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anime and cartoon fan from the nordic region of the word. enjoy traveling and taking photos


First profile Picture · 3:30pm Nov 17th, 2015

Commissioning Artist to get a personal profile picture is always such a pleasing feeling.

Here is My first out of probably a few profile picture down the line for My account FrankyRay!
Took a while to pick a Artist for it thou since I wanted to find a My little pony version of Franky from One Piece that wasn't simply a Pony-version of the second best Strawhat Crew members. My favorite is Brooke by the way before asking.

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Thanks for the watch.

1946661 That would make sense if I was some kind of pony-famous person that just has a page here to start something up but I got nothing. Just a guy that made a account here to read and give my opinion on stories I read.

Still curious why people/ponies/xeno's follow someone who has nothing. Maybe your personality is what they chase after.

1883067 You got a few stories on You and I am curious what You will come up with next. :pinkiesmile:

I usually do not read Anon focused clop or not fictions but I got to admit Your stories has shown a few interesting concept beside the usual "Anon x character." type. I like shipping stories like anyone else but wouldn't mind some form of plot to them along the shipping of characters. Can't wait to read upcoming stories from You.

Oh, hey. Thanks for following me and reading my stuff and stuff.

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