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haha it's a good thing i didn't make this post the day i meant to · 2:24am June 2nd

Boy would I have looked the fool. A couple weeks ago I intended to make a big ol' post highlighting some realizations I'd come to after doing some writing—yes writing, you read that correctly. Here, look:

The only problem here is uh, heh, that's all stuff for two chapters in advance. I had an exciting new idea fresh in my head so I had to get it all out.

That was all before things went pear-shaped for Tofu. Anyone creeping my userpage will have noticed that before today I was gone for a week or so. Well there's a reason for that and I've provided a nice succinct list after telling my story to several friends:

I’m in I was in the process of moving, I’ve been in this process for the month of May due to unfavorable weather.

• I was given until June 1st to be out of the house by the new owner of the building.

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ilu tofu

Comment posted by Dark Star CTS deleted January 30th

2186318 That moment when one realized that they had taken every Internet April Fool's joke they came across seriously.

Don't--haha--don't worry about that. That last blogpost is an April Fools joke, it's old.

I am sorry I asked you what I did (via PM) when you seem to be feeling bad. I just decided to ask all the authors I needed to in one day. I apologize for bothering you at such a bad time.

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