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Weird old horse furry.

Author Bio

Name: Capt. Horatio Herbert Hairball

Occupation: Pornographer, Space Pirate

Age: Older than soap.

Furaffinity: capt_hairball

Deviantart: capthairball

Twitter: @Capthairball

Sexuality: Writesexual

Influences: Chuck Tingle, David Cronenberg, Tony Burgess, William S. Burroughs

Religion: Crazy guy on the bus telling you about Jesus and aliens.

Relationship Status: None of your damn business.

Best Pony is: Fluttershy

Waifu: Frazzle Rock

Husbando: Shining Armor

Best Video Game Evar: Civilization series

Best Video Game RIGHT NOW: Civ VI (obviously), Deathstate

Takes Online Bios Seriously: Sort of, I guess?

Non-Pony Fiction

Commission Rates

Rates: $.05/word, minimum 3K words.
Payment up front in full via Paypal, non-refundable.

Fetish or cuddle fluff only. No non-con, gore, or bathroom stuff. Commissioner gets one round of edits and I'll post the second draft.

A helpful chart by my awesome editor Cerulean, who ought to know.


PtP'd Eight Notch · 12:24pm March 23rd

I go back and forth about which of my stories are up. ADHD. Thoughts go zoom. Right now everything but the incest is up, because I'm still not over the idea that people actually advocate for it.

ANYWAY I used Eight Notch as the basis for my first Amazon erotica, so I need to pull it from here lest Zon get pissy and suspend my account. It might be excessive because I made a TON of changes (like making them humans) but still best not to risk Zon's wrath. That is all.

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I think you’re cool too! Thank you! You made my day. :twilightsmile:

i hink your a cool guy

Yeah, I figured that was the case.

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