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It's time for the fair in Canterlot City, and after looking for her for some time, the girls learn something about Fluttershy they never knew about before. (Set After 'A Little Birdie Told Me')

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That was dope. I liked the subtle Dirty Harry reference.

.....I should not be surprised; Fluttershy in fanfiction is a whiz at games, even if they involve guns. .....sometimes especially if they involve them.

Cannot resist:

Fluttershy totally owned Applejack and Rainbow Dash with that game. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm impressed about Fluttershy Shooting the 3 targets at once:pinkiegasp:, I think she Deserves a JROTC Air Rifle Expert medal for doing that:twilightblush:, and plus she has made the Past Bada*s Snipers including the White Death (Simo Häyhä) a joke:raritywink:. :yay: 10/10

Speaking of the White Death, I'm thinking of Making a Fluttershy art about Her as a military Sniper, I will call her "Snipershy"

I learn more about Fluttershy in fanfiction compared to her in canon. Seems like she's becoming more badass with a new one. I only hope this doesn't detract from her base character.

What about her in the story where she ended up in the TF2 universe as a filly? That was a great story, including it's sequel.

If she was a filly in the tf2 universe, than she will be with the Sniper.


TFortresshy: The Nine Fathers
Red team finds a tiny filly in a paper bag. They decide to raise her their way. Hilarity, adorability, and explosions ensue.
Tatsurou · 60k words  ·  2,336  49 · 26k views

except => accept, payed => paid. Otherwise, good work.

Fluttershy whooped Applejack and Rainbow Dash at that shooting game. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp:

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