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Holy Crap.... and hi? · 11:22pm May 23rd, 2020

So, as the few folks who followed me before this know, I tend to just pop in stories when they run into my head and I want to share them. For some I don't plan them at all, for others I do. The fact that Missing Piece of My Core, the story I've just posted, has gotten such a response as it has surprises the ever loving hell out of me. It's currently on the 'Popular Stories' section of the site and Albinocorn, whom I consider to be a high tier author, has commented on it.

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I've actually just finished another story starting Sunset, though it's nothing quite like that... As far as something like that, I'm not sure if I could ever actually make it work where it was an exaggerated setting ala KND. Mostly because I don't consider myself all that funny and that sounds like something that would definitely better for a humorous author.

I'm a bit more of a drama/romance/action guy myself when it comes to how I write, soooooo yeah. You'll be seeing that with the next story I'm going to post once I find a good image to use for its cover.

Hello I noticed you made a pretty sweet Sunset Shimmer centric story and i wantd to give you a idea to mull over in case you ever wanted to do anotehr story.

Basically a Re-Make of the first Equestria Girls movie, except Canterlot High is a exaggerated high school setting...Think how Kids Next Door portrayed school as almost a society within a society ....and you can have Sunest be the tyrant who rules over it all and Rainbow Dash be like IDK a Spartan Soccer player warriro goin on. The story overall would be the same but more cartoonish and over the top.

Just a thought. Alright i’ll leave you alone...see you later.

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