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Total trash mammal.


Smart Cookie University grad student Skanky Biscuits acts like a mean pony, but all she wants is for her friends to be safe. Now they’re involved in experiments with near-death experiences! How can she protect them when they’re literally courting death? And maybe conjuring up something worse than their own stupidity in the process…

Set one hundred years after MLP:FiM. Celestia and Luna are missing, most of the mane six have passed on, the Crystal Empire is independent, and Twilight rules alone. Whatever problems Skanky and her friends stir up, they'll have to face it by themselves.

Sex tag for sensuality, adult themes, and potty-mouthed characters. Not clop. Trigger warning for a character with suicidal thoughts.

Edited (but only intermittently proofread) by Scoots.

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Why does Skanky Biscuits look exactly like Shining Armor? Skanky Biscuits is the white Unicorn with the blue mane, right?

fun read so far can't wait to see more of this

By any chance was this story inspired by the movie "Flatliners?" :rainbowhuh: It seems quite similar what with university students and near-death experiences and what not.


100%. The original, though, not the remake. :facehoof:

There’s a bit of Herbert West in there too. Ether Brea is a near-anagram of that name.

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