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Secondary account to your first best guess!

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1807700 I suppose it is.

1807698 Confrontational is in the eye of the beholder.

1807678 We'd be cool if you say it in a way that isn't confrontational.

1807674 If you're sure you want to do that. I'm not particularly interested in tact. If I think something's fucked up, I'll say it.

1807652 I'm not sure if that's why I blocked you, but whatever. I unblocked you.

1807644 That I recall? Around Chapter 4 of "I'll Always Be Here For You," I commented that you wrote a bad interpretation of child abuse, called Scootaloo's folks cartoonishly evil, and reminded you that abused children tend to rationalize their abuse.

If I said something in a group somewhere, that's lost to history.

1807633 Well, I don't tell people when I block them because if I did that, 9 times out of 10 that would always makes them mad. Since they can't do anything about it, they'll get their friends to give me grief about it, so to not get that ball rolling, I just don't make a big deal out of it. I also don't keep a record of who and why I blocked them, though that might be a good idea. It takes a good bit for me to block someone, and I don't do use that function willy nilly. For your case, I really have no recollection of blocking you, so it must have been a while. What was the last thing of mine that you commented on?

1807631 You never told me you were blocking me, so I have literally no idea when it happened. That's why I was asking.

1807057 To be honest, I don't remember why. If you can find the comment that made me do that, I could probably tell you and unblock you.

1806609 Hey. I'm curious about something actually Abyss. Why'd you block me?

I mean, I agree with the decision. That's probably for the best. But I prefer to know why I'm being snubbed. So when, in particular, did I pee in your cheerios?

I don't remember doing it.

1806609 I couldn't have said it any better.

1806438 Also, this is why I blocked you on my main. You make no sense, you're just flat out wrong in most cases, and on top of that, every comment I've gotten from you has been filled with contempt and hate. So what's stopping me from doing the exact same thing to you? I could have made alts to leave nasty things on your stuff, but I'm above that petty shit. So why are you trying to start shit? Do you see me going to your page, your stories, and leaving nasty comments? Do you see me trying to start shit with you? Hell no.

Grow the fuck up.

1806438 And stop antagonizing me, you're getting kinda weird.

Jondor #7 · May 9th, 2015 · · 4 ·

You might as well move all your stories to this account since you don't have any 'greater works'.

Your stories are terrible, but instead of facing up to criticism and becoming a better writer, you surround yourself with yes-men and continue to pump out the kind of crap that gets lapped up by them just for the ego boost.

I hope it's worth it.

1612938 Nice, glad to see that it isn't going to be gone forever.

1594909 I lied. The story should be live soon.

1594909 Nope. That story was a commission, and I will not write anymore of that story. It will remain unpublished.

I seen The Abyss has transferred Rarity's Abduction to your account, are you going to continue it?

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