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Liking it so far!

Welcome to the FoE sidefic herd :twilightsmile:


Heh, thanks! I'm working on Chapter 1 now, just taking some time. A lot of ground I've gotta cover, etc. Not sure where that ye-olde downvote came from already. Silly people. If you're going to downvote at least comment and give me some feedback :duck:


Thanks for the fave and the watch!!!

Don't worry about unaccounted for down votes. Right after I published my FO:E side-story I had 4 up votes and three down votes. Now I have 15 up votes and 3 down votes. Some people just down vote a story because they don't like FO:E side-stories, or because they don't understand the context of the story because they don't realize it is a side-story. :ajbemused: Anyway, good luck on your story. I personally don't like stories with this kind of plot, but it seems to be well written, so think it will turn out pretty well. Good luck! :twilightsmile:


Thank you! I'll keep that mind. I'm glad at least it's well-written. You have no idea how much time I spent on revising this until I felt it was ready to post. Chapter 1 will be incoming soon as it's done!

Chapter 1 is up! I was already working on this when I finally decided to publish the Prologue, so that is why it is up so quickly. Next chapter may take a little longer since I haven't started on it yet!



So far I have loved all the alicorn stories I have read. Really glad to see another one. Please make sure to get a link for this to http://fallout-equestria.com/ . They will post when you update and allow those of us who have trouble logging onto fimfiction w/ our phones to follow your updates more easily.


Thanks! I just checked over there actually, and they have it listed, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Sofar I'm pretty happy with how things are progressing. Chapter 2 is still in progress, trying to really take my time with it, and flesh it out a bunch. A few things you can expect though:

- Arrival at Manehatten
- A little snippet of Steeljack's background
- Firing Stargazer for the first time (it's a pretty intense little weapon!)
- Memories!

Longer chapters are great.... Feel free to go as long as comfortable for you. We are at your tender mercies here... :rainbowlaugh:

I really like it when storys have longer chapters and if these storys happen to be FO:E fics its just for the better.
I read entire books in the time it takes other people the read a few chapters :twilightsheepish:
So carry on with your good work!


Thanks! That's my plan with this. Really taking my time to make it as best as I can. :raritywink:

Chapter 2 is almost done. There is a section I'm deathly unhappy with that I'm rewriting to make it flow better before I can finish the rest of it.

Oh my god Chapter 2. It's done! This took me all week, some section rewriting and lots of research to get right.
Oh, and a little Twirity for added measure.


What can I say though, my two favorite characters!

Woho great chapter i like these "explore the past" parts of these fics, because i think it's a vital part of Fallout to find these bits and snips of old recordings or, in case of FO:E, Memorys that explain how it was before everything went to hell.
Btw. Twi is best Pony (next to Pinkie!) :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:


Thanks for the kind words! That as well was one of the biggest things I liked about the original FO:E and the Fallout series as well.

Also you might notice... I went this route without memory orbs, and I felt this was the most important part of it. The experiences Star is having are like memory orbs in that she is in a host and reliving these memories, but they're coming from Twilight's emotions and her different parts of her personality.

That isn't to say you won't see any memory orbs in this story, you sure will. But they won't necessarily be Twilight's memories.

Rarity is ultimately my favorite of the two, and I hope I managed to capture her well in this chapter.

In FO:E Fanon though, Blackjack is totally best pony!

In FO:E Blackjack the Queen Whiskey is definitely best pony.
About Rarity in this chapter, i think you managed to capture her quite well.

Wow great story looking forward to reading more ^^, also have you read misfits?


Pretty well caught up on most FoE Sidefics, including that one. I really like that one actually. Snakebite is such a great character. :twilightsmile:


You'll see it soon enough. Absent minded as Star is, she tends to forget which powers she has access to. She was also originally a blue, so she was more versed in invisibility than shielding.

Thanks for the comment!

Also, in addition to my PM, Like, yep, definitely.


Thank you! I sent you a message back. Thanks for catching those things for me.

Seeing as how I make a comment every time I post a new one (at least try to). I didn't get a chance this morning to do so. So anyways, Chapter 3!

This week has been a little hectic for me, so I will apologize ahead of time for any issues that may have crept into this chapter. There were a few difficult sections for me to get through, but a nice relaxing trip out to my barn this weekend and a stop-by at my local game store really helped to clear my head and figure out where I needed to go.

Thanks for the support, it's greatly appreciated. You have no idea. :duck:

Exelent chapter I'm looking forward to more mentionings of littleWho exelent chapter I'm looking forward to r more mentionings of lilpip and homage
more keep up he great work. Also i know that many alicorns call pip the destroyer I'm looking forward to the group learning more about her,also what of fluttershys survival? Also im writing this on my phone it might be a little messy


Hey thanks for the comments! Just to answer your questions here, this fic takes place more in between the Epilogue and the Afterword of the original FO:E. Remember the Afterword took place about 10 years later. It isn't really established when Fluttershy was changed back, just that it was "years" from that point for her to recover.

The timeframe I'm looking at here, I'm not sure if we will see 'Shy or not. I'd certainly like to visit it as an idea, but it would have to have some focal relevance to Star's problem. For better or worse, the story at hand is about her and this transformation that has occurred, and how she will deal with its consequences.

