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Due to a slight misunderstanding involving Pinkie Pie, Sunset Shimmer finds herself on the receiving end of Limestone Pie's sisterly wrath. Because of this, she ends up suffering through the most stressful first week of school since her days at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns.

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Omg so cute

Loved it. Didn't expect the hit to the feels during the car scene.

This was... different. In a good way. Great job, by the way! :raritywink:

“Yubh!” Pinkie replied through a third helping of pancake sandwiches (brought with her from home, obviously).

Hmm... pancake sandwiches. Interesting. Not a big fan of pancakes, but that sounds really good. :ajsmug: :twilightsmile:

Oh yeah, tsundere stalking Limestone is definitely my bag, baby. If you could get me five more chapters of this on my desk by Monday, that'd be great.

Really liked this one. It's nice to finally see more of Limestone Pie, given that she has gotten so little focus in either the series proper or in fanworks. Her characterisation was really entertaining and interesting, and I wouldn't mind seeing a continuation of this story some day.

However, two things I would like to point out...

Applejack, who was seated right next to her, gave a short guffaw, “I’ll say! I remember that one time when Applebloom and Sweetiebell got into a scuffle and you came a-calling, roaring about mud stains on Sweetie’s dress!” she shock her head with a look of fondness at the memory.

I believe her name is spelled 'Sweetie Belle', not 'Sweetiebell'.

“Oh.” Fluttershy jumped in surprise at having her opinion asked, pausing in her endeavor to discretely gather up a few pieces of salad in a tupperware lunchbox, most likely intending to feed it to her bunny later, “I don’t know. My older brother is too busy with himself to worry about my business.”

Also, I'm pretty sure Zephyr is Fluttershy's younger brother, not her older brother. He may be taller than her, but that does not mean he's older.

"What Pinkie Pie and I have is completely normal and healthy gosh diddily dang FRIENDSHIP!”

Okilly dokilly.

It is indeed 'Sweetie Belle' (and as far as I know, Rarity only has one name, so anyone calling her 'Rarity Belle' is wrong), and Zephyr is indeed Fluttershy's younger brother.

Thanks for the friendly comments and the positive feedback!

I'll get on fixing these issues (along with a few other errors I've noticed myself) some time soon. I kind of rushed through writing this story in order to make the deadline for the Sunset shipping contest.

I do have a few ideas for a sequel written from Limestone's perspective. I can't make any guarantees about writing it though, so it's currently Schrödinger's fanfic.

Take two slices of white bread, lather them with strawberry jam, then squish a pancake or two between them. WARNING: your dentist will hate you.

Limestone is good people. Short-tempered but she cares for her family and its traditions.

Yeah, Zephyr is Fluttershy's younger brother. He calls her "big sis" repeatedly.

I doubt most girls in Equestria Girls swing all over the place.

Wrong is subjective, in cannon Rarity had no last name we know of and Sweetie Belle is a first name. However in many fics it's common to present the ponies or their human counterparts as having middle or last names, picking Belle for Rarity's family saves you from having to make one up yourself.

good story thoe id like to point out zeypher breeze is YOUNGER than fluttershy

You could say that the author...
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Flanderized Sunset.

Really good. Enjoyed it a lot. Well written and I like your style. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Since when has Fluttershy had an older brother?

I dunno, with the stalker tendencies, over protectiveness, ect, she seems likely she'd be less Tsundere and more Yandere.

I am a REFORMED BITCH who was finally accepted by a group of people who accepts me for who I am! What Pinkie Pie and I have is completely normal and healthy gosh diddily dang FRIENDSHIP!

You know, the funniest thing about this is that Sunset curses and immedietly uses the phrase, "gosh diddily dang."

Thanks for letting me know how to make one! :twilightsmile:

(P.S. - Don't worry about the dentist, I don't have one... :twilightsheepish:)

Since never. I erroneously thought that Zephyr Breeze was her older brother instead of her younger brother. This has been fixed.

I'm happy to serve the all-mighty tooth decay :)

Ending killed me. You did good jeb.

That ending took a turn I didn't expect.
Not an unwelcome turn though.

