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"I cut, you pick" is the time-honored rule for sharing treats. But what if a pony is sharing love with two others? When Maud brings one big brownie home to Trixie and Starlight, they have to figure that out.

Rated T for heated kissing. Written for the StarTrixMaud Shipping Contest, based on a prompt by my friend Hummingbird.

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great to see this up! really looking forward to reading it!

a cute enough little story, i enjoyed it. footnote #2 is worthy of a upvote all on it own. the physics involved while hilarious make my brain hurt

MOST stories should not have footnotes.
But THIS story earned them. :twilightsheepish:

B_Munro #5 · Sep 2nd, 2021 · · 1 · Story ·

I'll take this over MudMaud any day. :twilightsmile:

earth Ponies hold chopsticks with their tails.



One of the downsides of fanfic is that no one can stop me from adding footnotes. :pinkiecrazy: Glad people liked them.


I missed so many contests and events this summer. Glad I was able to get this one in. As a threeple, StarTrixMaud is rivaled only by LegoshiHaruLou.


I'm not a fan of official shipping. Like why are your doing this? This is the fan's job. Fluttercord, CheesyPie, and DashJack aren't too bad. They're common enough ships and Fluttercord is classic, if not my favorite Shy ship. But MudMaud is enh. What happened to opposites attract? And SugarMac? No. I won't even watch those episodes. :fluttercry:

hahaha man this was great.

Get another brownie, indeed.

In case you're curious about the mathematical solution Numberphile has you covered :twilightsmile:

This was adorable.

Hair Magic is a wildly under appreciated Earth Pony art. Pinkie, of course, is a master.

Starlight and Trixie were in Trixie’s wagon on Trixie’s bed, doing the most intimate thing two mares could do — reading quietly side by side.

of course! what other activity could that possibly be?

yet she relished the feeling of Starlight’s soft hip pressed up against hers cutie mark to cutie mark, the slow rise and fall of her ribs as she breathed.

loved the sensuality of this, wonderful stuff

Maud pushed Trixie’s small dining table over to the bed with the top of her snout. “We like you soft and snuggly.”

aww, chubby Starlight is canon and also her being the best is canon (though i hope she can heal from her body image issues here! it is slightly heartbreaking)

Partially melted mini marshmallows rose from its delicate dark brown surface like chewy shipwrecks floating in a chocolate sea.

ugh now i really want one, you are good at this!

Trixie flourished a hoof. “The great and objective Trixie will choose!” Starlight frowned. “The way the great and greedy Trixie hogs the covers doesn’t give me a lot of hope about her objectivity.” “Sleeping Trixie isn’t the same as awake Trixie. Awake Trixie is very fair.”

loved this exchange in particular

Maud gave a stoic moan. Her back knees tremble beneath her frock.

okay, based on this i guess i will definitely have to check out some of your other stuff. no i will not elaborate

“I don’t know,” said Starlight. “I think Maud should go and get another brownie.”

short and sweet, pun intended!

1. I have no idea how Lyra got a hold of a copy of the Aeneid. Twilight probably needs to guard the mirror more closely.

ah the recontextualization of a human epic drama as an adventure story about "cute humans", love the metaness of this

2. Yes, ponies use chopsticks. Yes, including earth ponies. Yes, earth ponies hold the chopsticks in their mouths. Yes, they have no trouble with this. An earth pony eating noodles with chopsticks is a glorious sight to behold.

it must be! i would love to see it

3. The author has not done the math for this but in his defense neither have these ponies. Twilight probably has but she isn’t here.

considering the triangular one is 1/4 of the whole, Starlight must be correct!

a lot more sensual than i expected but i am definitely not complaining. loved the rich descwork, and the little details and footnotes. thanks so much!"


The book was originally just supposed to be 'Watership Down but with humans' but then I remembered Latin class in HS and realizing that Watership Down with 'The Aneid but with bunnies.'. :twilightsmile:


of course! what other activity could that possibly be?

This is my ace side coming out. :rainbowwild:

aww, chubby Starlight is canon and also her being the best is canon (though i hope she can heal from her body image issues here! it is slightly heartbreaking)

Her body image issues are mood. I like chubby girls and bears and I still look down at my belly and scowl every day. :facehoof:

ugh now i really want one, you are good at this!

Marshmallow brownies are the best thing.

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