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Trot Con Book Giveaway Details!!!! · 5:07pm June 18th

That's right folks. I am going to Trot Con 2017 in one month! In case you haven't read the announcement, check it out over here!

Not only am I going to be roaming the halls of the con, getting to meet some swagger peeps and all, but I'm also doing a panel on Fallout: Equestria sidefics that should prove to be loads of great fun. If you're coming to the convention, please be sure to stop by!

To that end, I am going to be giving away a full set of Fallout Equestria: Starlight books at my panel. Physical printed copies in 4 books!

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question: If Radiant Star is gaining Twilight's memories, why is Twilight not in the character tags?

Thank you for the books.


Typically prompts are reserved for patrons, however I've yet to get one this month from them. PM me your idea. I do have one thing I have to work on for a patron after I'm finished with mh 7 but beyond that I have nothing else on the table until I decide on a third part of truths and lies.

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