I've never heard of any pony family that has a shared name to identify that family (i.e. a 'surname' for us humans).
Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze. Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle. Hondo Flanks, Cookie Crumbles, Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Applejack, Macintosh and Apple Bloom. Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara. Shining Armor, Mi Amore Cadenza, and Flurry Heart. Lotus Blossom and Aloe.
None of them share any name across the entire family.

The closest would be the Pies (Maud Pie, Limestone Pie, Marble Pie, Igneous Rock Pie, Pinkie Pie), but there's also Cloudy Quartz, who lacks a 'Pie'.

8401665 8401236 8401068
People who give ponies last names are projecting their own culture onto Equestrian culture, because they know of none other save their own. It's a matter of perspective and cultural relativity.

I've seen people do weird things, like say that all of the Apples have Apple literally as their last name ("Applejack Apple", "Granny Smith Apple", "Big McIntosh Apple"), or give the Princesses a last name that seems to have come out of nowhere ("Celestia del Sol" and "Luna del Sol").

While it's not technically wrong from the perspective of artistic freedom, it does violate canon. Also it's pretty tacky. Who needs the word Apple in their name multiple times, really?

Limestone: Goes overboard on EVERYTHING.

Like I said "wrong" is subjective, is it cannon? No, but it's fine if you want to give the ponies last names.

Found this for you.

Sunset decided to watch some TV to take her mind off of Limestone Pie. She flipped through the channels until she settled on a game show.

"Budapest?" asked the contestant
"Oooh, I'm sorry," said the host, "the answer was Stay Away from my Little Sister."

limestone is very lucky, frankly at half way through the stalking sunset could file charges.

I totally fuckin ship it.

Flutter's brother is just...all of the no! T_T

This was certainly a lot of fun! I hope that you make a sequel of this sometime!

Also this was certainly one of THE most unusual Ships I have EVER read!! Like....wow! Though you certainly make it work real nice <3

I wanna see where it goes.

This was suitably enjoyable, good job.

It's ok that you forgot about Zephyr Breeze. Really.

“Tsundere?” Fluttershy offered helpfully.

“You speak Canadian?!” Pinkie leaned over the table towards Fluttershy in excitement.


Very interesting! I confess I read this much more for the Limestone than for the shipping, but I like how you made everything very understated. And that's even though the story obviously hinges on Limestone acting in very bold ways, as well as on Sunset's powers giving us an explicit possibly-telly-dive into Limestone's fears.

Having written Limestone a few times myself, I feel like it's all too easy to give her a moment where all the bravado drops away and we see who she is underneath. The hard thing is making that moment land. This definitely did that! Kudos for a fun story.

And now I want the whole story of how their relationship grows. GOD DAMN ONE-SHOTS! :raritycry:

I was actually thinking of using that picture as cover art for the story but I wasn't sure if we're allowed to use fanart without the express permission of the artist. I couldn't find anything about it in the rules but I decided to err on the side of caution.

I definitely had a hard time figuring out a way to make the moment where she drops her guard not-cringe worthy. I wasn't certain I had managed it, so I'm happy to see someone make a positive comment about it. Thank you :twilightsmile:


yeah, id actually like to see this. Sunstone? woop woop.

I'm both amused and frightened by the idea of Limestone having her own version of Pinkie sense and Pinkie powers.

that it is perfectly normal for older siblings to be a little bit overzealous when it comes to their younger siblings from time to time.”

Yeah, not for me; my younger brother is rude, disrespectful, rebellious, lazy and addicted to Minecraft and CS:GO. He's also incredibly fussy about food.
He's 16, and has been like this for quite some time (the food thing? Practically forever).
Annoying prat.

I swear, him and I are so different - I'm mostly polite and respectful (though I am lazy and a lifelong gamer, however I play far more than two games), and able to eat a fair amount of things.
As long as it doesn't have tomato, meat, sour cream, capsicum or olives, anyway.

I have some ideas for a potential sequel :scootangel:

Hmmm i wish for sequel

It was really good, funny and heart warming. I would like a follow up with Sunset and Lime trying to date or be intimate but the remaining Pie sisters continue to get in the way.

Good job, I anticipate with interest what you will write next.

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