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Updates · 8:37pm November 13th

I'm back from vacation, so probably going to try to get back into writing mode. Things should hopefully be a little less erratic.

Definitely planning on getting things going more for Spark of Life. I've been off the track a bit so should get back on here.

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First Week of Winter!

Thanks for the kind words!

Hey man, I loved your TrotCon panel. What was the name of that Thing/MLP fic you recommended again?

question: If Radiant Star is gaining Twilight's memories, why is Twilight not in the character tags?

Thank you for the books.


Typically prompts are reserved for patrons, however I've yet to get one this month from them. PM me your idea. I do have one thing I have to work on for a patron after I'm finished with mh 7 but beyond that I have nothing else on the table until I decide on a third part of truths and lies.

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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