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Brace yourself, haters come.

Welcome to the group buddy! :twilightsmile:


Seems a trifle premature. Ooh! Unless you have Pinkie Sense! Quick! What am I getting for my birthday? Please say pony shirt, pleeeeeeeeease say pony shirt! I want the one with Big Macintosh.

Very good I find absolutely no obvious faults with it this far. Now please give me another chapter because I can't wait:pinkiehappy:


awesome cant wait for more

A strong opening - very cool :rainbowdetermined2:

Welcome to the FoE sidefic herd by the way :twilightsmile:

Wow great chapter mate keep up the great work i cant wait for more /)
Also welcome to the fallout community :ajsmug:

Thank you all for the words of encouragement! I'll try my best to do this rich universe proud with my next update, which hopefully won't be too far into the future.

I always figured the rainboom was unique to Dash, not because of the speed, I imagine plenty of pegasai can pull off a sonic-boom, she just had magic rainbows tacked onto it because of her coloring.

381368 I did too, actually, but I noticed when it came up in Fallout Equestria, it was always referred to as a Rainboom, with the exception of Ditzy's Radboom. I do, however, plan to call attention to that in a dialogue in a later update.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I looked up to meet the eyes of the two mercs I was trapped all alone with. Uh-oh.
Duh, Duh Dum :rainbowdetermined2:

Great chapter man looking forward to more :ajsmug:/)

381475 Also im really enjoying the outer views of waste landers on a lone Enclave dashite ive never really thought of it Keep up the great work :twilightsmile:/)

DUNDUN Mach isnt going to accept that theres no way he would

And i quote "What the fuck"

welp i feel machs kinda cluster fucked right now

well the situation is absolute FUBAR cant believe Mach accepted it in the first place honestly :facehoof: cant wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

wow Steel Asswholes I loved that :rainbowlaugh: man that made me laugh

WOW Greaser kinda creepy there for a moment:pinkiesad2:
but I still love you :heart:

great chapter & story by the way:rainbowdetermined2:

NUUU not the Rainboom :trollestia:

good chapter dont let Greaser die :twilightsmile:

well how else were you supposed to learn to fly yo dingus? good chapter as usual :twilightsmile: look forward towards the next

He is extremly opposed to chems and doping and when he is forced to take dash due to the situation he suffers a direct backlash by razorbeak not trusting him. Yet he keeps the dash.... wait what? I'm sorry but that is really stupid and out of character even if you take into account that he is afraid he won't be able to do a sonic rainboom without it. Not to mention that the "hero has to fight an addiction" thing has been done by at least half of every other fo:e fic. I realize that you have somewhat allready set the route with the added perk but I am not sure I can stand another story with the same back and fourth arguments about addiction. Wouldn't it be more fun to do something different like maybe greaser could get addicted because she is influenced by how mach used it to save her just like razorbeak warned. And then you could do the addiction thing from the pespective of the friend who is trying to help instead. That has not been done anywhere near as much and never in any real depth.

Sorry for the long comment btw:twilightsheepish:

Hey, a long, thought-out comment is much more helpful than a disingenuous pat on the back. It's helpful to the creative process, and I'm glad you took the time.

As for your concern, I encourage you to just see where it goes. I've had the plot pretty much all thought out for some time, and I can tell you that it won't be heading in the direction you suspect.

989272 Well that is nice to hear :) Thanks for reading my comment.

That perk is really sucky. You would get the withdrawal effect for every drug in the game unless you are taking them. You probably at least need to specify that it only applies to drugs you have actually taken.

Anyway, I find it strange how you only have 24 likes. This story is up there with Pink Eyes in terms of quality. I really want to see more of this now that I have actually gotten around to reading it. (62 story long read later list)

I can see how the wording was a little murky, so I went ahead and made that a little more clear.

Such high praise, indeed! I feel all tingly inside.

