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When Sunset Shimmer told Twilight and her friends that she had been erased from their memories, they didn't believe her. While magic was now something the girls were familiar with, removing someone from their memories just was flat out impossible... wasn't it? They all told off the bully and went back to their time together enjoying the beach. Except now, Twilight can't shake that something is seriously wrong.

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Twilight Sparkle has always been a worrier. Be it about the realms of magic, to the elements of friendship, to even just talking to someone new... She's always been a one who tries to find the right time before jumping into anything. Sometimes, though... that's not how it always goes.

A short and sweet little one shot, and many thanks to Freshfriend for the use of their artwork as the cover!

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Friendship hasn't always been an easy thing for Sunset Shimmer. Even with what she's done in the past, she's still found those who care and cherish her. There are still times where she doesn't feel worthy of such friends, though... and it's at those times Sunset visits a particular grave at the cemetery.

When it comes to the world of MLP: EQ, there are some questions that we don't have the full answer too, such as why the magic is effecting things in the world like it is, or just what Sunset is when it comes to being with the Elements of Harmony. This story is one such question that I've yet seen answered.

Chapters (1)