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This story is a sequel to Celestia XVII

I'm Princess Celestia XVII, Equestria's sixty-third Princess of the Sun. I'm twenty years old. My friends call me Cece. And my enemies... well...

Things had been going so well--up until a month ago, when the Changelings attacked. Now, I can barely close my eyes at night before I wake up screaming. And Twilight Sparkle's been acting wierd, too--she and I used to be best friends, but now she's mad at me, and I don't know why...

Plus, strange things have been happening, all over Equestria. No one can explain them, but I get the feeling that something big is coming, just over the horizon...

The long-awaited sequel to Celestia XVII!
Rated Teen for some innuendos and occasional, harsh language. Better safe than sorry, yo.
Story is written and edited; new chapters will post daily until completed.
Read and edited by Eruantalon, Crack-Fic Kai, and Soge. Thanks guys!
Cover art by the inimitable LeafBunny!

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Hm. Interesting way to recap the prequel and set the stage. Not bad. I look forward to the rest!




“Hey, loverboy,” I crooned. “Surprised to see you up this early…”

“Oh, lay off of him,” said a voice behind him. “He’s my husband, after all.”

Blue glanced behind him, then stepped into the room. Behind him, prancing in like she owned the place, came Blueblood’s wife, wearing a purple bathrobe.

“Good morning, Rarity,” I said.

Well that was unexpected, this is a good story so far..

Is this supposed to be completed? It's doesn't feel finished. If it is I do love what you've written and hope to see more of this world in the future

Whoops, I'm pretty sure you accidentally marked this complete. Might want to fix that.



Got it fixed. Thanks!

The full thing is completely written and edited, but I won't mark it complete until it's all posted.

Excellent set-up for the general story. The use of an interview as a framing device is a wonderful way to explain some of the stuff that has happened in the three year time skip between this story and the previous one.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Holy cow. REALLY good job on this chapter. The bit with Chrysalis reflecting on what she and her changelings seek and the "argument" with her "conscience" was appropriately creepy stuff.

And, again, on to the next chapter.

Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I can definitely understand Celly's nightmare concerning what I'm guessing were the Changelings as well as the bit with Celly's inner voice criticizing her concerning her cooking and how bad a friend she feels like she is. Though at least she and Luna have gotten a bit more civil toward each other as Celly got more mature. And I also loved the bit with Blueblood and Rarity.

VERY definitely looking forward to more of this.

I can't remember if I said this before, but I'm really impressed by the way Celestia's inner voice is realized.

9906934 Just what I said when I was first reading that scene!

Where is more. More is required. Immediately

This is truly scary stuff. I think Discord just stirred up trouble for his own jollies.

I think Cece really needs to sit down with her brother and have a heart to heart. Either that or she get and advisor or royal councilor someone to help her with all this pressure. She just had what was probably the second major incident of her reign and this one sounds like it did a number on her psychology.

So I was reading this at twelve in the morning, and then I saw who was Blueblood's wife and I was like :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: cause it's my favourite ship and it's so rare! (Sorry for all the run-ons!) Anyways, beautiful as always! Keep up the good work! :yay:

Thanks! I hope it meets your expectations!

Thanks very much! I try hard to keep things unexpected :rainbowwild:

I always love reading your comments! and I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far.

I think you have--but, as always, I appreciate it!

Thanks! I always appreciate kind comments from longtime collaborators.

I know! That was quick! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, with Blueblood being a decent pony this time around, he can better see what's been in front of him (i.e., his sister) the entire time :twilightsmile:

Not... quite. :derpyderp2:

That's probably the correct solution, but Cece's in a dark place right now. Plus, if she did that, there wouldn't be a story :trollestia:

I feel like I need to make a cross-stitch of this comment and hang it in my office for when I get discouraged. Thanks! :twilightblush:

Excellent work on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I can definitely understand Shiny's POV following the immediate aftermath of Chrysalis's attempted invasion as well as the few extra details concerning the Mane Six's assorted reactions. And, yeah, at least Fluttershy noticed how Celly might have been affected badly by this.

Now, on to the next chapter.


Despite all their potential as shapeshifting emotional vampires very few authors exploit the angle monster, prefering instead to paint them as woobies.:derpyderp2:

If you link to a comment on a diffrent page from the one you're posting on, it won't show up in the feed.

So, Twilight abaddon Cece ih her hard time.
That is not a good friend do.

Splendid job on this latest chapter. Again, Celly's reflection on the level of her responsibility was some pretty deep stuff and the dialogue between her, Blue and Rarity was pretty good too.

Once more, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places.

VERY certainly going to be looking forward to more of this.

I know it's not a good thing to do but sometimes it's.... unavoidable.

Your welcome.

