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According to popular myth, girls don't fart.

Yeah, we all know that's a load.

Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy are having a slumber party, having a good time as friends, when the unexpected happens.

Someone farts and stinks up the whole room.

None of them will admit they did it. Each of them is blaming one of the others.

Can a fart destroy friendship?

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For a second there. I thought this'd be a Fart-themed version of "The Cough".

Mythril, this is the strangest, yet one of the funniest stories you've made, and I like it

I like it. I started laughing in the middle of class. Only one thing can sum this up: :rainbowlaugh:

That was a fun short read.

This fic is smelly

That like to dislike ratio is misleading. This was an amusing time killer. :ajsmug:

If only there was a dog to blame. If only.

I agree; this story stinks, :pinkiesick:

OMG that was the best short I've read about one single fart joke! Props to ya MythrilMoth!




Speaking of which, what's that smell now. I am nineteen and I still find fart jokes funny.

5869412 It's being downvote-bombed by people with nothing better to do. :facehoof:

I mean yeah I get that fart humor is take it or leave it, but within 2 minutes it had 7 downvotes. That's not kosher.

"I fart glitter!" Pinkie exclaimed.

That line thoroughly convinces me this was another thing that originally started as one of your "Pony Fails."

Not that I'm complaining. :rainbowlaugh:

It's the long awaited spiritual sequel to Pootaloo!

I enjoyed this, it was funny.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

5869454 Yeah, this was going to be a Pony Fail, then it crossed the 1k word threshold. When a Pony Fail breaks 1k words, I usually post it as a standalone story.

Given everything that happened after I submitted it, I should've left it as a Pony Fail. :facehoof:

Oh, my. That punchline.

Oh my wow man, you know what? Fart jokes, as immature as they may be, are still enough to get a few laughs out of anyone and this line from AJ

Ah'd say it smells an awful lot like horse farts.

Killed me :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Honestly I could imagine the look on Sunset's face when she said that. I'll like, fave, and drop this into the Goodfic Bin's pending review folder. We'll see if you get in.:raritywink:

P.S. You might wanna tag this as comedy...

Oh, Rainbow FOR FUCK'S SAKE... This was fun. And I disagree. This was better as a standalone.

Pinkie really needs to get that looked at. Unless all party people's appendices start generating glitter. Obviously, we need to locate human Cheese Sandwich. For science.

In any case, thanks for a quick, amusing story.

Well, that was certainly an unexpected ending. :rainbowlaugh:

I hate to say it, but this story was ass.

And yet, we're still no closer to finding out who played the horse meat card.

That ending made the whole thing worth it.

I laughed I would love to see something like this in the series or movie

oh man, your stories are the bomb, seriously so good

Comment posted by SapphireSparks deleted Apr 15th, 2015

5869985 You are as welcome to your opinion as those who enjoyed it.

5869985 Aren't you a little ray of sunshine?

"No! Wait! Listen!" Pinkie said. "I don't think it was one of us! I think it was the Sirens!"
"The Sirens?" Rainbow cried. "Why would you even—they're not even here!"
"But they eat farts, right? Or used to."

Okay, THAT cracked me up. :rainbowlaugh:

How they can stand to remain in that room, I don't know. :pinkiesick:

And only Rainbow Dash would take pride in that sort of victory. :facehoof:

This comment WILL get some downvotes.

An upvote? Really? Most of the comments in this section have some downvotes but not this one?

Finally! A downvote...and 10 upvotes...what am I doing wrong? People are saying this is good/bad and they get at least two downvotes! FML

YES! 2 downvotes...AND 15 UPVOTES?!
What the eff do I have to say to get downvotes???
"I played patty cake with your mother?!"

18 upvotes and no change in downvotes.
Fuck ya guys.

Well, that was well worth the read! Most people who attempt gross-out humor generally go too far, but you struck a nice balance here. Not too timid, but not too tasteless either. Thanks for the laugh!

Comment posted by ChangelingLumin deleted Oct 6th, 2017


Rainbow could barely put her card on the table, she was laughing so hard. Rarity cast Sunset an odd glance as she played her card. Sunset and Fluttershy played their cards at the same time.

It was Rarity. Sunset even calls her out on it later.

Well, anyway, cute little story. The sort of pointless juvenile humor I can indulge myself in on an occasional basis. This was one such occasion.

Well, that was a gas. I could barely hold in my laughter. I especially loved when the others were all ready to rip Rainbow Dash a new one.

EDIT: Damn, I was sure this would get tons of upvotes...

"No! Wait! Listen!" Pinkie said. "I don't think it was one of us! I think it was the Sirens!"

"The Sirens?" Rainbow cried. "Why would you even—they're not even here!"

"But they eat farts, right? Or used to. Anyway! There was always this big green fart cloud whenever they were around—"

Even the creators made a joke about that in the commentary for Rainbow Rocks (saying that the green cloud was because it was Taco Tuesday).

No, shut up though. :raritydespair:
Don't ruin the terrible joke for me. :raritydespair:

5870485 And I was right to call him a hypocrite, because he is. He's also a troll. He commented here for no other reason than to be nasty to me. It's not the first time he's elected to abuse the comments system to troll me. It IS the last time.

All he's done by posting that blog post is to prove me right.

Ehhh. Was ehhh. Huge turn off with the paragraph of passive voice right at the beginning, and it didn't get better from there. Far too much caps lock, too.

The punchline was the only good part, but it couldn't salvage the story.

5870594 Honestly, you can be a bit of an asshole sometimes, but IMHO you're not NEARLY as bad as some other people I've seen around here.

*reads* Meh. I've seen worse things from better authors. Don't know what the fuss is all about other than people jumping on a "Hate Mythril Moth" bandwagon.

It's still better than anything the world has seen from Stephanie Meyer.

5870791 It's not that I'm intentionally an asshole to anyone. It's that my temper frays sometimes--usually around people who, for whatever reason, are determined to be assholes for no reason than to be assholes. I can't help that. I'm human, I'm flawed, sometimes I react to things I should probably ignore.

But I do wish there were a lot fewer people on this website that started shit for no other reason than to start shit. Seriously. :facehoof:

What did I just read?!

5870804 You could just ignore them. If you get angry at them, you give them what they want AND give them more ammunition to use against you.

5871256 Yeah, that's the stock advice, "just ignore them". Not necessarily always easy to do. Or appropriate.

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