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As Sunset Shimmer allowed herself some time to reflect on the recent events two days after the Friendship Games, a couple of friends come her way to tell her someone has requested her presence.

This visit, however, is nothing like she could have possibly expected. Will this allow Sunset’s wings to burn incandescent to fly higher than ever before, or will they be cut, their fire extinguished along with her hopes?

Cover art by girlsay.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 35 )

bravo and well done to you on this very fine and heart warming story! it was truly one powerful read!!

6947664 Thanks a lot! ^^

It's my first finished MLP fanfic, so here hoping I've made a good first impression. :3

Whoa, so fluffy and Rainbow is not an egghead, she's just an awesome loyal friend.

6947921 Thanks for the comment, and hey, Rainbow does have her egghead side. It's the different aspects of one character that makes them deep and compelling. :raritywink:

I was only comforting Rainbow. Now into story matters, you made Rainbow look mature and I like it. I mean, she knew what was bothering Sunset and she told Celestia to not to talk to her.

6948423 Heh, funny thing about that? The scene was totally unplanned, and the characters just wrote themselves there, so for the most part, you could say this is more or less how I see Rainbow Dash. In any case, glad you liked her here. ^^

This story was nice to read.:twilightsmile:
Well written.:moustache:

I liked this story. I liked the shippings in this story. I liked the universe in which said story lives in.

I do not like how unfleshed out said universe is.

I would like more of said universe.

Please. :)

6951568 Well, this is an interesting comment.

On one hand, I'm really glad you liked all those elements of the fic.

On the other, well, what exactly do you mean with not liking how "unfleshed" the universe is? Are you suggesting you want more, or for more world building? 'cause at least, if it's the former, lemme tell you that a sequel is already in the works. :raritywink:


That would be most amazing. Perhaps giving us the reason why Rarity and Applejack were at home with Sunset. Do they have some super cool trio relationship going on? That would actually be pretty amazing.

Well I'm certainly able to guess which three words Celestia said to Sunset but it works much better that you didn't reveal them. The scene itself was powerful enough to carry the emotions and intent of them. Damn good story my friend and I'm VERY honored to have helped inspire it in some small way.

Dear Sunset, I know I haven't written
I'm sitting here tonight alone in the kitchen
It occurs to me...
I might not have said it, so I'll say it now
Sunset, you make me proud...

(paraphrasing JMM's "Letters From Home," because that's all I could thing of. when I read this.) :fluttercry:

6955735 Not exactly, but... oh well, you'll see. :ajsmug:

6957725 Glad you think so, it took a good while to decide how to handle that delivery. And really happy you enjoyed it too. Hope you stay around for the sequel! ^^

6958013 Oh my, well, I'm glad my writing was good enough to make people feel the emotions. Hope you enjoyed it... in some way. :twilightblush:

A real heartstring-tugging tale there. You did an excellent job of catching Sunset's emotions and feelings there: feeling unworthy to even look upon her old teacher after all that she did.

Definitely one of the better executed variations of "Sunset reunites with Celestia". I really like how you had Princess Celestia be much more regal than her human counterpart: no matter the similarities in personality, Princess Celestia has over a thousand years of ruling under her belt, and that would sure as hell show. While it wasn't explicitly mentioned, I'd imagine Princess Celestia probably looks a bit younger than her counterpart on account of the whole being "eternal".

Anyway, definitely deserves a like and a fav.

6971789 Thanks! Honestly, though, like I've said often, these characters mostly feel like they wrote themselves, so for the most part, I feel like I just let them be themselves and let the story unfold as it was. The end result is... well, thankfully, quite appreciated by those who read it, much to my joy. ^^

6997065 Thanks a ton! :D And... granted, I know there must be more out there, but is the whole "Sunset reunites with Celestia" (or viceversa, such as here) plot line TOO explored? I haven't read any. I began reading this one fic that I could tell from a mile away, was going to explore that, but it killed my interest early on so I never got to that part. So can't really say I've read any fics exploring this idea before. Most (if not all) of them seem to involve Sunset going back to Equestria, and I'm not a big fan of that idea.

As for Celestia's regalness, well, like Princess Twilight and SciTwi, I sorta made it a point that there had to be a difference, and honestly, I could not see Celestia walking through the portal and coming out looking just like Principal Celestia. Now, regarding whether the princess looks younger than the princess or not, weeeeeeeell... not really sure? I've got like two and half ideas about how EqG's Luna and Celestia could turn out to be inmortal as well, just keeping a low profile about it. Then again, dunno if that would ever come up in potential sequels for this fic since I don't really got any direction in which to take said ideas. :twilightblush:

Buuuut... I've rambled enough. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and glad you enjoyed the story. ^^

6957725 I kinda like how it's left open and I kinda don't.

The end kind of implies it's "Thank you Sunset" but I'm more leaning towards "I forgive you" or "I love you" or "I missed you" or others of a similar nature. Kind of annoying even though I know it's a better writing tactic.

A wonderful, heart-warming story! :yay:

I'm just glad it didn't turn out to all be a dream. It seemed headed in that direction for just a second.

So... as scared as she was about the request, there was really only one reasonable reply she could.

could give.

So many feels!

7123033 Heh, sorry for the annoyance? :twilightblush: Still, I may or may not reveal it in the future. There's more from where this came from, after all... :raritywink:

Hint: It's none of the options you suggested. :trollestia:

Now if only I could stop playing Dark Souls 3 and get back to writing... :unsuresweetie:


could give.

*calls the beta-reader* Why did I hire you again?! :flutterrage:

So many feels!

Feel the feels! :scootangel:

7137206 Like I said a lot of people say less is more so it is the "better" thing to do. Didn't know there was going to be more though, always like reading stories about Sunset. Fimfic stories have made Sunset my favorite pony:raritycry: sorry Twi:facehoof:

7125747 Huh, wasn't even intending to go in that direction. At any rate, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the support. ^^

7137572 Well, thing is, "Three Words" is the title of this episode. Whereas "Iridescence" is gonna be the name of the series. Just a little heads up. :pinkiehappy:

good story will there be more to this?

any ways im guessing the 3 words where princess sunset shimmer

Probably, but likely not in the way you may expect.

8089582 No... It seems to me, after everything she's been through, there's only three words which would break through that much ice and pain, and allow them both to heal. And it should be pretty obvious, I think.

"I forgive you."

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