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Conlang Ponish · 1:07pm February 8th

Has anyone ever done a conlang workup of Ponish? It doesn't have to be GOOD but I could really use some idea what it might sound like to a non-Ponish speaker. I'm a novice conlanger and I COULD go down that rabbit hole, but it's probably not an effective use of my time.

It's an effective use of someone else's time, tho. :ajsmug:

Any help is appreciated.

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There. Republished. Fuck my nuts, I'm a basket case sometimes.


What the fuck did past me do?

Clearly I have mixed feelings about that story. >.>

What happened to "Like Bunnies"? Is it gone for good? :raritydespair: :fluttercry:

Is your bio meant to say 'who lead my heart to sin'?

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