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The Arcane Papers: Golems · 8:17pm March 23rd


If you’re reading this, it means you have just purchased the Flim-Flam Golem Labor Force kit. Please remember that Flim-Flam Incorporated is not responsible for any actions your golem may undertake and that these instructions are under a curse that forces any legal council you show this to into a homicidal rampage*. So let’s get started!

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Magic | Friday Nights -Magic the Gathering Netflix Speculation · 2:23am Last Friday

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Thank you very much for the interest! We shall endeavor to make it worth your while. :twilightsmile:


Thank you for the track! I have the rest of Cadence of the Crystal Empire mapped out and mostly fleshed, so (RL allowing) there shouldn’t be much of a wait betwixt chapters.

And, should you feel so inclined, I hope you enjoy my other tales and timelines as well. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the track.

Thanks! My 'Greatest Hits' folder is about stories that do the best job of showing every pony. I've collected the Mane Six, Spike, Princess and Principle Celestia, and Daring Do. I've been looking for Sunset and Luna, can you tell me if you find a uniquely good showing.

I like this question!

Twilight's is 'getting something perfect.' She's the ultimate idealist, someone who thinks everything can be improved with enough effort.

Fluttershy would protect something, and the second anyone made eye contact with whatever that was she would end them.

Pinkie would overreach trying to do several different things at once.

Rarity's lies or exaggerates something to make her business look good. We all know where this goes.

Rainbow's about pushing herself to the limits, and finding new ways to impress people with how amazing she is. It really bugs me that they never explain why she's so insecure. Being the best matters to her a lot, that should be a part of her back story.

I see you are a man of taste, since you have "Contraptionology' on your "Greatest Hits" list. Classic!

I have a question for you, one I've been asking a lot of writers but that I'd very much like to hear from you since you're a fellow Contraptionology fan:

"What passionate interests would you say each of the mane 6 has that might get out of hand and become dangerous if they became too obsessed with it?"

Kind of like how the mane 6 become convolved in the story, except not necessarily having to do with their cutie marks or their elements!

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