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Pipp Petals has a big problem. She's fallen in love with Maretime Bay's Sheriff, Hitch Trailblazer. However, when the Book of All Stories is opened, Pipp and Hitch are brought backwards in time via the Time Stitch Crystal to help Barley Tender, Caramel Malt, and the one and only Daring Do rescue some of the pages from the Book.

Can Pipp and Hitch help save the pages from the Book? Will Pipp be able to confess her truest feelings for Hitch? All will be revealed in The Lost City of Abyssinia.

This story was written as part of the "Scattered Pages: Tales from the Book of All Stories" physical book that was sold at Ponyville Ciderfest 2023. It utilizes some elements of in convention lore and convention mascots, specifically the usage of the "Time Stitch Crystal", a plot device used to bring ponies forward or backward in time and its connection to the Pris-Beam Lantern.

This story also takes place during the events of Ponyville Ciderfest 2023, when Fizzy Glitch opens the Book of All Stories and sucks all of the convention inside the world of the Book.

Special Thanks to:
Skywriter, Sonicsuns (Editing)
LuckyStar (aka my wife) - for doing some super awesome cover art!

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This is a collection of all of the App Stories that I personally wrote for the Storytelling Experience at Ponyville Ciderfest 2023.

This includes all the Endings for each story including what code word was associated with the story in the app. In addition I included in each story notes the ideas I was running with for each one.

These are all fairly short as that was the intent of the project to have some bite-sized stories for attendees to consume during the convention and make a choice based on the faction or selection they most resonated with.

I hope you enjoy the work! This project was absolutely amazing, and it was so much fun to be a part of.

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This story is a sequel to The Truths We Deny

Tirek has escaped, commanding a dark force from his lair Midnight Castle, formerly located in the Summer Lands. Under his control are the Princesses Celestia and Serenity, the forgotten Princess of the Final Rest. Tirek's power is bolstered by magic from both Tartarus and the Summer Lands, as he gathers more power from the citizens of Equestria.

But all is not lost. While Princess Luna and Princess Cadance combat Tirek on the front lines, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends will journey through the darkest, deepest hell to save Celestia and stop Tirek's rise to power.

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Long ago, there was the Word and the Void. Two powerful forces, waging a war that has persisted since the beginning of time, and will continue until the very end of ponykind. It is a conflict between good and evil, a balance that each side has attempted to tip more than once. Most ponies in Equestria don't even know this conflict exists, but there are a select few who have been chosen to fight in the war.

Angel Rose is a Knight of the Word, a chosen champion of the Word's power in the world of Equestria. Hoof-picked by the Lady of the Word, it is Angel's duty to hold the dark forces of the Void at bay. Gifted with prophetic dreams of the future where she is shown what is to be if she fails, Angel seeks to understand her place as a Knight and what it means to fight for what is right.

Elsewhere, in Manehattan a lone Unicorn is hiding. Sought by a powerful demon, one of the Void's greatest servants, the Unicorn will have to rely on Angel Rose to protect her. If Angel fails, the balance will be shifted, and the Void will become more powerful than ever.


This story is based on the intent of crossing over the worlds of MLP and the world inside of Terry Brooks' fantastic Shannara series. Primarily it is based on the chronological beginning of the series, the "Word and Void" trilogy.

If you like what you've read here, please consider supporting me on Patreon!

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This story is a sequel to The Lies We Make

For the past week Celestia has been having terrible nightmares of her time spent in Tirek's capture during his escape, but one fateful night a voice intervenes, leaving Celestia to wonder the fate of Serenity, Princess of the Final Rest.

There is only one being that knows where Serenity is, and that is Tirek himself. Celestia must face the worst truths of her own existence to find closure.

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While visiting Twilight at the Castle of the Two Sisters, Princess Celestia discovers that the Princess of Friendship has found a book from her past, and an account she may not wish to remember.


This story is a one shot that I wrote for one of my patrons on Patreon by the name of Cylestea! One of my rewards is that I will write a one-shot about whatever you want to see (within reasonable limits).

The prompt was about the character of Princess Serenity, who judges the souls of the dead to rest eternally in the Summer Lands, or burn forever in Tartarus.

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When Lyra gets a new job with the Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, things are looking up for her and her love Bon Bon. Moving out of Ponyville, the two find themselves in a new home in the old district of the Equestrian capital. But not all houses are a home, and these two ponies are about to find out why this particular house is not at all what it seems...

Cover Art by Pantzar

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Direct sequel to Flying Through the Storm. Reading is sort of required.

One year after the events of Tornado Day, Cloudchaser and Thunderlane are getting ready for their biggest challenge yet: the Wonderbolts Academy!

Now the two lovers have to contend to with Lightning Dust, hardcore training sessions by Spitfire, and the general insanity that is the Academy.

Will the two make it out alive? Find out in "Stormy Skies"!

More simple cover art by me!

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In the north of Equestria, there lies a city. A broken city, filled with everyday ponies, minotaur, and numerous others just trying to fight for survival. A city that lived and breathed popular culture before the war. A city that plays host to numerous factions all vying for control.

Welcome, to Chicacolt.


Fallout Equestria: Tales of Chicacolt is a sidefic that takes a bit of a different take on the FoE universe. Set entirely in the city of Chicacolt, Tales takes a look at the various characters that live there. Each chapter is a short story episode, focusing on a different character. Tales of Chicacolt also takes place in the same universe as "Fallout Equestria: Starlight" where Chicacolt was featured prominently.

Co-authored by Wirepony, and pre-read by McMesser.

Cover art by the incredible Aerondight.


Chapter List

Chapter 1: The Moose... is Loose - Sugar addict The Moose goes on a search for a missing gear, and finds a whole lot of trouble along the way.

Chapter 2: It Started With a Dame - A detective goes on the search for a missing filly in the infamous Filly's Pier.

Chapter 3: 'Joy and the Giant Vine - Featherjoy and the Smooze go on an adventure through an old Stable in Arlington.

Chapter 4: From Zebrica With Love - A pre-war story about Pipsqueak, Agent of Luna, on the Last Day.

Chapter 5: A Black Lotus - A Lotus Triad call mare discovers the sad and dark truth of her own life.

Chapter 6: Discord's Day Out - It's a crazy day in Chicacolt when Discord comes to town!

Chapter 7: Wasteland Rugrats, Part I - Lightning Chaser and Starry Night, the foals of Steeljack and Patch, are the focus of this two-part chapter.

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A younger sister asks a question. An elder sister answers.

Truth is learned, stories are told, and two sisters share each other's pain.

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