I think this "fistula" is Discord in flesh

So it was Blueblood and Rarity’s wedding that got ruined. I hope Fluttershy goes and talks to Cece and helps her start to get over this.

They definitely need to get Cece more underlings a person who reads the letters from the public, sending some to her desk to read at night. She needs people around her so she can understand the things she doesn't. The issue is Cece needs to realize that she needs to ask for help becuase I bet many ponies don't realize she is so far in over her head.

Oh, please let this be a surprise party for Celestia, one of Pinkie Pie's specials.

"Lifeforce" (1985). I recommend watching it.

Wow Chrysalis replaced Cece in this timeline. No wonder she felt like she had hurt Twilight and it was her fault.

Yup Cece is blaming herself for what Chrysalis did impersonating her. Twilight needs to go to her and forgive her and let her know who she really blames.

... Does Cadance even exist in this world?

She does--but she hasn't appeared in the story yet.

Whoa mama. :-D Excellent job on this latest chapter. LOVED the look into Celly's thoughts as she was reflecting on what Chrysalis pulled on her while she was trying to escape to help the others.

On to the next chapter.

Superb work on this latest chapter. Love the exchange, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I loved how Luna tried to help Celestia see reason. Indeed, blaming ourselves for things beyond our control, while showing a respectable degree of responsibility, doesn't really accomplish much beyond driving us insane. And, yeah, Twilight DOES need to talk to Celly and let her know that she blames Chrysalis, NOT Celly, for all the bad stuff that happened at Blueblood and Rarity's wedding.

VERY certainly going to be looking forward to more of this.

I delight in the way you write individuals cascading through personal relations like they really do, instead of the artificial certainty of normal writing. In the real world, one hundred people leaving a party have one hundred and one theories about what really happened, who likes who, and what they think. Bravo!

Incidentally, what's going to happen with the captured changelings?

Boy does he have some insecurity issues. I wonder just how much they built up poor Cece when she just accented the throne?

Poor Cece she just can't seem to catch a break.

Shouldn't have let this sit as long as I did, but I'm glad I'm caught up now. Seems like the whole world is conspiring against Cece.

Which is, of course, the plan.

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. The peek at that Wonderbolts card game was pretty entertaining, especially with the trash talk. And, yeah, I can see where Soarin' could have some issues concerning his relationship with Celly (which he has gotten teased over at that card game), even if we are hoping he will work through at least MOST of those issues.

Anyway, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up.

Now, on to the next chapter.

Really good job with the scene at the garden party/Twilight's birthday. I loved seeing Celly reflecting on the pros and cons about certain things in her life and can't help feel bad for her concerning how she keeps punishing herself for the stuff Chrysalis pulled. And, yeah, Upper Crust and Jet Set trying to set Twi up with their son, I don't blame Celly for getting a bit upset.

All in all, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up.

And I'm on to the next chapter.

Really good introduction to Fancy Pants and Fleur's son. The look at the party from different perspectives is really good, especially Arc's first meeting with Twilight. Fancy and Arc wondering what Celly was upset over is another great detail.

Anyway, another excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

So I wonder how the imposters where able to raise and lower the sun? Hopefully as the story progresses we will see just what Chrysalis pulled off and how her end came about.

We don't know how long she's been down there. It may not have been long enough to be an issue.

But if it has been long enough, there's a couple of possibilities.

The Peytral with the Sun Stone is conspicuous in its absence. We don't know if changelings could make use of it, but it's there.

The first story tells us that when the sun is moved it pushes on the moon. The reverse may also be true.

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. The exchange, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Loved the chat between Soarin' and Celly concerning the latter's issues. At least Soarin' actually TRIED to help, even if he left frustrated. And, well, at least Celly realized some things enough to try to write a letter to Twilight asking to talk.

At any rate, on the next chapter.

Excellent job on this flashback chapter. The exchange between Celly and Blueblood was quite well done. I especially liked how Blueblood used info that only he and Celly would know to convince her he was the real Blueblood as well as the mention of the disguises used to capture them.

Anyway, very good work on the characterizations and future chapter set-up. I'll definitely be looking forward to more.

Cece you really need to keep that item with you at all times. What if something prevents you from being close to home when you need to lower the sun?

Takes a lightly rolled up newspaper and slaps Pinkie with it. Yes we want to hear about those stories. I think if you bribe the author with some sweets he will write them for you. Plus I think you need to find a nice quite party for you to throw for Cece and Twilight and give them some fun games to play so they can rekindle their friendship.

Well this chapter explains a lot and nothing at the same time. It makes it look like Pinkie may have unintentionally made things worse between Cece and Twilight by taking that letter. Hopefully it all comes out in the future.

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