everyone's dreams, and entertaining too!

Stalwart Stance has removed any and all notions of fear within! Respect the tiny pony, or PERISH!

Well then who does Obsidian belong to, and where can I find him or her?

I love Lemon and Cupcakes relationship. It's definitely how two brothers like them would treat each other, 100%! Lol

I’m loving the story so far, and loving the building relationship between Cupcake and Obsidian if you know what I mean ‘wink’.

Thunderclap is like Rainbow Dash acting before thinking.

The Dark Princess stepped forward, touching her crystal lightly with a hoof, in an almost motherly fashion, practically petting it.

"Yes... crysssssstalssssss..." she purred huskily.

For some reason, I find this oddly cute.

Rest in peace, Cryssssssstal. You were gone too soon.

The relationship between cupcakes and lemon reminds me of the relationship between me and sister when growing up. Except we kinda of mellowed out after we grew up.

And for those of you who saw the crush coming from a mile away... well, let's just see how things go from here, shall we? No spoilers. :raritywink:

Mmmm yes, gib me romance tag! Me crave romance tag!




Where's my Bionicle OC when you need him, he'd troll Onyx for a bit just to amuse himself then proceed to pulverize her, or get her to monologue then smack her, or call her what he normally thinks of those like her a gnat or a worm then give the pounding.
Edit: Just stating a fact.

This should have the Mature tag.

Onyx sounds like the sort of pony I would want as a friend if they were not so serious about the whole evil thing.

Really? Is it that bad?

Seriously; asking because I wasn't sure...

Well this is a good story and I want to see where you take it. Now tracking!

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