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State of the Human, February 2018 · 10:30pm February 11th

The month of love is well upon us at this point. I imagine there will be a large number of shipping stories hitting us soon, so that's kinda neat.

In my neck of the woods, I don't have any romantical stories ready for this month. I did put out my first M-rated story this month, though. It's fun nonsense. I've got at least one more story planned for this month, though, so keep an eye out relatively soon.

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Not yet. It's one of those ideas that i want too do, i just haven't sat down and planned it out.

So, have you started on another fanfic with evil Cadance? Just curious.

Thanks! It means a lot to know somebody enjoyed it.

Glad to see that you enjoyed The Dragon and his Diamond! Would love to hear what you thought!

Hiya, thanks for the follow :twilightsmile:

Your story Voices Lost was the highlight of the Sunset shipping contest for me :raritystarry:

  • Viewing 35 - 39 of 39
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