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Adagio Dazzle wants to be heard.

Sunset Shimmer is in the unique position to listen.

My entry into Oroboro's Changing Seasons contest

Special thanks to Undome Tinwe for editing!

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I do love it when the bad guy gets the chance to change things themselves, to actually have the all-important Magic of Friendship™ stir something in their hearts, not just be forced into it. That it ends in Sundagio with a chance of non-evil voice-fixing (or so I would guess? I would think if it works to the stated degree, it can work to a smaller one) is icing on the cake. :rainbowkiss:

And, I wish I could say Rainbow being the designated bitch (granted, she was pretty tame here compared to some examples) was the least bit out of character, but canon (especially that of EQG lately) tells me that's just not where we are anymore. :applejackunsure:

Excellent fic, though Aria and Sonata's absence makes me sad.:fluttershysad: Never liked the idea that they all drift apart for one reason or another after their defeat. Still, AdagioxSunset is definitely one of my favorite ships, so 10/10.

This has many nice touches. I liked the approach you took with Adagio not speaking, and how Sunset then foregoes speaking for a time too. And Adagio with the violin was a lovely image.

Mute!Sirens is a headcanon I'm glad to see. The descriptions in here were great, and the pacing was as natural as the shipping. I liked Sunset's dare, and how phones were used to convey the dialogue when needed - very much like in Speechless. Adagio trying to find a way to experience music through means other than singing was sweet.

A touching story with excellent execution. Bravo, Sir/Madam.

Jesus God I didn't like how much of a cunt Rainbow was here. That, and the fact Sunset knew what adagio was planning. I feel like there was a great drama-opportunity missed there. It could have been awesome! I can just imagine sunset's ruined state after hearing that Adagio was going to use both gems, after all Sunset has done for her, to revert back to her old ways.

It could've be been dope. Overall is pretty dope. A very good read and i'd say definitely up there in the contest, but maaaaan I dunno if anything can top Aragon's shit.

Here, have thismedia.tenor.com/images/4f23c59d45934728dd1b33bf0100ca8e/tenor.gif

Mmm. Adagio and Sunset kissing... so many shades of orange :rainbowkiss:

I really liked the idea of having the sirens go mute. Oro's contest gave me a good excuse for writing it. I'm a bit bummed I couldn't fit the other two into the story. I kinda wanna know what they're up to...

Wow. This was really good. It was a great idea that was executed wonderfully. I really liked it. :twilightsmile:

No sequel planned, as of right now. I won't rule out the possibility, though.

please make this into a full length story instead of a one-shot

I haven't read this story yet (definitely going to) but is this at all based on the anime film A Silent Voice? I haven't seen the film (also going to) but they sound like they share similar themes.

Never heard of it, actually. I'll have to look the movie up.

With voices lost and voices gained, all performed amidst a living hail of self-discovery and pain.
Upon the currents drift two souls betwixt a world of unrest, their natures and love providing a final test.

Interestingly enough, the story was originally going to be from Sunset's perspective. I'd written most of the story before it dawned on me that Sunset's perspective didn't offer the same tone as Adagio's would.

I'll have to see if I can flesh out Sunset's motivation a bit more. I guess that part was lost a bit in the perspective shift.

Thanks for the input :twilightsmile:

I was itching to finish my own entry so I could read this one, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed. This was awesome, a wonderful take on both Adagio and Sunset and well worth both the read, like, and favorite. Great work!

Okay, I have to admit, this was an interesting take on the Adagio/Sunset relationship and about one of the only ways I can see it happening realistically. Granted, Rainbow being a bitch, if not without good reason as this is Adagio we're talking about, and as 8393006 mentioned it is tamer than other examples but it still kinda puts me off a bit... But still a good story either way.

Well, this was a nice little Sundagio story. I gotta say, this is the first one I read with the concept of the Sirens being mute after the Battle of the Bands, it's a pretty interesting idea.

It's a shame that we didn't find out exactly happened to Aria and Sonata in the story. If they lost their voices, too, than they faced their own challenges as Adadio did.

Other than that, great story!

Ooh, I'm saving that art.

I thank you, haven't read a good story like this in long awhile now. Thanks for making my day

‘Great, she looks like a kicked puppy.’ Adagio pinched the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger, letting out a long sigh. ‘Why couldn’t she look like something ugly when it’s kicked? Like a possum?’

Luna might find that offensive.