As far as likes go, I really couldn't tell you what the deal is with that. However, it's really all about writing the story for me; I couldn't care less if I had five regular readers or fifty-thousand. I didn't start writing Outlaw to get E-Famous, I did it because writing's been a long-time hobby of mine, and I wanted to pay homage to FoE and Kkat for the incredible ride she took me on with that story of hers, as well as continue to improve myself as a writer.

really good chapter and that dude is crazy looking towards the next:twilightsmile:

How you only have 29 thumbs is beyond me. You should have more thumbs than that, this is better than Pink Eyes, at least.


I started reading Outlaw only recently and regret not reading it sooner. This is a fantastic story, really well written and executed. I liked the small mention about Blackjack and Littlepip, good job avoiding mentioning Puppysmiles, she didn't show up until later in Blackjack and Littlepip's adventures. There is one tiny detail I'm wondering about, Hoofington is east of the Equestrian Wasteland as is Buckston, but is Buckston more Northeast or Southeast so its farther away from The Hoof? Or is it Eastwards from Shattered Hoof? Sorry for asking, just trying to visulaize where the 'Rolling Thunder' is making a name for himself.

I have enjoyed the story, watched Mach mature (Not change.) and become a more responsible and dare I say driven and focused? Watching him think on Immelmann's actions growing up and the choices he has made is refreshing. Mach doesn't get overly depressed or do stupid shit like some story protagonists (*Cough* Hired Gun *Cough* from Heroes.).

It's still early days for this story Syrahl. This is a good story, but competing to be the next major story is kind of hard when their is competition from other amazing stories, such as Murky Number Seven, New Beginnings, Morality of Property, The Last Sentinel, New Pegas & many more which are all deserving of such a status and popularity.

I do hope this story gets more popularity, done my bit to help spread knowledge of the story by adding wiki pages and recommending the story.


Thanks, I really appreciate your thoughtful reply!

You really seem to have an incredible grasp on everything I've been doing with the story so far; it's really reassuring to know that I'm managing to get it across correctly. I tend to worry a lot about whether or not I've been clear enough and if anything I've written could be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep my quality equal to or greater than what I've written so far in the future.

As for your location question, I intended for it to be further northeast, the city itself is meant to be right on the coastline.

:trixieshiftleft:Now if only I knew who the female griffin on the cover is....

Well that sucks about his dad :fluttercry:

Great chapter too

Well now, that just blew me away. We had a mad pony who tried to become an Alicorn, some laughs and fun dialogue, an awesome sky battle scene with Mach (Man he is going to look like a complete, bigoted ass if the Rangers are good guys.) And of course we learn the sad fate of Immelmann. Nice use of Celestia's Grace, good that you put the weapon to good use at a critical moment.

Also when Razorbeak's talon was choking Mach, I couldn't help but imagine Dr.Cox from scrubs, strangling J.D... weird. Would've laughed if he punched through the door rather than ask Mach to open it nicely. Anyway, great chapter overall.

oh snap :trollestia: his Dad is dead :fluttercry: hes going to be really angst now they really screwed themselves over

Well you did it again Tofu, you blew my mind. Just as I finally update my story, Project Horizons and Outlaw update ^_^. Great scott, if I update more then you and the other FOE authors will update more:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:.


Anyway back to sanity. So I admit, having Mach come to terms with his father's tough love parenting style was a big development for the character. It's a shame Mach never got the chance to say what he wanted to, to Immelmann, but again this will also help temper Mach's impulsive actions and aggression hopefully. I enjoyed how Razorbeak was also teaching him about the dangers of his anger whilst fighting and landing some cheap shots by stunning him, I half expected Razorbeak to go below the belt and get disqualified, but I'm happier he didn't. Mach's already in too much pain. (Emotionally)

I can say you've given myself and the readers something to look forward to, this Wraithwing sounds like he will be a badass. I'm not sure what to expect, I know he won't be like Deus in Project Horizons and he'll be a lot more competent than the Wonderbolts were against Calamity in Everfree, So I guess I'm hoping for maybe a Pegasus wearing a unique heavy variant of Pegasi power armour, complete with built in thrusters for added speed and shoulder mounted missile pods. Or maybe that is just his help and he is actually the Pegasus speedster that is going to attack Mach after he is exhausted from trying to kill aforementioned power armour pony.

