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The Massive Ponyville Ciderfest 2023 Wrap-Up Report · 7:27pm Nov 22nd, 2023

As of this writing it is now Wednesday after Ponyville Ciderfest 2023, and I've had a few days to sort of process my thoughts a little. This weekend was one for the history books, but also one that was intensely personal to myself and even my wife.

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I understand how that is. I hope things calm down for you and I look forward to seeing you at Ciderfest if you are able to make it.

Thanks! I need to download Borderlands to my phone still (kind of a crazy busy week back to work).

Hopefully see you at Ciderfest!

Good Afternoon, I would like to thank you for adding my story Fallout Equestria: Borderlands to your favorites list. I really enjoyed your panel at Whinney City. As a side note, I am currently reading your story Fallout Equestria Starlight and am really enjoying it. The one song in chapter 6 has long been a favorite of mine but now, when I hear it I think of that scene rather than the original scene I heard it from.

Absolutely feel free to come up and say hi if you see me around the convention! Will be around all day!

Morning I like to meet you I am winny city I am blackjack clone I Really enjoyed your story

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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