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This story is a sequel to Voices Lost

Despite still being unable to speak, Adagio's life has been looking up. She's got someone who understands her in Sunset—someone who can listen. So to celebrate their anniversary, Sunset buys a motorcycle to take Adagio on a whirlwind road trip.

But when an old enemy reemerges, Adagio will have to make a choice:

Sunset or her voice?

An entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

A special thank you to Undome Tinwe for editing help.

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Huh. Very nice. Adagio feels in character even as she deals with the unfamiliar feelings.

I haven't read the prequel yet, because I think contest entries should stand alone, but this one does an admirable job of it; and I will be going to read the prequel now!

Just to confirm, I wasn't quite sure: was Aria following them around in the locksmith van?

Author Interviewer


See you in the contest, sooooooon!

A sequel to what quickly became one of my favorite Sundagio stories. Awesome!

I think Pinkie was a good choice here.

Not sure if you used timeskips or really big once here since I still have to read both stories, but I wanted to ask if there is a chance that there is a longer and bigger story after this one. I make my usual suggestions or wishes once I would finish this chapter.

I dunno. I dunno about this one. Feels weird. Not bad weird, cuz the story is good, just... maybe give Adagio the barest amount of time with her voice back, Sunset? Or at least imply you don't want to take it back from her right that second? Or I dunno. It's complicated feelings, and I cant sort them out over breakfast cuz it's midnight right now.

Yeah, not sure I care for the ending.

It’s like... you have the Element of Empathy to tell you that Adagio is sincere, AND pulled a Power of Love Disney Ending for you. Likely complete with sparkling gold magic dust and a triumphant yet romantic orchestral piece.

Yet you give her this wishy washy “let’s do breakfast” BS?

And ruin the ambiguity?

We still don’t know if Dash forgave Sunset (and vice versa). Something tells me this is it, as the author doesn’t want us knowing the future of their relationship.

That being said, I too am game for a third! :pinkiehappy:

A great sequel to a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed both stories, and wish you all the best in this contest.

I have to know. Was Sunset motorcycle based on a early 2000's Harley Softail or were those statistics just coincidental?

Also I loved the subtly of mute Adagio in this story

I can neither confirm nor deny that, as I lack real knowledge of motorbikes. I did look up Harley engine sizes though, so... maybe?

Amazing story. I read the prequel a while ago, but I didn’t think you’d write a sequel. I only have one question. How is it that Sunset feels unsure about her relationship with Adagio, after everything she did for her? I mean not only did she rescue her, but she even gave up her most important possession for her. And then Sunset says that she “wants” to trust her? Adagio obviously loves her, what’s the matter then? Does Sunset love her back or not?

So if the person you care about runs away during a point where you're scared, where you're terrified because of what you've just done through, you're saying that wouldn't hurt your trust in them?

You are right, sorry. I did not mean to make a negative comment about the story. Your job is really amazing. It’s just that Sunset is the kind of person who knows what it means to give a second chance and Adagio decided to give up her voice for her in the end. But I understand that writing about the usual happily ever after would have been unoriginal.

You've done a lovely sequel, as great as Voices Lost.
Among the Sunsagio entries, yours, with one or two stories from others, is my favourite.
I'll be glad to see it placed, I hope so.

Adagio glanced over her shoulder and smiled as best she could. “Stand back, please.” She shooed at Sunset.

you didn't :pinkiegasp:

“Little further. I don’t know what this will do.” She continued shooing the beautiful girl back.

You did, you put a line from "heathers" :fluttercry:
Dang it ya made me think it was going to end the same way :raritydespair: just like JD
I'm glad it didn't

I think you're the first one to say anything about that. :twilightsmile:

I am a "heathers" fan
Ya made my heart stop i thought she was gonna die:fluttershyouch:
Though they do have similarities, who else do you think can fill up the roles, adagio as JD was interesting

Very lovely work here. Also, did I catch a Heathers reference?

You did. I'm shameless and threw in a few references to things in.

Author Interviewer

Good lord, you hit it out of the fucking park! :D

So, I just finished both stories in one go, and I loved the heck out of both of them. Adagio still feels very... well, Adagio, even with her significant development over the course of two fics, to the point that I was almost surprised that she didn't make it even worse for Aria after that traitorous fish got arrested.

Speaking of Aria though, I wonder what's happened to Sonata? Maybe she finds a friend in Pinkie Pie; the two of them are fellow eldritch things-that-should-not-be similarly insane, and so would likely understand each other on such a fundamental level that they don't even need words to communicate.

Or maybe not.

Either way, it's really fun to see Sunset being so willing to jump through hoops and over hurdles for her loved ones, and with there being so many ways to interpret what happens to the Dazzlings after the events at the Battle of the Bands, muteness is a severe difficulty with a lot of potential for writing material. You explore it quite well in both of your works here.

To be honest, I've had a few ideas floating around involving a mute Sonata, but I've not had the time to work on it. I haven't ruled it out, though.

