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I like to write bizarre and cloppy things on a whim. Forgive me.


Sunset Shimmer is a certified Badasstm, and therefore, she deserves her pick of the girls. By all known laws of late-90s/early-2000s music videos and movies, she should be guaranteed to have the ladies flinging themselves at her!

But sometimes, that doesn't work. Sometimes, you need something else to set you apart.

Sometimes, you need: s k a t e b o a r d

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*standing ovulation*

Well done.

Yes I am man you want to go skateboards?

Mare de Déu de la burreta

This exact clip was going through my head the entire time lol.

That got me. That got me bad. Thank you kindly! I should absolutely have used that in the fic somehow tbh.


Somewhere, Rainbow Dash is crying because she will never be this cool.

I was totally ready to discover this was one more of Sunset's dreamy fictions. It just sounds what someone who isn't from the human world thinks what human mating is.

if she wanted that sweet purple nerd to dive into her arms and hold her hand

Have you no decency?!

I'm not sure what I just read but it made me laugh. Thank you for that.

Rainbow Dash is physically incapable of being as cool as Sunset on s k a t e b o a r d s !

:pinkiesmile: That was the intention! Glad you enjoyed!

H*ND-H*LD*NG is pretty lewd. I'm sorry, I should have made this an M-rated fic!

Judging from the title, I assumed this was going end with Sunset failing to complete a stunt and ending up in a Full Body Cast.

I did not expect what we got.

Schooled me on underestimating *S*U*N*S*E*T *S*H*I*M*M*E*R.

Fun fact: this method also works with ostriches.

Don't try it.

After careful consideration, and much deliberation, I have come up with the best description of my thoughts after reading this story.



That is all. Well played, dear author.

This was... you know, I thought my husband and I created something goofy and yet absolutely hysterical with the "fanfic" we "wrote" together last night about his favorite ship in an anime he's interested in.

This topped it by every measure. This is... I don't know what it is, but it was funny, and I enjoyed it. Have a like.

Oh and great use of detail. Seriously.

*raucous applause*

Hot damn. Hot. Damn.

If this is what happened when you almost do a flip, I love/hate to see what happens when you actually pull off a flip.

"Wanna scissor?"


And I'm dead. XD

*shudders* I think it’s safe to say Sunset would have at bare minimum set record breaking orgies and record number of pregnancies

I don’t always comment on this sort of story, but when I do, they’re exquisitely dumb. Thank you for this.

P.S. s k a t e b o a r d

I'm not sure if this was a Doom patrol reference an ASDF movie reference or both but either way it made me laugh XD

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