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Rarity accidentally flushes Gummy down the toilet, and Pinkie Pie is not happy. Not happy at all.

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The two sighed in relief and rubber their sore ears.

“I was about to beginning to question your methods, but I guess there's more to kindness than I thought.”

Slight typos you might want to fix.:twilightsmile::twilightsheepish:

Y'know, maybe Gummy's not as blank as we make him out to be and we're the blank ones to him.:trixieshiftright::twilightsheepish:

Wow, Discord seemed kinda jerkish. Gummy's thoughts at the end were hilarious though. I like!

Lol, the church part.

Well, this is a fun little comedy. :rainbowlaugh:

Applejack affirmed, pulling Rainbow’s hood over her face.

Erm, how did she do that if they were on the phone line? :rainbowderp:

Deep thoughts with Gummy Gator esquire.

Isseus #8 · Jun 26th, 2015 · · 11 ·

Finally someone writing something original on the site. Love it. :pinkiehappy:

Have a like and a shelving.

But...um pail for a bucket not pale.


That church part was pure awesome.

Could I do a reading on this, please?

Some odd capitalization and homophone confusion, but overall, an entertaining slice of life. Nice work.

Wow, Rarity came off as a total self-centered bitch

Gumzilla............The Story continues..............

6137477 While I don't completely agree with you I am definitely see what your talking about considering the massive influx of "I GOT O CON TEN BECOMB COSRUME CHARACTOR"

Her eyes as blue as the deep ocean from which I took my fist breath.


Awesome:) :yay: yay! Pinkie approves :pinkiehappy:

Guess that song! :pinkiehappy:

Watch out for my medallion--my amethyst is restless;
Feels like a Gator is hangin' from my necklace!

6136882 It was very clearly stated that they were both at the gym.

THE CHURCH PART THOUGH! HE'S ALIVE :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::pinkiegasp:
That was such a coincidence it was hilarious! (No disrespect meant in any way)

I think this story was the reason the phrase "that escalated quickly" was invented.

But your'e you're not helping yourself by hiding inside your room.

“MURDERER!” Pinkie screamed, throwing a pillow at Rarity’s head, to which she swiftly dodged.

“No! No, he’s down there! He’s down there! Look!” After a pause, Fluttershy knelt down and followed the direction of Pinkie’s finger. “O-Oh my goodness! It really is Gummy! Look Rarity!”

I assume that's Fluttershy talking in the second set of quotes, so this needs to be two paragraphs.

Just then, a tall, dark, gangly man strolled past with a pale pail full of equipment.

He dug around inside the pail for a while before grinning.

These were not the only errors I found; for instance, many paragraphs didn't have the spacing between them.

I absolutely loved this. Everyone was in character, the comedy was brilliant, and the ending with Gummy's philosophical side was icing on the cake. If they ever made a show based on Equestria Girls, then this could totally pass for an actual episode.

The typos have been pointed out. I'll not reiterate them.

This was so much fun! The church part was gold, but what really hooked me was the Siren part. Brilliant!

Canon Gummy is hilarious. I love how deep he is. His ending monologue made this for me.

This would make a great episode of the hypothetical Equestria Girls series Nice work. :pinkiehappy:

I lost it completely at "Is freedom free?" :rainbowlaugh:

I love the story :rainbowlaugh: and thank you. I miss the old Miley and you were able to use a reference from then. :heart: What happened to her? :fluttershyouch:

OK, awesome! Thanks!
Expect it by Sunday, Tuesday, at the latest. :raritywink:
Great story! :pinkiehappy:


"Right. Like I tried to do on the day of the flushing? Oh yes, that went quite swimmingly, as I recall!”

LOL, bad puns. :P

6141404 I don't know, fellow old Miley fan :fluttershyouch: I grew up listening to her songs and watching Hanna Montana. Boy, I miss her. :fluttercry:

6141833 Everyone does :fluttershyouch: sadly kids these days only know her as she is now, and not the person we knew :ajsleepy::applecry:

6141934 When I have kids one day, I'll be sure to buy them all the seasons, as well as things like the old Sponge Bob, Fairly Odd Parents, That's so Raven, Kids Next Door, Suite Life, Kim Possible, etc :duck:

6142242 I have so many of the orange vhs tapes from Disney and stuff, and i'm keeping them to show my kids :twilightsmile: That is the stuff that kids should be watching. I know kids who are under 10 who watch stuff like Family guy and it just makes me sad :ajsleepy:

6142271 Yeah, it's almost like the adults have stopped trying to entertain kids as much as they used to :ajsleepy:

6142303 True, its like they are attempting to make kids grow up faster so that they don't have to deal with kids being kids :ajsleepy: They shouldn't have to grow up that fast to be able to understand shows like that when they are 5,6,7 ect. years old. Its not right. :facehoof:

Well this made my (birth)day! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

6142271 hey, dun knock that stuff! I was watching South Park at seven years old, and I grew up alright!
... Kinda. Not really.

6143939 I'm not knocking it.vi love those shows I just think it's sad when kids do watch it at that age. Maybe it two of the "better" episodes are fine, but some who have watched like every episode and they learn from it. :facehoof: That's not right

Well, that was delightfully odd. Just the thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

6143984 I don't mean to start a discussion that it's unrelated to the story; but I just can't help myself to mention that I learned all my bad words by watching South Park in Spanish.
There is a lot more bad words in Spanish than English, and all this years later I feel like watching the show helped me gain a much greater understanding of the world by showing me so much I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see otherwise.

I believe that depriving a child from experiences is most likely not going to help them in the long run.


6145984 I understand. I'm saying that it depends on the age. When kids who aren't even in school yet or just starting are watching this show, then they look at the world in a completely different mind set. :pinkiecrazy: for example I was watching a 5 year old who was allowed to watch family guy, American dad, and futurama, and she was saying stuff and doing things that she shouldn't even know about yet. :facehoof: She knows things I didn't even learn about until middle school :applejackconfused:

6146052 Some kids unfortunately don't have the luck to have someone to explain them what is appropriate and why doing certain things would be a bad thing, and even the ones that do might need to learn the hard way.

The way I see it the earlier they learn the lesson the more the more likely it is to stick over the years.


That church part, it was so wrong, but I was dying from laughter haha. It was a nice comedic moment to a pretty good story overall.

I enjoyed this. It seems like something that could happen in canon.

Also, something has occurred to me recently; I don't think Gummy is actually an alligator. Baby alligators are striped and grow up to eight inches a year, but Gummy is a solid color and hasn't grown at all, despite the established fact that at least one year has passed since his introduction. Furthermore, alligators are actually black while Gummy is green, and they have round tongues that are fused to their bottom jaws, while Gummy clearly has a forked tongue that he uses to lick his eyes and (as the most recent episode implies) catch prey. For these reasons, I believe Gummy is actually a species of gecko. Specifically, I'd say he's a Chameleon Gecko, as this species is green with slit eyes (like Gummy), but also has a skin and body shape that's crocodilian enough to justify their claim.

A little bit to quick with the "friendship solving" part of the story, It felt a bit to quick but otherwise I think this was a
nice Equestria girls fanfic. Slice of life stories are fun to read every so often since fan fictions can provide fans scenarios the show probably wouldn't get into. :pinkiehappy:

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