A great story if I say so myself. Nothing too forced (maybe aside from Dash being a bigger jerk than necessary, but I can see past that) hope to see more from this.
Though if you can take a request, I'd like to see an Aria and Sonata ship in the same style of this story, not being able to speak. I think that would a very interesting story.
But other than that, I loved the story

Very nice! Excellent pacing and characterization, :raritywink:

I'm . . . kind of torn. To begin, I'll start with the praise because I don't want to make it out that I don't like this story. I enjoyed your characterization of Adagio here because she didn't actually plan on being with Sunset in the end. That was just a fluke, in the moment kind of thing. That made this whole thing feel far more believable. I also very much enjoyed the idea that all the Dazzlings are mute now. That is unique, and it offered you the unique perspective of Adagio that you used throughout the story. I loved that, and I love it when I come across unique ideas that actually work.

But . . . I have some issues. To begin, I am fairly sure that Sunset does not possess the ability to read all thoughts, all the time. I don't know if you have watched the shorts (and I'll censor it for other people just in case), but when Sunset touched Juniper Montage, that's when she was able to read her memories. Within the short itself, I think it explicitly explained that is exactly how it works. For this story, I understand that it might not have worked anywhere near the way it did without Sunset being able to read minds all the time, but you could have packed on the romance far more if you went that route. You know, she has to touch Adagio just to talk to her, so I am sure they would enjoy each other's embrace after a while. :rainbowwild:

Second, I cannot get over the fact that it just seemed . . . unnatural to me. It felt like Sunset had preconceived feelings for Adagio before this happened because with all the interaction that we saw the two go through, there was nothing truly redeeming about her going on. I guess that they could have had great conversations on the days you skipped over, but that seems like it's rather important. However, this does not exclude the fact that Sunset had no motivation to go mute for Adagio whatsoever. Why would she do that for someone that she just got through battling? The Dazzlings had destroyed the Rainboom's friendship for a little bit, not to mention all the other awful things they did. Rainbow Dash is right to be as abrasive as she was towards her.

Once again, the only way it makes sense for Sunset to go mute for Adagio is if she already had feelings, but that's impossible. And even if it were, it doesn't make for good story development. But I think the even odder thing, to me, is that Adagio and Sunset . . . did the do. That felt over the top. That's totally cool and all, and it definitely happens, but with the history those two have, and all the time they have spent together that we didn't get to see, them doing that is way out of the ball park, not even mentioning the fact they even gave each other the light of day.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt that Adagio is the one who coerced Sunset into even associating with her, and the only reason why Adagio was associating with Sunset is for revenge. Both of those things make it really easy for Sunset to catch feelings, but I just cannot shake the feeling that the execution of it all is a little lackluster.

At the end of the day, I really feel that the one thing that I feel is the biggest problem with this story is length, and that might seem odd to you considering this is a pretty long one shot. What I feel this should have been is more parts. It can still stand alone as a one-shot, but if you paced yourself correctly and developed their relationship in more detail, it would have been perfect. Basically, one chapter isn't going to cut it with this one. I feel like it should have been two parts, chapter one and chapter two. However, there is only so much you can do for a contest with time constraints and word limits.

Overall, I really enjoyed this, but if I were to rate it, it'd be a 7/10. Still a great score, but needs improvement.

theres a good bit to enjoy here- in particular i enjoyed how adagio was made mute by the events of the movie, and how she has been working around that. it was a bit odd with sunset's powers, but mental stuff will always feel a tinge unstable to me, i suppose.
i love how Adagio fell into the idea of liking sunset though. that it was all a plan that was put away... nice touch.

Kill me slowly, why don't you.

This was beautiful. The pacing was on point, nothing was too exaggerated... I loved this so much.

i have to say i was not a fan of how you made rainbow dash out to be in the wrong she had a very valid point

a person has to want to change adagio didnt until the last minute

I have reviewed your story! Thank you for putting in the time and hard work into the creation of this piece. :twilightsmile:


I'm pretty partial to Sundagio, I admit.
Overall, it's okay. I don't really like how Rainbow gets portrayed here. Admittedly, in canon, Rainbow is usually the douchiest out of everyone, but here, it doesn't feel natural.

“Oh, like you don’t like coff—Why are you still naked?”

Adagio looked over her shoulder and gave Sunset an immodest smirk. ‘Does the view bother you that much?’

“No, I just expected you to have clothes… You’re aware people out there can see you, right?” Adagio shrugged, showing no shame in her lack of clothing.

The 'zero filter' Adagio never stops being funny.

Author Interviewer

If Adagio ever shows up in one of my stories playing the part of Lindsey Stirling, you'll know why.

The short Sunset Shimmer Is Overpowered.

Who's Lindsey Stirling?

A violinist. She's pretty damn good. Look her up on YouTube.

Author Interviewer

Some good moments in this story. You did a great job portraying Adagio in a sympathetic light and a pretty good job of making Sunset's support for her believable. I do however find that the romance angle seemed to move a little fast--Sunset goes for it a little too easily and Adagio does her about face a bit too quickly and cleanly (though this kinda works with Sunset's unerring trust in her). I'm also not a fan of Rainbow Dash being stereotypically bone-headedly antagonistic. It'd have helped a lot to have others of the Mane 6 interact as well. Rarity's small attempt to defuse the situation is a good example.

