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A simple guy who loves Ponies and cartoons. Please no flames, thanks

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Bad news · 7:38pm Nov 29th, 2022

So was feeling lousy Sunday (fever, aches, tiredness, the whole nine yards.) Thought and hoped it was maybe just the flu and not something serious like Covid. Well, went to the doctors today just to make sure today and SURPRISE 😫🤒! Got a positive from a nose swab. I honestly can't believe this! I've been so careful for so long! Anyway, I already called my work as well as our Covid number and I was ordered to quarantine til Thursday (I already was in contact with my immediate family-my parents

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Thanks for adding my story to your shelves.

No problem :pinkiehappy:. The story I bookmarked, "A Day in 1986," was good. I loved "The Goldbergs" when I watched it and it was also in the same vein as another story of yours I'd love to see continued, "A Day in 1958." There's so much potential for both of these stories; with the 50s, there's the Red Scare, the beginning of Civil Rights, the Korean War (I can imagine Shining Armor going to fight in it and causing a lot of worry and grief for Twilight, Cadence and the rest), etc. As well as sock hops, malt shops and Elvis.

For the 80s, there's the Iran-Contra, the nearing end of the Cold War (God rest Gorbachev who helped to end it as he recently passed), and the NUMEROUS different pop culture creations created at that time that Amythst and her friends could enjoy (ironically, Hasbro was rising in power in that era and 1982 was when Gen1 of MLP came out.)

So yes, SO MUCH potential beyond single chapters if you ever got the chance.

Thank you for the bookmarks! ^^

Yeah, it was pretty amusing.

Glad you enjoyed Homewrecker!

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