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Equestria Girls: the Gathering · 12:11am Feb 27th, 2020

I have been playing a few games with the Equestria Girls-themed Magic: the Gathering set I'm developing, and it's glorious fun.

Some games are quite one-sided. That's Magic. But plenty of games have had an impressive amount of back-and-forth.

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Okay, so seeing you had an interest in magical girls in that last author's note makes me want to recommend this one anime to you called Selector Infected (/Spread) Wixoss. The show's criminally underrated and seems right up your alley. It's got battle action card games, cute girls being friends, and heaps of intense drama. I'm in the middle of my third watch right now, that's how good it is. Nobody I know has seen it, a mistake I've been trying to correct for years.

Glad to see you enjoyed Twilight de Bergerac!

And yes, the twist is given away to the reader in the story summary. It's intended as an 'everybody but Twilight knows what's going on', as you surmised.

I read in your interview (congratulations by the way!) that you are into mathematics, and I was curious. I’ve been getting into a cool YouTube channel called Numberphile lately, where this guy interviews dozens of different mathematicians about various interesting topics.

Hmm. Generally fairly abstract? I did pure maths at university and I work in a company making linear algebra software. I like theoretical computer science, Turing completeness of weird systems. I like group theory, chaos theory, ordinal theory, infinity theory. I'm working through this book on category theory at the moment. Those kind of things :twilightsmile:

Why do you ask?

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