Tracks in the Sand

by DwarvishPony

Chapter 6

Winds howled, mocking anyone foolish enough to be caught in the open. Sand bit at the few spots of skin that Pinkie exposed to the elements as she trudged forward. She’d wrapped a blue scarf about her face and donned goggles to provide some protection from the sandstorm, but even these were meager defenses at best.

She pressed on, though even she didn’t know where her feet were carrying her.

The world had long ago disappeared around her, obscured by the sandstorm. Her footsteps were just as heavy as they’d been when she’d left the train station behind her. She stumbled, but managed to keep her feet under her.

She pressed on.

Gummy had perched himself on her shoulder, silently watching Pinkie’s progress through the storm. He offered nothing but comfort with his presence. Pinkie gave him a quick pat on the head as she squared her shoulders.

She pressed on.

Pinkie gritted her teeth, doing her best to ignore the granules of sand that had slipped past the scarf. She was looking for something, she knew this much. She couldn’t say what she sought, but she knew it was important. Some unknown force drew her forward, beckoning to continue despite the storm.

She knew she should have sought shelter. She had seen the signs of the storm’s approach long before it had descended upon her. Even now, she knew, it wasn’t too late to find somewhere to wait out the storm.

She pressed on despite the danger.

The storm railed against her, doing its best to dissuade her from the foolish course Pinkie had chosen. Pinkie grunted back, refusing to back down.

Her legs buckled, and Pinkie found herself on all fours. She crawled forward, refusing to stop. A particularly strong gust of wind knocked Pinkie sideways, sending her rolling down a dune. She came to a stop and tried getting her feet back under her to no avail.

Pinkie reached her limits and, after a few minutes of failing to regain her bearings, the last of her strength left her. She flopped forward, letting the storm overtake her.

Pinkie Pie could press on no longer.