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Sunset Shimmer has been acting sort of strange recently—enough that Twilight Sparkle has started to notice. And even though the rest of the girls don’t really think anything’s wrong, Twilight is determined to find out what’s up.

Artwork by ZettaiDullahan.
Blur – “Coping”

Chapters (7)
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Interested to see where this ends up going.


I don't know why, but I thought this was going to be a one-shot. I, also, am curious to see where this goes.

Huh. Not thrilled about the concept, but it seems interesting enough so far.

Hasn't read anything since 2012? I'll show you! :trollestia:

looking forward to this

Hmm interesting, I'd like to see where you take this.

Placebos, yet recent happenings with tardiness and jitteryness... Is Sunset on the way up, or the way down?

Made me feel throuroghly uncomfortable while reading. I'm looking forward for more. :)

i really want tah c where dis goes!

Even if I didn't think this was good morbid curiosity would likely keep me hooked.

It's rude to go snooping around in your friends' things, but...

Who's Twilight going to go to? Pinkie's diner? Rarity might still be there.

Speaking of Pinkie, she was on point this chapter.

Oh Sunset...
How will Twilight help you if you push her away?

That was a pretty strong chapter. I loved the imagery of the somewhat rough, well-worn apartment and thought it did a nice job of setting the mood and being somewhat representative of Sunset in this fic.

This next chapter has got me impatiently apprehensive: I can't wait to read more but I'm not looking forward to what is likely to happen. Unfortunately lashing out like that is a pretty common reaction when being first confronted. The person who is chemically dependant feels cornered and facing the prospect of having the thing that brings them comfort being taken away usually responds by attacking back at the person that is concerned about them. It can be pretty easy to enter a downward spiral from this point on, when the heat of the moment wears off the addict realises that they've driven away somebody that they care about and so they cope with it by further feeding their habit.

Sunny's stream of consciousness is one of my favourite things about this fic.

Aside from the idea of your story (not that its bad idk, more like I'm not used to such raw stories), from Sunset addiction, there is still something that shows me you're doing a good story : the way you're writing it.

What's into the story is important to, but it would be about something else than drugs, I think you would do something good too.

Short, that's how writers are doing their stories that's a major point for me, and not only that they're trying something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, the bad things people dislike would be even overshadowed.

I've put it in my favourites, and it'll stay sure, but I'm not changing my mind until you finish it or else, to see in the end what you wanted to make and if it comes good.

I don't quite get the authors note, but color me intrigued by the story. Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

This has a lot of well-written characters and a lot of oomph. It's a pleasant read and flows well, pacing-wise. I look forward to reading more!

So great to see this updating again! I'm anxious about how the Sunny/Twi meeting will go.

“Alright, so, with that taken care of... would someone like to volunteer to read the beginning of this chapter? How about you, Lily?”

“Ugh, okay. ‘Beep, beep, beep...’”

This was a really cute touch.



I look forward to the next chapter.

Okay, Fluttershy smoking was not something I saw coming

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Y’ain’t need to be all silly about it. Me an’ Dash are just gonna—”

I spy a powerful word there, AJ.

Looks like I’m gonna have to be coping until the next update.

So.......if I can remember this correctly. Sunset is going through depression and her only solice that she believes helps is cough and pain medication and cutting herself without her friends knowing?

This story continues to be fantastic. The haze of experiences and emotions and memories becoming too muddled to tell apart as Sunset sinks deeper and deeper into the muck... It's incredibly well-written and heartbreaking to read.

Oh God did she just OD
This is scary similar to my experience

Bitter little pill to swallow... Saccharine... someone's feeling nostalgic.

Continues to be a whirl of emotion. Whether that's a good thing... jury's still out.

For once, in an Equestria Girls fanfic, it feels as if the girls are actually going to school. Most stories, including the canon material, simply pretend that ALL THINGS HIGH SCHOOL take place exclusively in the cafeteria or after last period or on the front steps or in the bleachers. I'm not certain what Sunset is going through exactly, but the whole tone of this story preaches stress, scheduling, and helplessness so far... so no doubt Sunset is having a hard time... coping.

