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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


It's no secret that Spike has a crush on Rarity - and it's no secret that it's going nowhere. How could a fabulous seamstress love a tiny dragon?

But Spike has a plan. A cunning plan.

By feeding Twilight all of his material, he can profess his love for Rarity through another - another that she might find more acceptable. And perhaps win her heart that way.

Or at least, that's what he tells Twilight he's doing.

Written for Monochromatic's RariTwi Bomb.

Now with a Chinese translation by ambrose28!

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Damn, Spike is AWESOME

That was a beautiful ending, and it's always so nice to see Spike as the mature drake we all know he can be. Bravo on a worthy tribute to Cyrano de Bergerac.

This is why Spike is perpetually underrated. He's actually too good for this sinful ear- I mean, Equestria.

That was adorable! I wasn't too keen on the idea of Twilight being tricked into courting Rarity, but I loved the descriptions of their growing infatuation with each other.
I figured Cadance had to be involved when the wine came into the picture. And hey, nice to see some Spike X Gabby included.

I love the twist on Cyrano. I just have one peeve. This should rightly be called "Spike De Bergerac". Between this and Nonchalant's entry I may be forced to tip my hand into the ring of purple lesbian horse time with a swashbuckling entry.


I actually did originally title it as Spike de Bergerac, but I swapped it to Twilight because the title sounded better to my ear. Your peeve is correct, however, and that is what it should be properly titled.


Clever, clever Spike.

That was very nicely done. I'd've given you a thumbs up purely for "the Princess of Friendzone" :rainbowlaugh: But the whole thing was really sweet and fun too!

I'm not sure if the contents of Spike's letter are meant to be a twist that the audience know is coming out not. At the moment the last line of the summary "Or at least, that's what he tells Twilight he's doing" kind of gives it away. But it sortof works as it is: everyone knows what's going on except Twilight.

Brilliant work, and one of the best Spikes I've ever seen. Contrary to popular belief, the role of support isn't a thankless one. You share the glories of those you help.

Damn Spike, that's gallantry of the highest degree! And that ending, oh that ending! Marvelous.

Family is more than blood indeed.

Sweet, funny, devoid of poorly written Spike, and filled with gay gay homosexual gay. This is good stuff.

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