I'm always a bit unsure when I don't like a not quite happy end. Am I just unsatisfied because I wanted more for the characters? For Tracks in the Sand that might well be have been the case, but I think here there's more to it. Sure, leaving her behind in that moment hurt Sunset. But Adagio had a point. Through no fault of her own their positions got reversed. And Sunset is so sure that they need to revert it back immediately? I mean, it's an understandable first thought, and it's okay for Adagio to agree as a grand romantic gesture. But Sunset doesn't see it as that, she treats it like it's her right to get Adagio's voice back. That seems like a messed up relationship dynamic. Since it doesn't look like the story was going for that, I fell like the better source for drama in the end would have been this, Sunset's feeling of entitlement.

“Little further. I don’t know what this will do.” She continued shooing the beautiful girl back.

Someone's a fan of Heathers. :duck:

This was basically my problem with this story way back when it was published. Most written Sundagio seems to boil down to Adagio being expected to sacrifice anything and everything to make Sunset happy, to bend to her wishes entirely no matter what, but with Sunset apparently not having much obligation beyond being nice to her, if even that much.

She didn’t make it two steps before Adagio tightened her grip on the violin and swung with both hands.

Aria hit the sand with a pained groan as shards of violin rained around her.

Destroying something you love without hesitation to save someone else is the truest expression of love there is.

No one is surprised when Adagio does it again.

She was serious about celebrating the anniversary of when she'd taken Adagio’s virginity, wasn’t she?

It's the least she can't do to help her since it must be tough having no voice.

“Great! We can leave tomorrow!” Sunset said a little too enthusiastically. “I know it’s sudden, but you really should head home. You know, pack and stuff. Gotta keep it light, though. The bike can only hold so much.” Sunset was practically pushing Adagio out the door before realizing Adagio was still very naked.

Thank goodness she realized it before it was too late.

Did Sunset say “Love you?”

Yes, yes she did adagio. 😏

Once, she’d shared these walls with her sisters. But, as with all great empires, loss brought internal strife, and the three had gone their separate ways. Now all Adagio had here was art and souvenirs from the past.

Must be lonely without her sisters there with her. :fluttershysad:

“I was grocery shopping and bumped into her. She… didn’t seem happy to see me when I asked how she was doing.”

That's aria for ya. 😒

“Dad died that fall. We never did get to go to the beach again.”

I'm sorry sunset. :fluttercry:

Adagio’s smile dropped, the van already forgotten. She leaned forward into Sunset and hugged her tighter. Losing family wasn’t easy to deal with, but at least she was here for Sunset.

I know the feeling since my family had just gone through a loss last year prior to the start of the pandemic.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Aria, how did you get your voice back?’ I should be thanking you, really. You’re the one who came up with the idea to syphon magic to rebuild one of our gems.”

Aria is behind this! That bitch will pay for kidnapping Sunset! :twilightangry2:

Aria had taken something important from her, and Adagio wouldn’t rest until she’d rectified the situation.

Guess she cares for sunset after all. 😊

A laugh bubbled up inside her and spilled out. “Do you want to know the difference between me and you, Aria?” By the stars, it felt good to speak again. “When I come up with a plan, I’m smart enough to pull it off. More importantly, I know how to tie off loose ends.”

Looks like aria can no longer speak now, ngl she does deserve it after kidnapping sunset.

The usually red stone had changed to a faded gray.

Oh my god, Sunset has lost her voice! 😰 This I totally did not see coming.

Sunset shrugged and shook her head helplessly. Of course she didn’t have any other ideas, she wanted to take the most direct route.

Well adagio you got two choices to make. Either destroyed the gem, lose your voice and Sunset gets her voice back (and possibly her powers too) or not do it and deal with a silent Sunset shimmer who can't talk. I hope you make the right decision.

At least Sunset was gone now. Adagio had left her back at the coast, far away from Canterlot.

That was just wrong for her to do.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear—” The pink girl’s—Pinkie Pie, that was it—jaw dropped. “You can talk! Oh, my gosh, it worked! You’ve got to come inside! We’re totally gonna celebrate!”

This really isn't the best time to celebrate pinkie.

“Yes!” Adagio slammed a palm onto the table, rattling the dishes on it.

It confirms it, adagio is in love with sunset shimmer. Not surprised there after everything that's happened in the last year for the 2 of them. :ajsmug:

She unclasped the gem around her neck and placed it gently onto the sidewalk. A sad smile played across her lips. It felt like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Sometimes you'll have to make even the toughest decisions when it comes to love.

Breakfast sounded nice.

Even after what just happened I'm glad those two made up in the end. :twilightsmile:

Oh you just had to kick me in the feels at the end. I was so enjoying that I totally would have accepted a "True loves kiss fixes everything" type ending. But the ending was sweet anyway. If I have any problem with it is that Sunset's reaction to losing her voice didn't seem the most genuine, I feel like she'd have made that sacrifice and/ or insisted on finding another way. But like u said, the ending was still great and I loved it. Now I get to check out another sequel. Awesome.

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