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Just a guy who likes to write stories. The Changelings brought me here. :)

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Why I've been a little quiet lately · 9:28pm August 22nd

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know why I've been rather quiet lately. Besides having a small bit of writer's block and not being sure how to start the next chapter of Dragonfly Hive, the smoke in my area is being a pain by causing my lungs to feel heavy so I'm breathing a little harder. Don't worry I'm otherwise fine other then the tight chest feeling.

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You're very welcome! :pinkiehappy: I meant to favorite it a long time ago, back to soon after I joined Fimfiction, but honestly forgot until now. Silly me. :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for the fave on The Light in the Darkness! :pinkiesmile:

Your welcome

Really?! Sweet! :pinkiehappy: Thank you very much for the heads-up!

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