I really appreciate the comments though. I'm really enjoying putting the work into this, and I'm extremely appreciative of Kkat and the world she built for us to play in. It's been a fun ride sofar.

No need to worry about being late on a chapter. We are at your convenience and are simply happy that you are willing to share your story with us.


Oh hey, totally aware of that man. I'll for sure let you guys know if one's going to be late, but sofar keeping to a weekly release is working out pretty well for me.

Be excited for Chapter 4!

Oh god an Aperture Science chapter including neurotoxin, cake and an AI that is obsessed with testing for science? :pinkiecrazy:
And they finally arrived in Tenpony Tower, but oh no! :pinkiegasp: what a :twistnerd:!!

Great chapter and even longer than the last one, i love it! After they entered the Stable and the posters proclaimed "BRING YOUR FILLY TO WORK DAY" i began grinning and at the "FOR THE GOOD OF ALL OF US" plate i lost it, simply brilliant. Even if the part with the cake felt a bit forced but meh it would not be a portal reference if the cake is missing.


Thanks! Yes, it was obviously a Portal reference for the Stable. Silly I know, but it worked out in the end.

And yes, what a shocker I know. :pinkiegasp:

XD ha portals yes win there my friend.

"Stay frosty my friends!" You quoted that from a movie didn't you.


Umm.. unsure really. It just sounded cool :raritywink:

473550 lol thats from a movie a chick flick to be exact the movie is called 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' its interesting thats for sure.

Squee! New Chapter.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Season Finale. I know I sure did! Lots of ideas to be put forward with my story, and I'm already integrating some of them with this Chapter.

Once again, this chapter would not have been made possible if not for the ever incredibly awesome Kkat! Thank you so much for creating this world, and not only letting me play in it, but also in allowing me to use Homage and Life Bloom. I certainly hope I did the two a little justice.


Wohhh new update!
And yes i watched the finale with a friend of mine and during that another friend, who never watched the show, came over and watched the whole finale with us :pinkiehappy: after that he said he would watch the other episodes!!


Right on! Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Also question are you going with the fallout PH version of discord? Brohoof for another great chapter. :raritywink: /)


I'm sticking to as close to original FOE canon as possible. I know a lot of sidefic authors will take PH as canon, and as much as I love the story, I won't be going that route completely. It's nothing against Somber, who I think is a fantastic author. It's just that it technically isn't considered canon just as much as my story isn't canon. Discord will most likely follow along with the story as he needs to.

Thanks though, really appreciate it. :raritywink:

Ok finished reading and after i finished i totally was like "Whoa i didn't expect THAT!".
Also one question. Do you accept only the original FO:E as canon in your story or also major sidestorys like Project Horizons regarding Discord?
Because in the original story Discord was never mentioned an if you read it you know what happed with Discord in PH.

edit: Darn it i sould refresh the side before posting other comments!

487929 Im sure. You will pull it off great also if you ever get a chance to look at my fallout fic on my page then you can tell me what you think of it?
well time to get started on the next chapter on my phone with two bars god help me 0_0
edit --
it droped down to one bar :fluttershbad:


Sure. I will take some time to look at it for you. I'm reading a lot right now though so it may take me some time. :twilightsmile:

488563 thanks mate phew finaly found my notes time to get started. :pinkiehappy:

Just as a sidenote, I have a deviantart account set up for the story. I collected the chapters thus far into a PDF file and put it out there.


I will also be putting together an epub file for people who have tablet/ereaders (I have one and it's much nicer to read stuff with that format).

I will be keeping this updated as I release new chapters.

Thanks for the continued support!!!!


Heh, thanks, I really know that, and have plans in place to take care of that. I appreciate the feedback though. I'm planning on doing more with them soon. :twilightsmile:

very nice use of discord in the changeling there. with the new canon involved in all this, it really opens up a whole new set of questions about what happened

Chapter 5 is up! Damn... this was a weird chapter to write... so enjoy! :duck::duck:

Nice chapter for one and i already suspectet that stargazer was way more than a fancy minigun with a name!
I think it is rather strange that Star does not know about the NCR because the Followers are a very vital part of it and as i understand it velvet was one of the defacto "founders" of the NCR, but i guess you could explain that with Star being just to lazy to learn anything about that topic.
And OH LUNA even more enigmatic clues nopony knows anything to do with

I must say however i don't really like it when discord is presentet as actively cruel towards ponies, because i see him more in the role of a spirit who totally thinks he is hilarious and does not understand why everypony wants to stop him from being hilarious because he operates on a completly different framework of morals than ponies (Blue and Orange Morality for those who know that trope).
But thats just my opinion on that. And because it's your story you can do whatever the buck you like!


Yea Star is totally lazy. She doesn't pay attention to much.

Discord is a little darker. He is still chaotic and his motives are unclear. Releasing Star after their little game is just right up his alley. But in the end, he wants the spirit inside of her. Unlike everypony else though, he's willing to play the long game to get it.

Great feedback though. Thanks!!


So looked a bit and added a few extra lines so as to make it clear that its another one of her absent minded episodes concerning the NCR. Should make it clearer.

Ok I guess you can say that with that memory orb that blows pumas story out of the water.


You know as well as I do no sidefics are canon. Not familiar with pumas story either.

Still. Was a lot of fun to write!

Volrath, you magnificent bastard!

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