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"Hot but gross." — Cerulean Starlight

Author Bio

Name: Capt. Horatio Herbert Hairball

Occupation: Pornographer, Space Pirate

Age: Older than soap.

Furaffinity: capt_hairball

Sexuality: Writesexual

Influences: Chuck Tingle, David Cronenberg, Tony Burgess, William S. Burroughs

Religion: Crazy guy on the bus telling you about Jesus and aliens.

Relationship Status: None of your damn business.

Best Pony is: Fluttershy

Waifu: Frazzle Rock

Husbando: Shining Armor

Best Video Game Evar: Civilization series

Best Video Game RIGHT NOW: Civ VI (obviously), Deathstate

Takes Online Bios Seriously: Sort of, I guess?

A helpful chart by my awesome editor Cerulean, who ought to know.


Beta Readers Needed for Equestria MILFs III: Weekend at Fluttershy's · 3:02pm Wednesday

So I'm going to run with what I have in terms of plot, and just post this sucker. No reason not to do it right, though. I'm aiming for a deadline of... some time next week? Maybe the week after? I'm going to run into Thanksgiving somewhere in there but I need to think about what I'm doing about cover art. My 'Great Dane sized dog Spike' is a rare interpretation (100% author appeal) so I'll probably have to draw my own.

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That’s wonderful to hear! Thank you so much!

Good lord...in the last two weeks I have actually gotten to take enough time out of work to finish reading the last of your 38 stories. Amazing work. Per usual.


No. I have too many unfinished ideas of my own, sorry!

Do you take requests?

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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