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Scavenging isn't just a hobby, it's a means of survival in the ruins of the old world. When you go scavenging, though, you'll never know what you'll find.

Pinkie Pie is about to find more than she bargained for.

Takes place in the same universe as Pieces of Me. Prior reading not necessary.

Special thanks to R5h, who helped make this story so much better than it was.

RCL featured!

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So did Sunset not come back?

Who's the artist of the picture?

You know, for the life of me I can't find the artist. I got the image off Pinterest and searching Google by image has been failing me. I'm still looking, but I'd you happen to find the artist I'll be eternally grateful.

Oh, you are fantastic!

Sunset likely didn't, since Gummy, who's a hallucination that symbolizes loneliness, was present.

I didn't think about it like that. It sounds like Pinkie is going to look for Sunset...which would bee hard because she went through the mirror portal.

Pinkie, don't you dare burn any of those books! Twilight(s) will find out!

Good beginning, I don't have time to read the rest right now, but I do look forward to it.

I'll ascribe Pinkie knowing about Equestria in spite of Sunset not actually being there after the sandstorm to "It's Pinkie."

(I should have known there was something screwy when she mentioned she came back because she didn't get along with Celestia. Of course the Celly we know would have welcomed her back).

That was a really sweet sad story. Finding friendship after the world ends is a terribly bittersweet thing. Sunset leaving and, presumably, not returning was a sad thing to read. Its a sad thing to imagine Sunset just leaving Pinkie after finding a friend in this world. Hopefully Sunset comes back or Pinkie finds her friend again, somehow.

An Interesting premise fairly well executed. Good job.

Oh yeah! This kind of AU thing is definitely what I've been wanting to read

I loved it thank you!

Very enjoyable. While I am a huge PinkieDash fan when it comes to human Pinkie due to Euestria Girls latest movie I have become a real fan of Pinkie/Sunset (PinkieSet?) so this works for me. The setting is interesting what with all the unanswered questions and I really would love to see more adventures with Pinkie. Sadly the potential lack of Sunset will really hurt but it would give Pinkie some gravitas so I would welcome more stories in this vein with these characters.

Oh wow, that part with sunset meeting gummy and pinkies question at the end really hammers in the state of affairs in this universe.

Huh. I fully expected the both if them to emigrate to Equestria.

I am not a pinkie/sunset shopper whatsoever (just my opinion, i kinda dont like it) but you created a alternate universe and storyline where I could accept it.

Also, why the f:yay: Does This Story Not Have A Sad Tag?!?! I didnt equip my armor and wasn't prepared! You, quite literally in fact, made me have to rush to put it on as soon as I discovered the slightest hint. I mean, if you want to keep the surprising sad ending, well a surprise, you could always say that there is a tag missing to prevent spoilers

Oh and give my regards to R5h

Signing out, VShuffler42

Yee-ouch... Pinkie is getting better... then Sunset nearly kills herself trying to get the portal open...

wow... i know, i know this is an AU but still...

pinkie not knowing what a sleepover is, its just wrong.


this story... HELL YEAH!

I loved this story so much! you can bet that i will check out every story you wright

I really like this story, and this setting.

I'm worried about Gummy. I have a nagging suspicion that he's imaginary.

And, I was right. Still hurts.

The form of payment are some friendly gesture, may be Pinkie is actually a friendship scavenger?

Aww, I was sort of hoping for Pinkie to follow Sunset back to Equestria. Would make a pretty nice ending where Pinkie's kindness and friendship managed to save her and bring her to a world of peace and magic. But oh well... Still a nice story regardless


Oof! :facehoof: Wasn't ready for THAT sucker punch.

Leaving the sad tag out of this was quite cruel with this ending in mind.

This was quite an enjoyable read. You had me gripped, clicking next chapter as soon as I was finished. I had to know what happened next. I could've read 100k of this. The way you wrote this story was engrossing. And you know, I'd never considered Pinkie/Sunset, but after reading this story, I have to say that I quite like the ship. That ending was like a stab to the heart. I'd love to know if Pinkie ever officially finds Sunset again. Even if it's a long shot, I'd like to believe that she does.

Ah, I get it, Sunset would be rough and asocial, but not cruel and power mad, as she never had any of her Canterlot High experiences.

Pinkie seems more in character in this alternate universe story than in most non-alternate universe stories.

“We have out work cut out for us, Gummy.”



This took a turn.

The writing was basic, but the emotions were good.

Author Interviewer

“Pinkie, there’s nothing—” Sunset’s face registered confusion, then softened immediately,

oh no D:

Author Interviewer

ohhhh noooo ;_;

Author Interviewer


That was great. ;_;

No... what?! No!!!! You can’t do that to
Me!! You evil evil person!!! Whyyyy?!?!?

I have this nagging feeling... The other readers are questioning if Sunset will come back...
My question is, was she ever real?
In this chapter, Pinkie questioned if Sunset was real or not. In my mind, Pinkie was probably only reassuring herself.
I mean, (Imaginary)Sunset almost said the word "Princess" and that meant that Sunset never told Pinkie of her old life.
That means that Sunset never existed in the first place!

You monster.

You beautiful, elegant, monster. Never have I managed to get so invested in such a short and simple story before, but this was one of the most beautiful and touching fanfics I've ever read. I tip my hat to you.

That was very well executed.

Needs the romance tag, though it became obvious after a while.

But... it's not a romance?

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