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Hello fellow Fimfictioners, I am your president Berry PiƱa Colada Punch...
Let's talk about government, shall we? Or, more specifically, YOUR government, dear Fimfiction - the Enclave. Just who is the Enclave? Why, now, that's simple. The Enclave is you, Fimciction. The Enclave is your sister, your aunt, your friend, your neighbor. And, well, yes... the Enclave is me, as well. Haha aha. As your President, it's my responsibility to preside over our great democracy. So, as your President, I am the voice, I am the heart and soul of the Enclave. That is to say, I am the voice, heart, and soul... of Fimfiction. But only together, TOGETHER, can we hope to reach our full potential. The way we were before Knighty screwed us over. Whole. Beautiful. Powerful. One Enclave. One Fimfiction. Now... and forever.

Or, y'know I'm just some drunken fool who decided they liked the Enclave... But hey, who cares?

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Wow this group is still kicking? God bless the Enclave I guess.

hellfire amour and incinerator active ready for your commands

At your command, sir!


And thus joined The Nuke. :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by JFK deleted Dec 12th, 2013

I am with you until the very end, Mr. or Ms. Punch. :eeyup:

339176 Colonel Scarlet reporting :rainbowdetermined2:

I am the sexiest guy here. All others can suck on knighty's fat chode, whatever the hell that is, anyway.:heart:

i am ready to serve mr president!

339176 Good. I like joke groups.

339174 Why would we get banned? For making, or being apart of a group that will most likely do absolutely nothing?

Which just so happens to be what I am best at, heck I own the procrastinators group here :rainbowlaugh:

Long story short, this is a joke group.

If we all get banned for being a part of this group, I will hunt you down, Berry.

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