I enjoyed the scene with Rattler and Mach & Greaser's conversations. Learning more about the weapon and how it is both an old friend to Mach and a symbol of his fathers love and smart thinking, the lighter gun obviously hindering Mach less, especially during flight. Cool story about the make and model, as well as Mach's reasoning on the weapon's name. I'm wondering how the Enclave will react when they learn he took out a Vertibuck. As Calamity stated in the main FOE, they don't have the technology to build new Cloudships (Except at Thunderhead, and they charge criminal prices XD.)

I like how you had a division in the Rangers, before the Applejack Rangers splintered off and became their own group. And yay, another story joins mine in the ranks of Stories that have nice/halfway decent or good Steel Rangers. I still would've expected Clam Chowder to perhaps order another Star Paladin to escort a salvage team to Salt Lick, I mean there's a crashed vertibuck and damaged power armor and Enclave tech, surely they would want that, even if they aren't as tech obsessed, I figure some of these Rangers would want to go and recover valuable assets, maybe you can mention it in Chapter 13 :twilightsmile:.

Also liked the litle reference, red ones go quicker (I see you are a fan of Orkish philosophy.) Red ones go fasta, it's a scientific fact :derpytongue2: :twilightangry2:. Well, I've already written an insane amount and it is surprisingly the first post on this chapter :pinkiegasp:

ohhhhh someones in love hahaha :rainbowwild: anyways another good chapter

I feel like we have some sort of writer-reader symbiotic relationship going on here, because the way you pick up on every minor detail blows my mind just as much as my writing apparently does yours.

It's refreshing to get a big ol' wall o' text every now and then, shows me you're really enjoying the story and that does wonders for my confidence, so thanks for your reply!

Wow didn't see Red and Greaser getting together so soon I was expecting it 5 or so chapters from now:rainbowderp:
Glad to see they did :heart::heart:


Great post mate im really enjoying some good old fallout:rainbowdetermined2: /)

Ice dragons thats AWESOME
OH and great chapter m8


And then they went and killed the only one known to currently exist. :3

Thanks, I try to keep it as exciting as I possibly can.

Mach always helping kill nature one endangered species at a time:trollestia:

First of all...WOW! I do honestly mean that, this chapter was amazing. You've got personal conflict and uncertainty which Mach looks at Objectively. We see Razorbeak growing noticeably strained and frustrated from a lack of combat which is why he left Obsidian Equestria in the first place, going so far as to take his frustration/desire to do combat out on the Rangers in sparring matches.

Greaser and Mach's relationship, I was nervous about this. Relationships, particularly romantic ones, can be tricky to write and most importantly, make believable, but you pull this one off well. I also see you took my suggestion about having the Steel Rangers hoard Enclave technology, very in character for the Rangers, can't have them fawning over Mach all the time. Also PAYOFF! Glad to see you didn't have Greaser fix a massive gun for no reason or mysterious ice that reacts in weird ways to unicorn magic, killing a Ice breathing dragon was also fantastic and showed why these Hellbeasts were feared across Equestria and the known world.

Hope to see Mach and Razorbeak return to the Dragon's Den, would love to see what a Post-Apocalyptic Dragon would choose to hoard. Also Lil' Wallaby with Gatling Lasers :pinkiegasp:, Some would say overkill, I say program wallaby to switch between machinegun and lasers depending on the situation. After all Bullets or Lasers? Why not Both :trixieshiftleft:

Rock Steady and Bebop!? TMNT references galore ^_^ Yeah, I don't think I got it earlier but now I'm all like OF COURSE!! I originally thought Bebop was a reference to Cowboy Bebop XD.

Thanks, Tonto. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Once again, you're on the ball and picking out every detail with surgical precision. I don't do anything without a reason, and while I won't say what the ultimate purpose behind repairing the railway gun is (and trust me, it's a big one), I will say that it's for a reason that will become readily apparent in due time. Its timely repair just so happened to be the most convenient solution to the dragon problem.

I'm also glad you spotted the TMNT reference. I was wondering if anyone would assume that was where I was headed with it way back in chapter 6.

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