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Help her · 11:25pm Sep 24th, 2019

Cut/pasted from FoME’s blog

Yeah, no time for being cutesy. We have a situation.

Estee's organizing things here, with more happening on Discord. Spread the word. Do what you can.

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Thanks for adding Brighter Horizons to your list, God bless!

E"What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"
Two crafty robbers from the big city of Manehatten learn about the "easy pickings" to be had in a sleepy little town called "Ponyville." Fortunately for them, it also has a top-notch hospital...
-TheStoryteller- · 5.2k words  ·  91  5 · 834 views

Thanks for making this part of your Library!

Thanks for the save on Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Side Stories. Also, if interested, Tales of an Equestrian Battle Mage, the prequel I mentioned before, is out with 14 chapters now. :twilightsmile:

If you are interested the sequel (with a time skip) is posting chapters daily. A Certain Magical Sunset is a crossover with A Certain Magical Index, and is set with Sunset and Human Twilight heading off to college at Academy City. :twilightsmile:
I'm also about 200 pages into another story, a prequel this time, dealing with Sunset and Twilight while they were Princess Celestia's star pupils, still set in the same AU. It should start dropping probably early October. :raritywink:

Thanks for the add, I look forward to hearing what you think, God bless!

  • Viewing 196 - 200 of 200
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