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Total trash mammal.

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Author Bio

Name: Capt. Horatio Herbert Hairball

Occupation: Pornographer, Space Pirate

Age: Older than soap.

Furaffinity: capt_hairball

Sexuality: Writesexual

Influences: Chuck Tingle, David Cronenberg, Tony Burgess, William S. Burroughs

Religion: Crazy guy on the bus telling you about Jesus and aliens.

Relationship Status: None of your damn business.

Best Pony is: Fluttershy

Waifu: Frazzle Rock

Husbando: Shining Armor

Best Video Game Evar: Civilization series

Best Video Game RIGHT NOW: Civ VI (obviously), Deathstate

Takes Online Bios Seriously: Sort of, I guess?

A helpful chart by my awesome editor Cerulean, who ought to know.


First Base is in the Clopfic... · 2:46am Last Friday

...and somehow I haven't made a pun about it.

But I can't; I don't sports, so if vanilla sex is home plate, I don't even know what "rim job to orgasm (somehow)" would count as. :moustache:

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*Claps hooves excitedly!*

I’ll blog about it on Monday!!!


I only write the spiciest!!! :rainbowwild:

Whoa there Captain, these spicy clopfics you write are making me feel some kinda way


Sorry. I had a fit of guilt about it being kind'a dubcon and took it down. Maybe a mistake. :ajsleepy:

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