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Diamond Tiara is excited to have a starring role in Autumn Blaze's new opera. She knows the Opera House isn't haunted, but if it were, she'd be ready to give any Opera Spirit a stern talking-to.

Runner up in the Season 9 Bingo Contest!
Prompt cards included Kirin, Diamond Tiara and Daring Do.

Featured on the Royal Canterlot Library!

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Thank you! Next chapter will be published tomorrow :twilightsmile:

If this story is incomplete, then why does it say it's complete?

This is nicely done. The characters are all well-drawn, including Autumn Blaze, who far too often is typecast as a ditzy chatterbox -- when she just loves talking! And opera! And did I mention talking??? The concept sounds like it has possibilities, as well. Props also for taking on using Diamond Tiara as a protagonist, while bringing out how her background has made her who she is. Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

This is great... at first when Chrysalis appeared, it felt a little out of left-field, and then I saw where you were going with it, and it works. And I love the pun... Fandom of the opera... , that's almost a Feghoot, but it nicely captures the whole point of the story. Nice use of all the prompts on your card, nothing felt skimped on or handwaved at. Good job!

Wonderful ending! But that pun. That caused some actual physical damage.

Agreed on the pun. Wonderfully horrible. The story itself is just wonderful. A delightful read; thank you for it and best of luck in the contest.

With a bit more polish, this could easily be an actual episode. Well done.

Well this was great fun, and surprisingly heartwarming! I liked it a lot, and hope you continue to write.

I lost it at "fandom of the opera!"

Author Interviewer

We need more EQG characters brought in as ponies. :)

Also congrats, you're great at writing Autumn Blaze because I want to strangle her >:|

Author Interviewer

...I hope it's not Chestnut. <.<

Author Interviewer

I'm floored. My hunch was right, but it turned out to still be something I never expected! And wonderful character work, all around.

"The fandom of the opera is here!"

It turns out you were the real monster all along. :V

10/10 on that pun execution. But everything else was indeed a delight. Love the characters, and how well you utilized the whole of the prompt!

I mean, who doesn't love musical theater?!

Actors are a superstitious and cowardly lot.

And in the Opera everyone is insane. If you start seeing notes with multiple exclamation points, run for it.

Hmm... so someone who needs money is faking a ghost. Someone who has access to the place.

So Chestnut seems obvious. TOO obvious? We'll see.

Okay, Chrissi makes SO much sense now. Pretending to be a mare pretending to be Daring Do...it's positively Shakespearean! And explains why a famous actor is in Ponyville. And why she hated the mention of Twilight. I was wondering what I was missing.

Chrysalis was still looking quizzical. “You discovered there’s a changeling on your cast, and your response is to ask her to stay?”

Opera. Everyone is crazy. I'm loving where this is going...

“That’ll never work,” said Chrysalis incredulously.

I've seen weirder...

Chrysalis released her magical grip on Diamond Tiara, who fell to the dusty floor. Strutting towards her, Chrysalis proclaimed smugly, "Exactly. Fans really, really love their fandoms, especially Daring Do fans. At least as much as subjects love their princesses! Even more! And did you see how filled with Daring Do fans and opera fans this theatre is?" She cackled and declared, "The fandom of the opera is here!"

*groans* You know there's a feghoot contest now right?

Thanks very much for the comments! That was the whole reason I split this fic into chapters, to give people the opportunity to voice their thoughts before the big reveal, exactly the way you and Present Perfect did - so thank you so much!

I'm delighted you picked up on the way that Chryssie-as-Chestnut was irritated at the mention of Twilight. That was one of the subtle early clues I was wondering if anyone would notice. "Positively Shakespearean" is another fantastic description I'm going to be treasuring :pinkiehappy:

As for the feghoot contest, sadly this fic predates it by a couple of months. (I'm sortof arrogantly wondering if I helped prompt it.) I am definitely keen to write something for that contest though, given the, hmm, "positive" reaction to this chapter's pun in this comments section and elsewhere! :pinkiecrazy::trixieshiftright:

This was good! I admit the Chrysalis reveal in this last chapter was losing me, but then I saw where you were going with it. Overall, I really liked how you portrayed the characters, especially Diamond Tiara and Autumn Blaze.

Could see this as an ep for MLP:FIM. Neat.

This was delightful. A little rough in places and Autumn Blaze doesn't sound quite right in places to me, but I loved the non-stop action and feel of a real episode.

This is a good start and I like seeing Autumn Blaze again. Autumn and Pinkie would get along rather well but others might be less happy with it.

Chestnut must have contacted Movable Type but I don't know if she's also the spirit.

THis was a nice story and I certainly did not expect Chrysalis to appear.


The obvious almost seems too obvious... but then, they have reacted oddly to certain things prior so I still suspect them.... feh, I’m just double guessing myself.

You got THIS ... from THAT prompt ...
... HOW?

Flabbergasted is too small a term for how shocked I was to finish reading this awesome story, and see what prompted it. Truly astounding.

Eee! That's so kind of you to say! Thank you :twilightsmile:

And if you haven't seen it, I do actually answer that question somewhat in the interview with the Royal Canterlot Library about this fic, where I talk through the various steps along the route to this idea.
Thanks for commenting! (And thanks to all the other commenters who I neglected to thank individually :ajsleepy:)

That interview is what pointed me to this story, and I'm glad for it.

Leonard Alfred Schneider (October 13, 1925 – August 3, 1966),
better known by his stage name Lenny Bruce, was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, and satirist. He was renowned for his open, freestyle, and critical form of comedy which integrated satire, politics, religion, sex, and vulgarity.

First chapter and I can already tell it’s going to be wonderful. Bravo on the writing! It’s magnificent so far and inspiring to see such a well put together story.:twilightsmile:

That was quite good!! I enjoyed it and I’m glad I read:twilightsmile:

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