I must say. This chapter disappointed me with how unrealistic it was. High school girls simply do not have functioning pockets like that.

In truth, it was expertly crafted. The ending weirded me out a bit. Not cuz of the reveal, but suddenly the narration took on an emotional and thoughtful inflection--obviously peering into Sunset's mind. Which is strange cuz the entirety of the fic leading up to this point felt like it was third-person limited to Twilight's perspective. But then, without so much as a scene break, it's full-force into Sunset's head... the sorta back out again upon the installment's culmination.

That said, I can't complain about the plot. We just had the reveal, even if it was in the tag. I don't know much about drugs, so I can't really glean on what the un-seen details are that Twilight uncovered. I'm guessing that's for future revelations. Good job with the carrot-on-stick-ness.

Twilight's concern is both innocent and palpable, and I like how Sunset recoiled at her own self cussing at Twilight. Good push/pull and jazz. F'naaa.

Sunset's perspective is so disorienting and miserable, it kinda makes my head ache.

Bleh, this story gives me dry mouth.

.......wow. I mean, what can I say beyond that? I've heard of "falling down the rabbit hole" but this is more like Sunset spartan kicked herself down it! Reading this was a headache to follow as well as a better drug use deterrent than any commercial attempt I've seen. Seriously, if this chapter is even 5% accurate, I'm staying as far away from illegal drug use as I can. :twilightoops:

holy hell i tried to highlight the dark text at the end but the actual blue of the highlighter was super dark too

wow just wow
this was intense.
cant wait to see what happens next O_O
also very interesting method. i might try it for myself.

Please do not engage in the activities depicted in this chapter; they are not safe and I would be remiss if any harm came to anyone based on my writings. If you are considering this, please instead seek help.

...i was talking about what you did in the text making them fade away. it gives it an extra OUmmf to the story.

Oh, okay, sorry :twilightblush: just worried me there

Sunset's being waaaay too paranoid then again I'd be the same way if one of my friends found out the hard way that I was doing drugs I'd be paranoid as well.

Shit I wish I could get high with rainbow dash and apple jack I'd have a blast!

Your prose is, as always, just a joy to read. You have such a unique way of describing things. The sunlit stairwell really stood out to me as wonderfully written.

Twilight squeezed Sunset's hand. “I know. But it’s...” She paused, thinking. “It’s not really about me right now. It’s about you.”

Great little moment here.

The "confrontation," if you can call it that, was pretty amicable all things considered. Twilight is a total sweetheart, trying her best to be there for her friend despite her own fears. I wonder, though, if those good intentions will be enough if they aren't backed up by a genuine understanding of what Sunset's going through.

This was a great chapter. It all feels so true (too true?) to life.

“It’s... it’s just so sweet, jeez.” Twilight shuddered. “Not like a normal sweet, either—some weird sickly chemical sweet.”

Looks like Sunset might've found her "instead".


I think the proper term is intervention, in which a person tries to pull another person from the brink, usually in cases of addiction.

However, I doubt the process will be as easy as Twilight wants it to be.

Oooooh, what have I gotten myself into? Whatever it is, I'm not turning back now.

Can I just say that Twilight dealing with her friends taking part in these various recreational activities could be a great story on its own? I just wanted to say that.

Things are feeling pretty tense, but seeing the Twilight sections was nice.

Okay, hello, dragged back down the rabbit hole, hooooh boy, was this chapter a ride, hello again.

Great chapter. This was a well crafted hectic and confusing mess (in that good deliberate way). I can't say I know what it's like to be on drugs or high, and I have no idea if this would be accurate, but heck, I'd believe it.

For all Sunset's attempts to appear collected, this chapter had a pervasive sense of discomfort all throughout. And of course, the ending comes with its own heartbreak. Not just for her relapse, but for how awful and resentful she must feel. Sunset may be smart enough to know the biological symptoms of addiction, but she'll doubtlessly be telling herself, "It's your own damn fault."

Excellent character work as always. I enjoy how you write scenes with so many characters involved--it's easy to wind up with a mess that leaves readers lost in the clutter, but your multi-character scenes are always clear and coherent.

hell yeah gamer

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