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Rainbow Dash's dreams are bigger than her wallet.

Rainbow dreams of buying a van, and she's found the perfect one--but she didn't quite realize how bad shape it was actually in until after she'd already spent her savings on it. She needs to get it fixed, but doesn't have the cash or the know-how to do it on her own.

She also dreams about meeting Sylvia, the mysterious girl who owns the black motorcycle that appears in the school parking lot every morning. Sylvia's bike is awesome--and Rainbow is pretty sure that Sylvia herself is pretty awesome, too. She'd love to meet her--but no one knows who she actually is.

Rainbow Dash has no idea that the solution to both her dreams comes from the person that she suspects the least.

Based on an idea by AmtrakBrony.
Composed and edited over the weekend of Bronycon 2019, with the help of Chinchillax and PiratesPlayTrumpets.
Oh, hey! Featured on 8/6/2019

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Instant addition to the short to-read list.

So, now we can add freakish auto maintenance Know-how to her freakish sewing and couture knowledge... Is there anything she doesn't have a surprising amount of knowledge of?

Really, Shy? Freeing a seized bolt with no penetrating oil?

I mean, it probably wouldn’t have helped, but... why is this the thing I’m hung-up on?

But no one knew for sure--and that was half the reason that the mysterious motorcycle was so tantalizing. If only she could...

“Oh, hey Fluttershy,” said Sunset, cutting into Rainbow’s reverie. "You're here early.”

Hmm. Gee, I wonder who it could be...

I do appreciate not only Fluttershy and Dash living two doors down from one another, but their shared neighbor being Old Lady Weathervane. Clearly this is the pegasus part of town.

Huh. That's an unexpected line of work for human Mr. Shy, but I quite like it.

“Fine, fine,” she said. “I’ll keep quiet about your freaky knowledge of auto maintenance.”

I have the distinct sense this is one of those stories that was written specifically for a single line.

Brilliant Flutterdash friendshipping. I just hope Fluttershy becomes more comfortable about revealing this part of herself in time. After all, most of her friends don't have stereotypically feminine interests either. Thank you for a great read.

Being shy and reserved gives one a lot of time to do research or pick up new hobbies.

I'm glad you liked it so much!

Just decided: their subdivision is called Cloudsdale Heights :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think it's too much of a stretch for Mr. Shy to work in an auto factory, personally--after all, in the show, he works in the Weather Factory, and he brings home his favorite cloud samples with him to put in his shed. What's to say he doesn't do the same in the Human World, and teaches his daughter about the wonders of internal combustion at the same time?

The "freaky knowledge" line was actually a rather late addition, believe it or not. Fluttershy's handiness was originally concieved as an extension of her skills with animals (hence, the "purrs like a kitten" line). It was only in discussing the idea with my friend Chinchillax that I realized "freaky knowledge" is exactly what it was :scootangel:

She applied the oil while she had her head in the engine compartment, where Rainbow couldn't see. Right?

Cards on the table: I've done my share of car maintenance, but I'm not an expert. That's why Shy doesn't add the oil "on-camera"--and, unfortunately, I think it'd interrupt the flow of the scene to have her do so.

Great story pilgrim

Oh, I get why it wasn't shown; that was absolutely the correct decision. I'm just confused as to why that's bothering me, because I liked the story like, a lot.

Thanks very much! Sorry that oversight is bugging you so much!

Eh, it's strictly a personal problem; please don't worry about it.

This story has a lot going for it in terms of my personal interests. I saw the reveals coming, but they were usually handled not quite in the way I expected. The out-of-characterness was also sufficiently explained to justify it.

The "Fluttershy is not what she seems" trope as been done to death.

And this one...is one of the best.

Whenever I see something pertaining to mysterious, edgy motorcyclists, this song/video immediately starts playing in my head:

I give this a like for being a nice little story in general, but it gets a Fav because Sylvia is an awesome name for most anything vehicular. Good show on getting me to comment on a pony fic for the first time in forever, as well :yay:

Author Interviewer

Not much of a mystery, but this is super original. :D

Then, without a word, she she stood

Also, I found you a oops.

Thanks so much for the review!!

Man, I clicked instantly with Fluttershy in this one. Rainbow Dash too when she explained her vision for the Rainbow Wagon. I know that excitement for the potential of a project vehicle.

I was a little skeptical about Fluttershy being a motorhead, but I was won over by the time they visit the van for the first time. Also, this story left me a little green with envy. I wish I had a place and tools to work on my car.

“Second,” Fluttershy continued, “you find someone else to help with your wiring. That stuff scares me.”

Why is everyone so scared of doing wiring? Yes, it's tedious, but it's not hard to figure out IMHO. Take it slow, one at a time, and keep track, and you'll make it through. Just make sure the battery's disconnected. That's the only scary thing.

If you ever decide you want to do a similar fic or sequel, might I suggest Sunset Shimmer and a Short Bus?

I call it "SUNSET SHIMMER'S BACON BUS!!!". (Exclamation marks included)

That is, indeed, a very short bus! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad you liked it so much! I'm not planning on a sequel anytime soon, not the least because I have a ton of my own projects at the moment. I'll definitely keep it in mind, though!

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