This is the cutest thing I've ever read.

I'm glad I finally got around to reading this.

You did not disappoint.

I love how you brought out the theme of friendship and forgiveness while keeping everyone in character.

The romance felt rushed, but it wasn't tedious.

Adagio’s reaction was swift and violent as she lashed out at the other girl. Sunset brought a hand up to the angry welt rising on her cheek as she stared at Adagio in shock. The siren spun away again, blinking away tears as she stormed away.

That was unexpected? :applejackunsure:

“You… you can’t talk?” The edge in Sunset’s voice had softened. “But… how?”

Wow, I don't believe it! Guess the title was accurate after all. :rainbowderp:

“Wait.” The gears turned in Sunset’s head as she began putting two and two together. “The gems?” Adagio nodded with a grimace.

Wow, she lost her voice after they were destroyed? But she spoke with a terrible singing voice after they were goners, same for aria and sonata. So how does adagio not have her voice then? 🤔

Adagio set off in the direction Sunset had gone, Sunset’s phone in hand. Mentally, she was swearing, telling herself she should toss the phone in a bush and be done with her. Her feet kept carrying her after Sunset.

Wait, did sunset drop it?

She took a swig of the overly sweet soft drink Sunset had given her as she started home. ‘I bet I could guilt little miss sunshine into helping me.’ Adagio mused. A wicked smile touched her lips.

I got a bad feeling about this. :fluttershysad:

No, Adagio was simply observing. Sunset knew things she hadn’t been told. It wasn’t driving Adagio nuts.

That kinda still counts as stalking adagio. 😒

“I heard it from Sonata.” Sunset said unconvincingly. Adagio scowled, clearly not buying it. “I mean, Aria let it slip.” Adagio reached across the table and grabbed Sunset by the shirt, bringing her close and glaring at the surprised girl with narrowed eyes.

Guess that means it only affected adagio. 😯

A sadistic smile spread across Adagio’s face. There were ways to test her theory. Ways that involved her picturing a demure Sunset Shimmer carefully stripping off a leather jacket. The shirt went next, revealing the curves of Sunset’s body. In her mind’s eye, Sunset reached behind her back and carefully unhooked—

I did not see that one coming. :pinkiegasp:

‘You heard me, mind-reader. Stop talking. Live in my world for a while.’ Sunset opened her mouth to say something, only to shut her mouth without a word. ‘Good girl.’

I'm still questioning how sunset is able to communicate with her via theirs minds.

Adagio was guarded with her thoughts, uncertain of just how well Sunset could read her mind. Still, she couldn’t help that her heart skipped a beat at the mention of her gem. What could Sunset be planning? A replacement, perhaps? She drummed her fingers on the table as she idly pondered.

Like that's gonna happen.

Adagio nodded and watched Sunset as she disappeared down the street. When she was gone, Adagio found herself smirking. Soon enough everything would fall into place.

What does she have planned. 😠

“Dammit, Sunset, it’s been weeks! When are you gonna stop screwing around and talk to us!?” A few other students looked over at the sudden commotion. Sunset frowned, typing something out on her phone and holding it for the angry girl to read.

Dang she's still doing it after weeks have gone by, I'm impressed it also feel bad for her. :fluttercry:

“Yeah. I have something.” Very carefully, Sunset pulled a red pendant out from under her shirt, unclasping it from her neck and holding it out to Adagio. “I trust you.” Adagio nodded solemnly and carefully put it around her own neck.

Are you serious right now! 😨

‘Kiss her. No don’t kiss her!’ Sunset’s thoughts echoed in Adagio’s mind.

Lol :rainbowlaugh:

Adagio drifted over to the window, cradling her warm mug and watching gray clouds roll in. Gentle footsteps sounded down the steps behind her, followed by the sounds of coffee being poured. “Oh, sweet, delicious coffee. I love you so much.” Adagio snorted at Sunset’s proclamation. “Oh, like you don’t like coff—Why are you still naked?”

Guess she forgot or didn't feel like it.

How did I not know that this work of art has a sequel. I know what the sound track of my next work day is going to be.

A sadistic smile spread across Adagio’s face. There were ways to test her theory. Ways that involved her picturing a demure Sunset Shimmer carefully stripping off a leather jacket. The shirt went next, revealing the curves of Sunset’s body. In her mind’s eye, Sunset reached behind her back and carefully unhooked—

“Alright, yes!” A beet-faced Sunset whispered harshly. “I can read minds. It happened during summer camp. Just- just stop picturing me naked!”

the best way to test for mind readers, think X-rated thoughts and look for blushes.:ajsmug:

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